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2009-06-01, 12:08 PM
So I'm currently planning (in no small part as a challenge to myself) to play a Truenamer very soon. (Please leave all comments about the strength or weakness of Truenamers behind. I've heard it all before, and I've SAID it all before. This is not the point.) Truenamers, of course, rely a little bit more heavily on their magic items, in particular the Amulet of the Silver Tongue, than most classes do. Without it, my ability to be useful drops precipitously. So, I'm taking all the precautions I can to make sure that it stays in one piece and useful.

There are two main ways in which players can be forced to lose items. The items can be damaged or destroyed, or the items can be stolen.

So, first I want to prevent it from getting damaged. It's rare that magic items get damaged, but things do happen. (Immersion in acid, being swallowed by an ooze, and so on.) To this end, I've made it out of riverine (from Stormwrack). Riverine, if you don't know, is made out of water under high pressure sandwiched between, in essence, two walls of force. Since it's made out of force, almost nothing will get rid of it except for Disintegrate or MDJ, but I don't think anything I could make an amulet out of would stand up to Disintegrate or MDJ. Anything that will destroy a Wall of Force will destroy riverine, but short of that, it should be pretty resilient.

To prevent it from getting stolen, I had to think a little bit harder. My GM said that I can use the oil chamber rules in Dungeonscape to add just a generic hidden compartment to a shield, rather than specifically an oil chamber, so I went ahead and bought a light shield with a hidden compartment in it. I also purchased an Eternal Wand of Absorb Weapon with a high enough caster level that it will last for eight hours. Since you can bash with a shield, it is considered a weapon (it's right there on the weapon table in the PHB), so before I go to sleep, I'll put the amulet inside the hidden compartment and absorb the shield into my body. I also have an eternal wand of Greater Alarm, which should help against intruders.

Can you think of anything else that I can do to keep this safe? At this point, I've spent so much effort and gold protecting this that I seriously doubt my GM will try to mess with it (since let's face it, when I've spent all this effort on it, he'd be kind of a **** to specifically target it), but at the same time, my character's got 20 INT and knows that this item is critical to his both his ability to do his job and his well-being, so it makes sense to me that he'd spend an awful lot of time and effort making sure that it stays safe no matter what. What else can I do, keeping in mind that I don't have unlimited wealth and that I will be traveling in dungeons and other similar areas, to make sure that nothing happens to this amulet?

2009-06-01, 12:23 PM
It might be worth it to get an instant summons on it, so even if it does get stolen, you can just snap your fingers and get it back