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The Rose Society

The Rose Society, the Rose Guild, the Perfumed Smear (used as an insult)

Ostensibly bourgeois (very little else is known of the guild), the Rose is, in reality, a society of aristocratic individuals dedicated to the restoration of the Gilded Throne, and the re-instation of the noblesse oblige, and by extension the 'right to rule' of the nobility.

Based in the cosmopolitan city of Aeldiyrven and organised throughout Sionvne, the Rose is so named, not only for the prominent arabesque but for the 12 houses that comprise it. With Houses Ronnerath, Oerjann, Sanderwurd, and Estai pre-eminent.

As Aeldiyrven and its sovereign state is a representative democracy (or as much a government of that type is possible in a fantasy setting), and having abolished and abandoned the nobility two centuries ago - perceiving them as pompous braggarts, the Rose seek reclamation of the throne and nobility through underhanded means. Several prominent Rose serve key positions as Councilors in the Conciliatory Chamber, representing and speaking for the populace through various tri-annual terms.

What is less well-known however, these self-same councilors subtly abuse their positions; veto-ing legislation from prohibiting a trade ware, maneuvering against certain rivals by dissolving their positions through votes of no confidence, by arranging ambuscades against trade guilds thus forming a reliance on their own emporia, or organising murder. Not all former noble houses are as swift to initiate or mandate amoral and unethical practices, as some believe in the ideal of noblesse oblige and see it as a duty to their fellow people. This notwithstanding, the majority seek a restoration of their own power and the bestowed appellation and prestige, with the means justifying the ends.

Ashves Eyn

Councilor Eyn ostensibly serves the interests of vinters, distillers and tavern owners in his capacity as a Merchantvoice. He sees to the continued profitability, and by association the well-being, of his charges, and smooths the transition of or blocks any laws that may positively or negatively affect that profitability. He recompenses in event of disaster and counsels in event of death. He is the smiling moneylender, always willing to extend extra credit and waving dismissively at inquires of when it has to be repaid.

Ostensibly of course. In truth, Ashves is an amoral individual whose motive for any action is the pursuit of station and profit. Those who are unwilling to reimburse him are stricken from his trade ledgers, instead serving him as slaves. Those able to grease his palms with gold, or preferably platinum, are quickly elevated in station and rank and placed at important positions in trade guilds; lackeys to Ashves. He blackmails but never intimidates, preferably to leverage than waste time arguing.

Ashves was born into what was once a powerful noble House, indirectly related to the royal house, rendered destitute due to human jealously and failed mercantile ventures. He saw his father hang himself from the rafters from shame and depression, emotionally and physically exhausted from the machinations of rival Houses and jealous peasants.

His mother struggled to raise him and his siblings, working feverishly what little jobs she could find (no one wanted to hire a cast noble) and prostituting herself to these same individuals in order to make ends meet, in order to provide stability for her sons and daughters. Ashves watched as his eldest brother was killed in a tavern brawl instigated by the same rival house, another brother beaten to death after being tortured and one of his sisters sold into slavery and prostitution. With tears in his eyes and steel in his heart, he vowed that his profit would be greater than any previously seen and that all enemies of his House would pay and pay dearly.

Bidding a farewell to his mother and remaining siblings, he ventured forth into the world in disguise, petitioning whomever would teach him the martial arts or arcane might. No one knew what transpired in those fifteen years, he doesn't speak of it, but he came back with ashes in his heart and a killing resolve. He was trained in the assassin's arts and indoctrinated in the teachings of the god of thieves.

That same night, he stole out into the night, intending to punish those who had held designs against his House, leaving them horrendously scarred in both body and soul. Having tired of healing and burning his enemies, he broke each finger and toe and shattered arms and legs. Finally, he put entire manors to the torch, watching the flames burn with an odd little smile on his face. With the flames licking brightly behind his shadowed back, he formulated the next course of action, the dissolution of their asserts. Over night, House Eyn became preposterously wealthy, and with that Ashves was formally welcomed into the Rose Society.

A minority of scholars scoff at this recounting of Ashves' history, pointing out a number of discrepancies, specifically the missing fifteen years of his life, contending that the rest of his history is extremely detailed. And that the machinations and rivalries between his House and other Houses or peasantry has not been spelled out in full. Others bear documents that claim that while Ashves looks to be in his early to mid twenties, he is in actuality over 300 years old. These scholars attribute this longevity to elven ancestry or the imbibing of potions of longevity.

Ashves has a calculating personality. A skilled diplomat, his smile never warms his eyes though people get the impression he is genuinely friendly and with their best interests at heart. How wrong they are.
Ashves also maintains a presence in the Rose thieves guild and holds the position of the Upright Man, in charge of the acquisition and redistribution (read, to his pockets) of wealth. Ashves is ostensibly allied with his Rose Society members, though his favored tactic is to play them against each other. Ashves has also drawn the attention of Aerynrune, a Ruahsin, in his guise of an elven crimelord masquerading as a minor councilor. Aerynrune for his part has yet to make Ashves aware of him, though he does keep tabs on him for blackmailing purposes.

Ashves is strikingly handsome, as all Ioens are wont to be, with dusky alabaster skin and startlingly green eyes. He is tall, disdains jewelry, and wears well kept noble attire and Merchantvoice robes.

Statistics to follow (when I have more time).
Ashves Eyn, NE male Ioen human Rogue 8/Cleric 13.
Str 17, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 20.

The Rose collectively look down upon the other citizens of Aeldiyrven, with a mentality of 'use, or be used.' The Rose run a gamut of alignments, with most solidly neutral, and far too many evil or selfish individuals.

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I think Ashves ability scores are too low.

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Um...not to discount what you're saying, but could you be a tad more helpful?

They are too low in relation to what factors? As an epic character? As a named individual? et al Also, please be aware that the above scores are intended for a 'naked' Ashves, that is what he initially receives before score modification items...although the characters I build usually lack them altogether, and so too will Ashves.
If we take an ability score of 18 as the optimal human peak then Ashves is both at that optimal and breaking that limit.