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2009-06-10, 07:55 PM
I was considering making a Warrior Trap Smith. I guess a hunter/sniper/trapper that really is just my idea of what the ranger should of been.

I'd like your opinion on the following information block. Whether you think it would make a nifty class, any additions it could have, anything that seems a little over or under powered. This is not for PEACH and is just a way to deduce if it is a playable class. This is not formatted into tables because I sheerly just want to know your opinion on benefits/disadvantages/overpowering/suggestions/removals. It is NOT a class for PEACH just yet.

The Warrior Trap Smith can also be known as a hunter. He lives in the wilderness but has no affiliation with it like the Druid. He lives there because of the solitude and opportunities to hunt that it provides. His trap setting is revered by all, and it seems almost magical, but it is unknown where his ability to enchant traps comes from to the common populace. However to the hunter he knows it is the combination of just the right ingredients. For this reason he is revered by all as a master trap smith. The Warrior Trapsmith has perfect aim, is swift, fast and delicate. He chases down his prey just as often as he waits for it.

D10 hit dice (The Warrior trap (WTS) smith is a front line fighter that contends daily with ferocious bears, mountain lions and others of such ilk. His numerous scars further this point. Adventuring is merely another form of the hunt for WTS.

Whilst the WTS has Trapfinding/dismantling and setting up, he cannot pick locks or hide in the shadows. He is a hunter pure and simple, honour bound and not stealthy.

Traps on the fly (All "On the fly" traps require only 1 round to set up and can be made easily from numerous objects found around dungeons/in the wilderness, utilising odd scraps of metal, sap, oils and blades, they are less damaging than Hunter Traps but still effective tools for laying an ambush)

Improvised Fire bomb
Improvised Spike trap
Improvised Bear trap
Improvised Net trap

Hunter Traps All hunter traps are free of GP cost, but it requires 8 hours of solid scavenging to find the materials. This is equivalent to a wizard preparing spells. The hunter is ever vigilant, and never sleeps, if he chooses to forego his scavenge period he will not be able to set traps of any kind the next day, even traps on the fly. This is due to the Hunters dislike of not being prepared for any situation, for each day that he does not scavenge for materials a cumulative penality is applied to his fighting and defense. Beginning at -2 to Damage and BAB and -2 to AC and increasing by +4 every day thereafter. There should not be a time when he is without traps.

I've not yet sorted them into level or time required yet but:

Firebomb (Proximity) -Damages and ignites
Ice Shards (Proximity) -Damages and slows
Antimagic (Proximity) -Nullifies magic
Disintegrate (Trip wire) -Destroys
Spike Trap (Pressure) -Damages
Arrow Trap (Trip Wire) -Damages
Pit Trap (Pressure) -Captures and damages multiple
Grease Trap (Tripwire) -Spills grease, hinders movement
Scatter Mine (Proximity) -Damages all within a radius
Poison Dart (Tripwire) -Damages and poisons
Flash Bomb (Proximity) -Causes blindness in a radius
Slow Trap (Proximity) -Slows in a radius
Fear Totem (Proximity) -Panics group
Sonic Blast Trap (Tripwire) -Destroys fragile objects, potions, glass, Damages.
Tangle Trap (Proximity)- Entangles, slows.
Net Trap (Tripwire) - Stops completely, cuts flesh, bleeding damage.
Paralysation Trap (Tripwire) Paralyses - Uses darts, multiple targets

In conjunction with traps the WTS is a master archer, and acquires a bonus feat every third level as long as that feat is spent on archery related feats. In a similar vein, when he takes the "Weapon specialisation" or "Weapon focus" feats on a long bow, this feat also applies to the short bow, crossbow and heavy crossbow" effectively gaining advancement in all ranged "bow" weapons. This is to emulate his versatility as a hunter.

He also gains the ability to "trap" a singular arrow 1/day per every 4 levels, which will apply any Hunters Trap ability to the arrow.

The WTS gains a range of +20ft per every second level gained in the WTS advancement list.

The WTS at lower levels runs the risk of setting off his own trap due to inexperience, this begins at a 20% chance, lowered by 2% every 2 levels wherein at level 10 he will no longer fail at any trap he sets.

Traps can be set off by his own party members, including himself from levels 1-10, at level 10 he then no longer sets off his own traps when in their vaccinity, effectively allowing him to act as bait to his own traps.

At level 20, the WTS can stand in the effect of one of his traps, and take no status changes or damage from the trap. Allowing him to fight in the middle of a heavily trapped area without fear.

A WTS's primary stat is Dexterity, for trap setting and archery.
His secondary stats are Constitution, for withstanding damage from his traps should he set them off (until higher levels) and Strength, required for fighting in the front lines with the other fighters.

I'm also considering setting an ability similar to "Marked Target" where in when that marked target is in sight, the WTS gains a +20 ft speed bonus, a +2 to attack, damage and AC, and a +4 "to hit" when using a bow/crossbow to aim at the target. These bonuses remain until the enemy is out of LOS.

So that's it. Have free reign with criticism. Make it brutal.