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2009-06-08, 01:38 PM

Long time guys, I need some help here...

First, about my character:

He is a lvl 5 Human Cleric aiming for Stormlord (I know, the pre-reqs are disgusting). This is fluffwise, since my character is a Cleric of Thor with the War and Weather domains, the PrC Stormlord is revised so all the Spear buffs are turned into War Hammer Buffs, which means that I will have a pretty good melee weapon almost for free.

His aim is to become a good seccond meleer (I am not trying to outshine anyone in the party) with autobuffs and healings (I already use Lesser Vigor and Mass Lesser Vigor as my standard healling spells), since my DM has banned (I must say, one of his most inteligent rules) DMM.

The feats he has right now: Endurance, Great Fortitude (both required for Stormlord), WF: Warhammer (Domain), Extend Spell (Since I want my buffs to last as long as possible, even without DMM).

Now, I have something like 5 feats to choose. I am already considering Holy Warrior (from Comp. Champ, but a little mitigated, since the bonus damage is only half the normal, plus it only affects the deity's chosen weapon. DM houserule) and Persistent Spell (I can still persist Vigor and otehr very useful low level spells).

What you guys think I should do?

Character Stats in the spoiler:

Str 14; Dex 10; Con 14; Int 10; Wis 16; Cha 10

Besides that, the DM houseruled this due to the sheer power of the Cleric. He has not houseruled nothing against the ubbercharger with Str 22 that is aiming into frenzied berseker, should I point that I my feats should not be mitigated?


Keld Denar
2009-06-08, 01:44 PM
Depending on your alignment Law Devotion is a VERY solid feat to pick up. Combined with Power Attack, it results in ~6 extra damage per hit before level 5, ~10 extra damage per hit up to 10, and 14 extra damage per hit after level 10. Otherwise, you can keep the bonus as a to-hit boost or convert it to an AC bonus to tank well. First use is free, but all uses after that cost 3 turn attempts each. Still...lasts for a full minute per activation (long enough for a single battle).

If you don't go with that, Divine Might from Complete Warrior is decent if you have the Cha to power it. Use a TU attempt to get +cha to damage for the round. You need a LOT of attacks and a pretty decent Cha score to outdamage Law Devotion though.

2009-06-08, 01:45 PM
I personally like Divine Spell Power. Make a TU roll, spend an attempt, and get a boost to CL.

Justin B.
2009-06-08, 01:59 PM
I personally like Divine Spell Power. Make a TU roll, spend an attempt, and get a boost to CL.

Just don't roll poorly. Getting items that boost Turn Undead Checks do apply to the feat though. So there's that.

Edit- Wasn't there an alternative War Devotion feat to be found somewhere? The one in Complete Champion is dissapointing at best.

2009-06-08, 02:09 PM
My character is Chaotic Good... Can't take Law Devotion. My char also has low Cha... Without a real use (DMM) to Turn Undead, I simply overlooked Cha...

What you guys think about domain spontaneity: War or Weather?

War would let me cast both Magic Weapon and Magic Vestment at any time I wanted. Weather would allow me to cast Call Lighting and othe area of effect spells like Whirlwind and Greater Whirlwind.

Would it worth a feat?

Also, Power Attack? Divine Vigor (extra movement and 2hp per level)?

Please, continue.

Justin B.
2009-06-08, 02:19 PM
Definately Power Attack, if you're using the Two Handed variety of warhammer, if it's a one hander, then skip it. Divine Vigor seems completely silly when compared to Travel Devotion. The hitpoints aren't worth it and Travel Devotion is going to get you more movement for your turn undeads.

Perhaps you should take Extra Turning this time in preparation for taking more awesomer feats in three levels?

2009-06-08, 02:58 PM
A possibility. The thing is, I am terrible when it comes to roll dice to get HP. Very, very unlucky. So I am using fixed ammounts of health: every even level 4 + con and every even level 5 + con (Con is a +2). Which means that I am a level 5 Cleric with 36 HP. The exact possible average. I am mostly using my spells to keep me and the barbarian alive o.O Seriously, we have taken two earth elementals after traps and after a warmage, then, with sheer luck, we droped an Ogre in a single charge (I had 5 HP and the Barb had 2 HP, we surprised the thing and it went down, no spells allowed)... My DM is a very sadistic mix between a soft hearted guy and a perfect dungeon engineer...

I was checking it... I could take both Travel Devotion and Chaos Devotion (I'd never, ever, get Law Devotion past with him while being CG and Worshiping a CG deity). Chaos Devotion is a little bit, let's say, "random", but the bonuses are very interesting and the

My DM will probably not allow nightsticks in this scenario. So I should not focus too much in turning feats, hell I cant even use DMM.

What you think?

Paul H
2009-06-08, 04:16 PM

Since you're only level five you can't persist spells yet. (+6 lvl of spell). Also believe the 'Vigor' series have a max duration, even with Persist.

That said, Divine Power is a good 4th lvl spell to aim for later. Full BAB, +6 Str Enhancement, plus Temp HP (1 per CL).

Improved Toughness grants extra HP/Char level.
Augment Healing makes Healing spells more potent. (Extra 2HP/Spell Level. Nothing for Orisons, 2 for lvl 1, 4 for lvl 2, etc).
Craft Wondrous Item For all those nice Periapts of Wisdom, Pearls of Power, Belts of Giant Strength, etc.
Craft Magic Weapons & Armour As name suggests. Flaming/Shocking Warhammer - no prob!

Paul H

Justin B.
2009-06-08, 06:31 PM
If you're crafting Magic Arms and Armor and your deity is Thor, you better put returning on there....

As for the Feats the run off of the Turn Undead attempts, as I've said, you could just take Extra Turning, or you could just run with the 3 + Cha that you have now. Travel Devotion is only 2 attempts after the first, which is free.

That means you get two extra move actions a day, at least. Four if you took Extra Turning first.

Even though you have average hitpoints (which is alright for your level, I'm playing a level 8 Ranger 1/Cleric 7 and I only have 48 hit points) I still don't think Divine Vigor is the best choice.

If anything, you're better off with Holy Warrior as you mention in the first post, you'll only get better as time goes on with that, and you still won't be outshining any of the melee guys if they're using Power Attack.

2009-06-08, 10:08 PM
Hmmm... Should I drop my Shield and go for Power Attack? I mean, my BAB is 3/4... and I am 2 levels away from getting Divine Power. I don't think I should be focusing on anything that is based on Cha excecpt Turn Undead times per day, that can be bought with extra turnings...

I liked touch of healing and travel devotion. I am seeing that the Holy Warrior gets less mitigated... I am almost getting it to be Spell level minus 2 with only deity's weapon. In case, a +5 shocking burst other goodies warhammer at high levels.

If things star going well, I will get my hands into a two handed maul (still a hammer) and a buckler, so I can get the nifty magic vestment bonus to my AC and start abusing from PA, If I ever get it. I still have one feat left...

I've alrteady chosen: Travel Devotion at level 6 (will help a lot when aiding the party), extra turning or PA at 12 (depending if I am liking the results), Touch of Healing and Holy Warrior.

So, waht you guys suggest in order to make a better and deadlier meleer? Should I go for PA?

Keld Denar
2009-06-08, 10:31 PM
2 words...animated shield. Get one. 9000g and change for a basic one. Cast Magic Vestiments on it. Add the AC. Forget about it.

2009-06-09, 12:57 PM
Hmm... Actually I decided to drop Touch of Healing... Damn it, I would be getting a feat for no obvious reason, since I am not focused on healing, and even if I were, I already have Vigor to back me up... Including the fact that I am already casting a Extended Lesser Vigor and I am able to cast Mass Lesser Vigor. I don't need more healing, except inside a Antimagic Field... But then, I would already be screwed...

I am getting persistent spell in it's place. Damn it, if the party needs healing I will just persist Mass Lesser Vigor on them (It is possible, since the range is fixed into 20 ft.).

Hmm... I am decided on it... I will drop the Heavy Shield for a Buckler. The +1 to AC will shortly be outmatched by the creatures AB (it is already been, I guess), and 2handing a Warhammer will be far more useful with PA than anything else. In about 4 levels, when I will receive my next feat, probably PA (I am getting travel devotion soon, It seems quite a solid feat for a caster, who needs a lot of mobility), I will be swinging a +2 shocking warhammer with 28 strg for much more damage than I'd be soaking with +1 to AC... (about 3d6 + 28).

Yep, PA definetly is a must go here.

Any other sugestions, guys? I mean, any other good combat or utility feat that I should consider?

Justin B.
2009-06-09, 01:17 PM
Well, there are always the feats that increase PA, but my suggestion still stands with Holy Warrior. I mean, if you have access to the War Domain, I really see no reason not to take it. An extra 5 damage when you get fifth level spells just by sitting on the mediocre Flame Strike spell is another 2-3 BAB you don't have to put into PA for the same return as a fighter. This is nice. This just gets better as you get more spell levels, because, frankly, the higher level War Domain spells are kind of useless.

Then again, the inclusion of Power Attack into your build now opens up the prospect of Divine Might, which adds your Cha to damage for spending a turn attempt. You can use your spell slots freely, but the damage added might be less than desired.

2009-06-09, 01:22 PM
As I said, this build totaly overlooked charisma... My DM banned DMM, so I had no reason to go past 10 on it. However, PA and Holy Warrior are feats that I now consider very important for this build. I just now glimpsed a highly manouverable powerhouse due to sheer PA + Holy Warrior awesomeness and Travel Devotion. Damn it, if I had read the Travel Devotion feat with more accuracy I would have used it in every Cleric build I ever played. 1 minute of swift movement awesomeness. How could I overlook it?!

Justin B.
2009-06-09, 01:45 PM
Yes, I would love to have it myself for my Elf Archer Cleric. Moving and attacking that much would be so amazing for that build. But I don't think my DM will allow it, we're a pretty low-power group.

Seems you've got most of your feats figured out for the next 12 or so levels. I recommend against persist though, with DMM to mitigate the spell level increase a bit, that +6 really hurts.

2009-06-09, 07:03 PM
I wished my DM had not banned DMM... Interesting is the fact that I am not allowed to combo-win... But a Ubber Charger is being built right with us in the party... :smallfrown: But no problem... I guess I can still take a few good spells persisted even for a +6. Mass Lesser Vigor and Vigor come to mind immediatly. I could take Quickened Spell, what you think?

But, whatever... I have spells :smallbiggrin:

Thanks guys. If you want to post more suggestions, go ahead!