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2009-06-02, 03:45 AM
While writing a new adventure for my players, I came up with the idea of the party fighting duplicates of themselves. Does anyone have any advice on how this would work? Would the duplicates be monsters, and if so, is there a particular monster that does this?

The Mentalist
2009-06-02, 03:50 AM
I don't know if there's a monster that does it, maybe a special doppelganger. I'd say just photocopy their character sheets (If you don't have a copy already)

Frog Dragon
2009-06-02, 03:51 AM
Mirror of Opposition.

That is all.

2009-06-02, 03:52 AM
Have them arrested by the evil empire, give them the chance to earn freedom in the arena, and the empire profiles them against similiar opponents. They're not exact duplicates, just close enough to sit in the Uncanny Valley!

2009-06-02, 03:55 AM
Mirror of Opposition.

The lazy DM's friend. :smallamused:

2009-06-02, 03:59 AM
The lazy DM's friend. :smallamused:

HA! I knew I'd read something similar to what I wanted somewhere!

Thankyou Kindly :smallbiggrin:

2009-06-02, 04:05 AM
Just remember that if the party fights clones of themselves, it'll be a 50/50 chance of TPK assuming equal tactical competence all around.

Otherewise, are you talking about a doppleganger scenario? The monster to use there is obvious. Lab-produced knockoffs? The Simalcrum spell works well, possibly a homebrewed improved version that isn't limited to half the level of the original. Alternate reality duplicates or the work of a mischievious god? Just take their character sheets, add a negative level or two to give the PCs an edge, and go to town.

Mystic Muse
2009-06-02, 04:19 AM
I had that in my campaign once. just use the player's character sheet.