View Full Version : Evil Weather, corruption & is it really worth it?

2009-06-01, 08:50 PM
I hope it's a simple question, I recently bought Book Of Vile Darkness and whilst reading I was curious about the corruption cost. After a "Corrupt" spell has been cast what ways can you get the ability scores back? For instance whilst casting Evil Weather you suffer 3d6 points of constitution damage does that regenrate or something? What happens?

Thanks Playgrounders! :)

2009-06-01, 08:55 PM
Ability score damage usually heals at a rate of 1 per day, I think.

2009-06-01, 08:56 PM
Ability damage heals at 1/day (2/day if bedrest)

2009-06-01, 09:54 PM
And Restoration spells can bring it back significantly faster if you've got a Cleric or Adept ally or cohort or something.

2009-06-02, 07:49 AM
Do note that if you get down to 0 CON you won't recover.
A character with Constitution 0 is dead.

2009-06-02, 06:35 PM
A related question:

What would happen if an undead caster like a lich (lacking a constitution score) tried to cast such a spell?

2009-06-02, 06:39 PM
My DM would likely say spell failure due to lack of vital component.

My DM would probably also let said lich use a proxy sacrifice by expending some more arcane power along with said spell though. So it's not really a better situation for the players :smalltongue: