View Full Version : Player Affiliations [3.5]

2009-05-31, 05:33 PM
I've come up with the idea to let all of my PC's belong to separate guilds and organisations, while still working together as a group. This will give each one an individual side-quest from time to time. I will use the Affiliation system from PHBII, but I would like some advice for balancing my own affiliations. The first one I'm making is an assasin's guild, which the group's rogue will be a part of. It will pretty much consist of them sometimes passing him a note with a name and a sum while he's in town. So I began statting it, using the affiliation system, but I'm not sure how balanced my first draft is. I'm gonna go with what's written and make the second rank start at 12 affiliation score. The problem is that my first version of a list of affiliation score modifiers placed the lvl 3 rogue at an affiliation score of 11, without having done any work for the guild yet. The modifiers were something like: +1 / 1/2 level, +1 per skill with 5 or more ranks from the following: Hide, Move Silently, Know (local), Bluff, Disguise, Open Lock, +2 from having not been caught by the law yet, +2 for not having mentioned the guild to outsiders, +1 for owning a mwk weapon, +2 per succesful contract fulfilled discretely and so on. So my question is pretty much: how easy do you think it should be to rise in ranks of a guild? How many, and what modifiers, should I use for player affiliations?