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Mystic Muse
2009-06-01, 09:25 AM
which sourcebook/s are they in?

2009-06-01, 09:27 AM
All of the core deities are in the PHB. Deities and Demigods has stats for everyone if I'm not mistaken, though that's a 3.0 book.

Zeta Kai
2009-06-01, 09:31 AM
Which evil gods?

Dieties & Demigods goes over many gods of all sorts in great detail. Also, the Book of Vile Darkness goes over about 6 new ones, although not in much depth. Some evil gods are explored in the Fiendish Codices, as well, although they get little no than a shoutout, due to the focus on devils/demons.

2009-06-01, 09:35 AM
The Race series also contains whole pantheons for each of the individual races, so if you want to play a Chaotic Evil Dwarf you still have someone dwarven to worship.

2009-06-01, 10:03 AM
And if you are in faerun, they are all in Faiths and Phantheons, though also a 3.0 book.

I would use the gods of faerun in any setting, because in my opinion they are awesone.

2009-06-01, 12:21 PM
The Living Greyhawk deities list (http://www.wizards.com/rpga/downloads/LG_Deities.zip) is far and away the best source of Greyhawk (core) deities for 3.5. (Link connects to the .zip download on wizards.com. Totally legal.)

Faiths and Pantheons is the best source of Forgotten Realms info, but it's 3.0 and requires some conversion.

Deities and Demigods is the best source for real-world (Greek, Norse, and Egyptian) mythologies, but is also 3.0.

There are a number of other Greyhawk gods spread throughout other books, notably Stormwrack, Frostburn, Sandstorm, the Draconomicon and the "Races of..." series.

I don't know for sure what the best source for Eberron deities is, but they have write-ups in the campaign setting.

2009-06-01, 12:44 PM
For the Core deities, the PHB is the primary source, but other supplements add in new ones. In particular, the Races series adds in a bunch (Races of Stone, Races of Destiny, etc.), and Complete Divine adds in several that are relatively important (Bahamut, Tiamat, etc.).

I don't know for sure what the best source for Eberron deities is, but they have write-ups in the campaign setting.

I think you're looking for "Faiths of Eberron" or something like that.

2009-06-01, 06:13 PM
Kinda off-topic but if you would like to plug into your campaign a fully-detailed pantheistic religion, complete with descriptions of the organizations, agendas, and activities of the various churches, Green Ronin's Book of the Righteous is pretty awesome. It's 3.0 but you'd be buying it mostly for the amazing fluff, not the crunch (although every church does get its own version of the paladin and its own associated PrC, and mostly the crunch is better balanced than your average d20 product).

...as for the WotC evil gods, that's most been addressed so far in this thread, although the joy of a BBEG is that you can always just have him worshipping some weird/exotic/obscure/mostly dead god of whatever you like, if that's your angle :)

Mystic Muse
2009-06-01, 06:48 PM
sorry.my post was less than specific as always. I meant the STATS for deities. I really wish I was better at communicating what I mean.:smallfrown:

T.G. Oskar
2009-06-01, 06:59 PM
Deities and Demigods. That's your source for the stats of deities. It also has the method for building new deities.

Faiths and Pantheons is the book that applies for FR deities, but I'm not entirely sure whether the book has stats or not.

Eberron has Faiths of Eberron, but notice how most, if not all, religions aren't based off a deity. If you wish to make stats for the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six, go ahead, but the Church of the Silver Flame, the Blood of Vol, and the druidic sects are mostly philosophically inclined. You can work on the other religious inclinations (Becoming God, the Path of Light, dragon worshipping, and even the odd cults that venerate Eberron, Siberys and Khyber) As for the Lords of Dust, those are rakshasas with fiendish traits and the odd fiend wandering around (I saw somewhere a mention of Levistus in the Frostfell/Everice)

The rest are mostly built through Deities and Demigods, the core books, and the information from their divine sources (Complete Divine, the campaign setting books, Holy Orders of the Stars for those with Dragonlance, and so forth)

2009-06-01, 09:39 PM
BoVD has some eevil gods of it's own...:smalltongue:

2009-06-01, 10:02 PM
Faiths and Pantheons is the book that applies for FR deities, but I'm not entirely sure whether the book has stats or not.
It has stats for some of the deities it lists, but not all, I think. I don't think that it even stats up all of the head racial deities, possibly because this would just duplicate work from Deities & Demigods.

Eberron's gods don't have stats. Their existence is inherently ambiguous. Showing up onscreen is not something that they do.

The Sovereign Host and the Dark Six, I mean. Other "gods" are more approachable, but lack divine rank. The Silver Flame is actually there in the middle of a cathedral, I believe. The Lord of Blades is an actual mortal being that some warforged worship and get spells from. You can get spells by worshiping anything in Eberron, if your faith is strong enough, or whatever it really is that makes some people clerics and adepts. Hence the ambiguity.

So I guess that some sort of entity could show up and claim to be, say, the Keeper, and you wouldn't necessarily be able to disproved that. But Eberron lacks things actually statted up with the divine rules, I think.

Edit: Oh, and Deities and Demigods is 3.0, not 3.5, if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure that they put it out before the Epic Level Handbook, with the result that a well-built epic-level character can reputedly be competitive with a deity.

T.G. Oskar
2009-06-01, 10:52 PM
It depends on the DM, actually. Consider that in no moment does the books imply that the gods are either real or not. A DM that believes that the gods are not real wouldn't care about stats (except for the already given Lord of Blades, the Becoming God forged by the other big group of Warforged and their followers), but one who actually likes the idea of deities might want to give it a try.

The Silver Flame is a bit tougher. In theory, it's the crevasse where the paladin Tira Miron is tied along the couatl and the fiend (a Lord of Dust if I recall correctly). The Blood of Vol is more of a divine philosophy than a real deity (although whether the continued existence would turn Erandis into a deity is again ambiguous) And the Lords of Dust are pretty much tangible as the Silver Flame, except no one has traveled that deep into Khyber's underworld to figure it out.

Then again, there's one of the Faiths of Eberron pictures that show a huge sea monster (either a too-big Locathah or Kuo-Toa) with a holy symbol, and the flavor text sorta implies it is a tangible deity. Not solid proof, but arguable evidence nonetheless. You could state that an epic character in Eberron is a tangible deity nonetheless.

As for Deities and Demigods, wasn't it given a small update booklet along most other 3.0 books? Still, it was quite a weak depiction, as epic spellcasters can crush any deity lesser than Intermediate Rank. Any higher, and the deity actually has to cheat to win. And with such stuff as Always Maximize Rolls, Always Maximized HP and the like, it's not like it is a difficult task.

2009-06-01, 11:05 PM
If you want stats, Dicefreaks has you covered (http://dicefreaks.forumz.cc/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=59). As far as USABLE stats, well, I dunno.