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2006-04-17, 08:35 AM

The orochi are similar to yuanti pure bloods in appearance but are more focused on their mouths.

Orochi Racial Traits

+2 con, -2 int
Speed 40 ft
Natural attack: Bite, 1d4+poison
Poison: DC 16, initial/secondary(Unconciousness/--)
Unhinge jaw: As a move action, the orochi can unhinge his jaw. He can use his bite attack, and cannot speak. It is a move action to rehinge
Improved grab: If the orochi hits with his bite attack, he can make a grapple as a free action.
Devour: If the orochi has a victim in a grapple, and his jaw is unhinged, he can attempt to eat them. A Tiny creature takes a full round action, a small 5 rounds, and a Medium a minute. After eating a creature, an orochi cann ot move for how long it took to eat them. The creature takes 1d8 damage for every round they remain digested. They may get out by dealing the orochi 20 damage.
Favored Class: Fighter
What you think?

2006-04-17, 10:09 AM
I'm curious as to why you chose to make an Orochi a playable, apparently +0 LA race as opposed to the massive sea serpent of legend that they are usually portrayed as.

Of course, an Orochi could easily use the Hydra stats, as it's often called the Japanese version of the Hydra.

2006-04-17, 11:39 AM
Because i wanted to.

Saithis Bladewing
2006-04-17, 11:54 AM
One question:

Assuming the Orochi swallows a still-living creature, how much damage would it do to the creature?

2006-04-17, 01:15 PM
yeah, what is the effect of being devoured? I hope it's not instant kill.

Also, logic sort of dictates that the Orochi suffer some effect for having a creature the same size occupying his stomach. Would it be considered still grappled while the foe is devoured? Would the foe count against his encumberance?

Also, what action is it to re-hinge the jaw?

EDIT: And I just noticed the effects of the poison. Honestly that's waaaaay to strong for a LA 0 creature. that's a very high saving throw for one thing (considering it's a HD 0, Con 12 on average), and secondly unconciousness is a major hit. You also don't note a duration of the unconciousness.

2006-04-17, 02:55 PM
Wow, good thing I read everyone else's posts, otherwise I would've thought of magic the gathering/kamigawa orochi.

So how do you make traditional orochi into a PC race?