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2006-04-11, 08:58 PM
I came up with this conceit rather randomly the other day and i am interested in any input people have

the Unbound:
Sometimes, divine beings grant devout followers the ability to reach deep inside themselves and unlock the power within.

requirements: BAB: +5
Skills: Concentration:9 ranks, knowledge (religion): 5 ranks

Special: must possess the flurry of blows ability as well as either divine grace or the ability to cast divine spells. Must also have a patron diety.

Class skills: 4+ int per level; I'm really bad at this part but i'm thinking the monk's skill list will be fine

HD: d8, BAB: 3/4 (as cleric) Saves: All good (as monk)

Special abilities:
1: Monk Abilities- like the common PrC feature, unarmed damage, AC, and speed as monk, stacks with monk levels etc.

Unbind- useable a number of times per day equal to CON modifier (natural) + class level. This ability grants you a number of "points" equal to your CHA mod (natural) + class level. These can be used in a number of ways based on level. At fifth and tenth level you can an extra use. These bonuses last a number of rounds equal to 5+ CON mod (natural). While unbound you gain a physcial triat to signify it, such as glowing eyes or golden skin. All bonusess granted by this ability are profane or holy in nature. You cannot use this ability to overlap. The use of points must be detirmined when the ability is activated and cannot be changed.

Unbound Body- you can add the points from the unbound ability to any of your three physical ability scores as you see fit limited only by your number of points


3: Unbound speed- by spending points you can increase your base speed by 10 ft * points spent


5: Pius Flurry- you can now use your dieties favored weapon provided it is either a light or one handed melee weapon

Unbound fists- you can spend points to overcome an opponents DR as follows:
1 point for magic, 3 for any alignment based or matieiral based DR, epic DR may not be overcome this way unless the character is epic and then it costs 5 points


7- Unbound Healing- By spending points you gain
fast healing at a rate of 1 for every 2 points spent


9: Unbound defense- you can spend points to gain DR X/ magic and cold iron where X equals points spent divided by 3, rounded down

10: Unbound Self- Part of your inner power is permenently unbound, you gain +2 to one physical and one mental ability score and you gain SR equal to 15 + character level.

Multi-class note: a paladin or monk who takes levels in this PrC is able to take levels in both class again, as long as their alignment is appropriate.

I may have left something in the manner of rules out, i'm thinking about putting in Unbound mind whoch would allow you to add to mental ability scores, but that could be too easily abused (i think).

What do you think?

2006-04-12, 12:27 PM
I love making my own prestige classes. This one seems cool.

One of your requirements is Flurry of Blows. That kind of limits the base class to monk.

I'd also be careful with increase speed so easily. It may not seem like much, but a tactical player would kill you with to fast of a speed. Spellcasters would be rendered useless when your PC ran past all your defenses in the first round and walloped you with a stunning fist. Add mobility, spring attack prorgression to that and he could hit and run forever.

Just some thoughts. Good Luck.

2006-04-12, 12:42 PM
By tenth level, you'd have 13+con uses. Each use would last 5+con rounds. You'd have 10+cha points to spend.

These numbers do not seem to mesh well. Basically, you're limiting your total times per day in two ways: You only have so many points to use AND only so many times to use it per day. I'd eliminate the uses per day completely -- and make sure you add that points regenerate no more than once every 24 hours. Thus, you'd have level+cha points to spend -- with each expenditure lasting 5+con rounds. It's better... and closer to the points a Ninja has. Precendent is the builder's best friend.

2006-04-17, 09:59 PM
Sorry i didn't reply earlier but i was away and was told there would be internet access when there wasn't, then i got sick........

Anyway, i think i may have been unclear you get a new pool of points with each use.

I'm going with the suggestion of making it usable unlimited times a day, but the character must make DC 15 concentration check (a swift action) the first time in a day and the DC goes up maybe 5 (?) for every time after the first.

I intended the class as a monk PrC that would have a have a divine focus in terms of power, so flurry f blows ensures that they need at least one monk level and i figured paladin and cleric would both be good for representing a god's favor, while ranger and druid would not be completely out of the question