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2006-04-23, 11:50 AM
Explosive Blast
Level: Sor/Wiz 3
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Targets: One solid object, weighing no more than 10 lb/level
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates (object) and reflex negates
Spell Resistance: Yes (object)

You point your finger at a single unattended, inanimate, non-magical object weighing no more than 10 pounds of caster level. (to a maximum of 100 lbs at 10th level) The target is shattered, sending fragments of it flying in all directions in a 10 foot burst. All creatures within range take 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage per 10 pounds of weight the object possessed, a successful reflex save negates this damage. If the object is made of glass or pottery, the damage is piercing, rather than bludgeoning, and if the object is of a soft composition (fruit, flesh etc) the damage is subdual.

Only inanimate objects may be targeted with this spell. Also, the object targeted must consist be entirely independant of all other objects. This spell cannot be used to destroy a part of a larger object, including component parts in complex structures such as buildings.

2006-04-23, 12:42 PM
You might want to knock down the damage a bit - 10d8 at lvl 10 outstrips Fireball while being a lvl 2 spell. Granted, it has a smaller area of effect, but the nature of the spell defaults it to confined areas anyway.

And then I started thinking like the group I usually GM for and realized that the first thing they'd target would be armor or weapons.

Definitely broken, as Shatter (same level spell) does basically the same thing, but without the damage.

So I'd recommend bumping it up to lvl 3, or even 4, reducing the damage, and adding some specific wording on what material can, or can't be targeted by this spell.

2006-04-23, 12:53 PM
Why is the Spell resistance labeled harmless? An object (except in odd situations) won't have SR, and if it did it certainly wouldn't be a harmless spell to it. If you refer to whoever is hurt by the exploding object, I would rule no SR due to the fact that the flying shards of whatever are not magical.

Next, don't label reflex as partial, you already said negates, and that is also how it is described in the spell.

I also might add that if something did subdual damage it also used a d6 instead of a d8. Seriously, how much damage can flying pieces of watermelon do?

Before you think I'm utterly opposed to your spell, I would like to say I think its a cool idea, though I do wonder how often someone would find a single object weighing 100lbs that was in a convenient location to explode. I could see some very amusing situations involving the party fighter carrying around massive rocks for the party sorcerer to blow up.

PS: make something so that PC's can't blow up things like columns in a building so that it passively deals more damage by dropping something on top of them.

EDIT: Darn simuposter.

2006-04-23, 12:55 PM
Revised accordingly...

2006-04-23, 12:56 PM
I suggest, for starters, changing the wording to "you point your finger at a single unattended, inanimate object." Maximiuk is right, any player would start using it to wreak havoc with enimies. Destroy their weapon and deal them d8 points of damage, destroy their full plate and hit them for 5d8 the next round. Also, your spell is far too low a level for what it does. A bard cannot use the spell "Stone Shatter" until level ten, afourth level bard spell, roughly equivalent to a fifth level wizard spell so I would suggest putting the spell at around fifth or sixth level.

2006-04-23, 02:53 PM
As is, the spell seems to combine the shatter single object function of shatter with a weakened version of fireball. In regard to the destruction of objects part of the spell, the effects are identical to that of shatter. The damage is the same as fireball, but the damage is in a 10 foot burst, and the spell has a range of close instead of long and a saving throw of reflex negates instead of reflex half. Also, the damage is dependant on the weight of the affected object, instead of a set amount of damage.

I'm not very good at determining spell levels, but I'd take a guess and say maybe fourth level. 3rd or 5th level both seem reasonable, though.