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2009-06-01, 03:23 PM
I have been working with a frend for school (though it ben him whos ben making a lot of this becose he has two classes to worck on it and I only have one) based off of Mana sries by squareenix. this is vary inconplete but I'm puting it here for feedback now for some copypasta

The Sacred Mana Journey
A Pen & Paper RPG Based on Square Enix’s Mana Franchise

The following is a Pen & Paper RPG (Role Playing Game). This will be abbreviated as PPRPG. It will follow as an unofficial addition to the game Secret of Mana ™ for the SNES ™. The game will use a reccuring theme called encounters.

If the encounter is looking grim, the players may choose to restart the encounter by rolling a d6. However, all players must agree to restart the encounter, and the players may only use this twice per session. If the result of the roll is even, the encounter will restart. If the result of the roll is odd, any enemies related to the encounter will receive 2 HP damage, and the players continue.
Creating a Character
Characters are player characters that may interact with campaigns, encounters, and NPCs.

How to Create a Character

To begin creating a character, roll a 3d6 for Hit Points (HP) and Mana Points (MP). And a d6 for every other statistic.

If the 3d6 result is below 10, re-roll 1 die of the lowest value.
If the d6 result is below 3, re-roll.

Statistics are as follows:

STR (Strength): Power, and a part of the ATK combat stat. ¾ of STR is used in combat, ¼ is used in weapon ATK. At the end of every battle, take ¼ of STR and divide result in half, add this to exp.

CON (Constitution): Physical Form, and a part of the defense combat stat. ¾ is used in combat, ¼ is used in armor defense.

INT (Intelligence): Offensive Magic, Offensive Buffs, a part of the result of encounters that involve intellect. INT is divided by ¼ of INT= +[Result] to Result of Intelligence involving encounters. If impossible to divide, round INT down. INT cannot be rounded down to 0.

DEX (Dexterity): Reflexes, aka Agility, a part of the luck interaction in encounters. I.e. Rolling boulder. Result must be higher than [insert # here]. DEX is divided by ¼ of DEX= +[Result] to Result of Dexterity involving encounters. If impossible to divide, round DEX down. DEX cannot be rounded down to 0.

SPR (Spirit): Defensive Magic, Magic Resistance, a part of the defense of magic. CON does not work with magic. Any magic damage dealt is reduced by ⅛ of the SPR. CON is unused.

ATK (Attack): Strength + Weapon Damage + d6 result= ATK
Choosing Races and Classes

When choosing a character, the mainstream things to know about them are the following.

Name: [This can be anything, so long as it isn’t crude.]
Race: [You can select from several races, explained later.]
Class: [You can select from several classes, also explained later.]
Birthplace: [You may select from several countries in the Mana universe.]

Anything else can be explained by the player who created them, including age, sex, eye color, height, weight, personality, backstory, etc.

Selecting a Race

You must select a race before beginning the Sacred Mana Journey, among them, each race has different advantages.
I.e. Merfolk can breathe underwater, Beastmen have unnatural strength, etc.

Humans: Human are the most common in the world, and with being the main race also comes the advantage of knowing the land to every reach and weapon forging.
[INT involving travel +5], [Weapon Mastery (sub-stat) is doubled.]

Ferolians: Also known as Beastmen, Ferolians have amazing Strength, and also have a knack for quick travel. [AGI involving travel +2], [STR involving combat +2]

Sprites: Sprites are a physical manifestation of Mana, and being a part of Mana, they have an advantage in casting spells. [Sprites begin knowing 2 spells, selected from the starter spells.],
[INT +3]

Merfolk: Merfolk are a mainstream (ignore the pun) race in the world, residing in the ocean. They ignore the humans, believing themselves superior. They are evolved humans adapted to the water, being able to fluidly move and breathe underwater.
[Encounters where a Merfolk would drown are negated.], [Merfolk may regain HP and MP by swimming in water.], [Merfolk get +3 to all stats in underwater encounters.], [Merfolk get 1 to CON when casting a water spell.]

Selecting a Hometown

Among all the hometowns, how your character unfolds depends on the selected hometown. Bonuses may be provided depending on selection.

Valsena: A civilized city ruled by a bountiful king, Valsena is home to King Richard and his brother Loki. A kingdom that lives by one bound, humans are born strong. [Humans born in Valsena gain +2 STR.], [Only Humans may be born in Valsena.]

Altena: A snow covered land ruled by the Queen Valda, whose mother passed away during the invasion staged by Baxilios, when Valda’s mother gave her life to save her kingdom; Valda joined the Peddan rebels, and after the downfall of Pedda, became the new queen of Altena. Being a snow covered land, Altenians are adapted to the cold, and thrive peacefully with Merfolk. [Humans and Merfolk are unaffected by encounters that involve danger in cold, i.e. Altenians are unaffected by blizzards.], [Only humans and Merfolk may be born in Altena.]

Ferolia: A forest ridden capital, Ferolia is home to Beastmen, a powerful race of beings that thrive with needs of both humans and animals. Living in a forest means mana is flowing throughout the capital all day, thus the perfect area for Sprites, whom thrive with mana. But the relationship with humans and Beastmen is fickle, thus no humans may be born in Ferolia. [Humans may not be born in Ferolia.], [Sprites and Beastmen born in Ferolia gain +2 INT], [Sprites born in Ferolia gain +1 CON.]

Wendel: A holy capital, Wendel is a place where all races are welcome. Humans and Merfolk find the knowledge to learn limitless, thus set up life here. Beastmen and Sprites find the nearby forests a welcome home. [Beastmen and Sprites born in Wendel get +2 CON.], [Humans and Merfolk born in Wendel get +4 INT.]

--Please remember that no matter what town you are
born into, all adventurers will meet eventually.—

Starting an Adventure

2009-07-04, 11:35 PM
I just enjoyed working on this game so much. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Just like Civilization II, which Mr. Curtner can't seem to get enough of.