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2006-05-13, 01:07 AM
Here's a whack at a race idea I had, enjoy.


Raptorfolk resemble large slightly humanoid birds of prey. They stand usually hunched over, but often times with thier heads erect and proud. They look much like nearly human-sized eagles or hawks with barrel chests. They have both a pair of powerful wings, and a set of spindly arms, aswell as taloned feet. It is not common they are seen walking unless forced too, as they more commonly fly then anything else. Male Raptorfolk more often then not has a brilliant streak of color behind thier large amber or silver eyes, which ranges from sky-blue to fiery orange to brilliant gold. Female tend to be smaller then males, and have no color streak behind thier light brown eyes.

* Dex +6, Str +2, Wis +2, Int -4, Con -2. Raptorfolk are strong, aware and very agile, but not commonly very intelligent.
* Medium size
* Raptofolk base land speed is 20 feet, with a flight speed of 60 with good manueverability.
* Keen eyes: Raptorfolk gain a +4 racial bonus on spot checks in anything better than shadowey.
* Low-light vision
* Weapon familiarity: Raptorfolk treat the footbow as a martial weapon instead of an exotic weapon. Raptorfolk are automatically proficient with the longsword, shortsword, halberd and all manners of spear and spear-like weaponry.
* Natural Weapons: Raptorfolk have a pair of talons usable as natural weapons. They deal 1d6+str modifier each and can only be usable in flight. They also have a bite attack that deals 1d6+1/2 str modifier damage, this is a secondary attack, but can be used even while not engaged in flight.
* Bonus feats: Raporfolk gain Flyby Attack and Multiattack as bonus feats.
* Automatic Languages: Common, Auran; Bonus Languages: Elven, Sylvan, Dwarven, Goblin, Orc, Halfling
* Favored Class: Fighter
* Level Adjustment: +2

Edir: Changed ability score adjustments, made it dumber and weaker

2006-05-13, 01:45 AM
For some reason i think this already exists... ever heard of a raptoran?

2006-05-13, 01:50 AM
yeah, i have races of the wild, i was considering putting in flavor text that these are veeeeery distant relatives to the raptorans, but these are very different; Mostly appearance, raptorfolk actually look like huge birds, and only in anyway humanoid because of thier arms and intelligence.

2006-05-13, 01:52 AM
Yep. These are in in Races of the Wild. They even use the footbow. So either you've seen the class before or maybe the idea is from some fantasy story somewhere. Maybe even Flash Gordon?

2006-05-13, 02:29 AM
i basically just yanked this race idea from my mind, i know it's very likely there are other things almost exactly like it dotted all over the fatasy world, i just thought i'd put in my two cents and make it a playable PC race

2006-05-13, 09:59 AM
That is an insane array of stat bonuses for a +2 LA character... +6 dex is so twinkable.

2006-05-13, 11:04 AM
Well how many racial HD does this one have? ???

It's not so twink'd if it's 5HD and +2LA.

2006-05-13, 02:52 PM
I think this is a neat idea. Bird people are always cool. *plays a kenku* On the other hand, though, this race is a weeee bit overpowered. The massive stat bonuses, flight ability, and bonus feats would make one of these severely overpowered at ECL 3. I'd add a couple of racial hit dice, and maybe even bump up the LA to +3. Also, you might want to tinker with the name just so people don't automatically think "raptorans" or picture dinosaur people with huge toe claws.

2006-05-13, 05:07 PM
I'd just use the Aarakocra from Monsters of Faerun.