View Full Version : Optimizing selective spell [3.5]

2009-06-09, 08:48 AM
The spellguard prc in PGtF gets the selective spell ability. By casting a spell as a full round action, you can make the spell effect only particular races, types or subtypes.

It says that "inorganic material, objects and anything else that does not have a creature type is affected normally."

This means, for example, that a selective AMF will allow me to cast in it, but it will suppress all my buffs and magical equipment, right?

Now if you combine this ability with the recaster's metamorphic spell(space), you can change the AMF into a cone. Since you are not actually in the cone, this would let your buffs remain active. On your turn, moving the cone away to make attacks would be a free action, and then you could put them back in the amf? Obviously they could escape unless you forcecaged them or something, or is it somehow possible to track them with the amf cone when it is not your turn?