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2006-01-31, 08:37 PM
i made this topic so people can add their favorite races or new ones then discuss them.

2006-01-31, 11:42 PM
In a campagin setting I tried to create (and failed) I came up with a half undead race that I named the Quasi-Dead, they were medium size undead, they didn't sleep or breathe, they needed to eat (besides flesh), um.. had a +2 bonus to str but a -2 to cha and dex (they were undead and pretty clumsy), they had a con and int score, turn resistance of +5, double damage from fire, half damage from cold, didn't suffer effects from fatige, and had undead triats minus the immunity to mind affecting effects but a -1 to will saving throws.

I'm pretty sure that I added and forgot some things.

2006-01-31, 11:49 PM
that is sort of comparable to the deathless

i tried to make canine folk but no idea what i should assign them.

2006-01-31, 11:59 PM
D20 Modern has Moreaus, which are like anthropomorphic animals.
The doggies get a bonus to Con and Wis, and a penalty to Int and Cha. They also have scent.
Moreaus aren't terribly good, though, so you might want something else.
Let's see...
Dog's highest score is Dex, so they should have a bonus to that. Probably a penalty to Cha, as well, because they're easily trained and tend to follow.
A +2 on Jump checks would work as well.
Scent would fit the canine archetype, but could be unbalancing. If you put that in, they won't need anything else.

+2 Dex, -2 Cha
+2 to Jump checks
Scent, and +2 to survival check to track with scent.

If you don't like scent, give them a straight +2 to survival and the Track feat for free.
Favoured class should be Ranger or Scout.

2006-01-31, 11:59 PM
A few days ago I designed a race I call the pseudo illithid. Theres a link in my sig to the thread. They're like half illithids, but weaker. A good comparison to another race is like how a Half-Celestial stems froma direct union between mortal and celestial, but an Aasimar just ahs distant relatives. Except Mind flayers are a-sexual and this race stems from flukes in ceremorphosis (IE, adventurors).

Ive created some other races over the years. There was one race I called the dra who were an ancient race that looked like centaurs but lizardlike. None of my players understood how I described them, even after I drew a picture. They worshipped the 10 colors of dragons in seperate sects of their religion. But the Monster Manual 3 totally ripped them off with dracotaurs! RAWR!

EDIT: Gyah Simu-post! Moreas are one of the biggest reasons Im even slightly interested in d20 modern. The Island of Dr. Morea was such an excellent movie.

2006-02-01, 04:11 AM
D20 Modern has Moreaus, which are like anthropomorphic animals.
The doggies get a bonus to Con and Wis, and a penalty
Don't forget to make them really flexible so they can...
oh well never mind, that's to good of an ability, everyone would want it.

2006-02-01, 04:42 AM
Don't forget to make them really flexible so they can...
oh well never mind, that's to good of an ability, everyone would want it.

Well, they do get a Dex bonus.
Which raises the question of: can elves do it?

2006-02-01, 10:26 AM
Well, they do get a Dex bonus.
Which raises the question of: can elves do it?

Of course. This explains why they (a) have an extremely low rate of reproduction and (b) don't even think about beginning a career of any kind until well past the age of 100.
and why they look on humans with that amused air of superiority, as though they knew a secret that humans didn't. Well, now you know what that secret is. ;D

2006-02-01, 10:58 AM
Of course. This explains why they (a) have an extremely low rate of reproduction and (b) don't even think about beginning a career of any kind until well past the age of 100.
and why they look on humans with that amused air of superiority, as though they knew a secret that humans didn't. Well, now you know what that secret is.

wonderful: this site truly has the greatest minds in all the web.

personally I'd go for the Sibbeccai in Arcana Evolved, but change them aesthetically so they can look like any dog the player wants (or just wolves). They have the option of racial levels. They eventually develop a bite attack and the scent ability. the Races are probably the coolest thing in AE (tho the book is a gold mine), especially the Giants. Love those guys at level 4 (size large: can we say spiked chain?)

The Undead isn't too bad. Look at the Warforged from Ebberron: they have con scores, but don't eat or sleep.
Take a PC Vampire race: balance the undead with their need for blood to heal: fast healing 1 per hp drained, use the vampire's blood drain ability with 1d4+vamp's con/str bonus sucked out each round.
Make them vulnerable to poisons, esp if ingested through blood. Give them a Str bonus, and a bonus to move silently checks. Take away Wisdom, as their state separates them from reality. Double damage to fire is good, and maybe resistance 5 to cold. Low light vision and/or darkvision arn't bad. They take 2d6 damage each round in sunlight, or even simply die instantly (as a balance to not needing to breathe, etc.)
Oh, and don't forget the switch between positive/negative healing spells, and they can be turned (but not destroyed) normally.
Then follow it all up with racial levels for things like spider climb, Dominate gaze, etc, and have the racial levels include stat increases to cha, str and dex.
There you go, racial Vampires.

Single Shot Zombie
2006-02-01, 12:30 PM
Time for a contribution of mine! Well, I'm not sure how I'm going to fit this into a campaign, but here's a race I thought up of, inspired by one of Rich's creations; the Fenixborn (http://www.giantitp.com/Func0006.html).


Not much is certain about the mysterious origins of this particular race. Some scholars believe that traces of the legendary Phoenix's blood run in their veins, while others think that they are linked to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Whatever their origins are, the Fenix-blooded stand out easily in a crowd. This is not due to their appearance, but more of their behavior. Instinctually abhorrent of anything even bearing semblance of evil or malicious intent, a Fenix-blooded person would take immediate action to thwart or destroy that evil........more often than not in a foolhardy way.

Not to say that the Fenix-blooded are downright suicidal in their quest to rid the world of evil. A Fenix-blooded person would be unlikely to face a great wyrm red dragon alone, but they might end up wrecking the local tavern chasing that criminal.

Physical Appearance: A Fenix-blooded person resembles a normal human, with a few distinguishing traits that hint at their fiery outsider ancestry (flaming red or auburn hair, golden eyes, slightly luminous skin, increased skin temperature etc.).

Personality and relations: Fenix-blooded people tend to be extremely passionate and verbose about their goals and aspirations, which always revolve around helping do good in the world around them. This can attract people - usually other Fenix-blooded people - with similar goals, but - more often than not - tends to put people off.

Stat adjustments: Str +2, Wis -2, Cha +2. Fenix-blooded are quite strong physically and are extremely passionate, but they have a tendancy not to make very wise decisions........

Alignment: Most - if not all - Fenix-blooded people possess strongly ingrained morals, coupled with an innate desire to help the world be a better place. Some passionately defend rights to personal liberty, while others are literally paragons of law and order, to the point of fanaticism. The Fenix-blooded favor good alignments, usually tending to either the lawful or the chaotic extreme.

Lands: Fenix-blooded people don't have lands to call their own; they can fit into most good-aligned cities, as long as the powers that be can tolerate their fanatical tendencies.

- Size/Type: Medium Outsider (Native)
- Base Land Speed: 30 ft.
- Darkvision 60 ft.
- Racial Skills: Fenix-blooded people have a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.
- Racial Feats: A Fenix-blooded person gains feats according to his/her class levels.
- Special Attacks: None
- Special Qualities:
- Resistance to fire 10, resistance to cold and sonic 5
- Burning Hands: All melee attacks done by a Fenix-blooded person do an extra 1d4 damage.
- Automatic Languages: Common, Celestial.
- Bonus Languages: Ignan, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling.
- Favored Class: Lawfully-aligned Fenix-blooded tend to embark on the path of the Paladin.
- LA: +1.

Well, I couldn't think of much more stuff to put in, and I know this needs fixing, so consructive comments/criticism is appreciated. Obviously, this is comparable with Aasimar/Tiefling/Feytouched.

2006-02-01, 01:24 PM
i really like that idea i am going to make one thanx.

2006-02-01, 02:48 PM
Oh, I might as well issue my own little creation, the Spyrian. These guys were inspired partially by Races of the Wild's Raptorian, but more by Magic: the Gathering's Aven creatures. For those people that want to really fly sooner rather than later.


http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z123/TheChilliGod/Other/SpyrianiiS.gif (http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z123/TheChilliGod/Other/Spyrianii.gif)
*Links to a bigger image*

Over a hundred millennia ago, when the world was still young and when the ancestors of over a thousand generations of elves lived, a demi-deity, a spirit from the elemental plane of air, was experimenting with his new creation. He spent endless years fixing them to be a replica of his majestic form. Beaks, feathers, wings, talons; that was what he wished. The figure of a human, the flight of a dragon and the wisdom of an angel; that was his ideal purpose for a sentient race of this earth. But when she showed her new creations to his masters, the forgers of the world, they laughed at her. "O-HO! Little half-life thinks she can shove her own species into our ultimate creation!
"But I spent so much time working on it! Look at the detail! This is no block of stone I made, can't you see?
"Hmm, well it is done skillfully... Alright, then! we'll put your little pet into our world. After we make a few modifications to it."
And the masters mutated and changed the figure into what turned out to be today's birds. Once the demi-deity saw what had become of his race, mindless and hardly dangerous, hunted for the fun and sport of it, she decided to unleash her intended race into the world regardless of the wishes of the masters, to show them what she could do. When they found out, they were so furious they cursed the birdfolk, to never wish to leave their grand nest, to stay away from the rest of civilisation. The birdfolk created their nest over the next hundred years. Hardly anybody left the tower city hundreds of miles high that they had built. Thus came the Spyrian.

Physical description
Spyrian are like men in figure, but they display a proud plumage of feathers, which are found from the neck to elbow and thigh. The feathers can range in color from ginger to brown to black, but the most common color is white. They have eagle-like faces with hooked beaks and big eyes, compared to that of men. In the place of hands and feet are talons, each with two digits and a thumb or back claw, and legs are shaped like that of a bird's also. Wings sprouted from the shoulders are about 8 feet in diameter and are commonly adorned by trinkets or medals earned in combat.
Some Spyrian possess great fan-tails that cover their hind legs. These fan-tails are hereditary, and generally grow with age.
A spyrian's clothing is made of robes and togas, white being the most common color, and with holes as necessary for wings and tails, which Spyrian display proudly.

The older generations of Spyrian tend to be noble and snobbish, always thinking themselves as a race above the other landlocked races in more ways than one, whereas more recent and reckless generations of Spyrian are beginning to develop a sense of curiosity with the earth below, much as one would be curious about the activities of a group of animals.
Regardless of age, Spyrian show unswerving trust and loyalty to anyone who has earned their respect. This is often difficult, as Spyrian also believe in working alone. It takes a lost of patience and honesty to gain a Spyrian's trust.

Spyrian think all other ground-based races to be inferior, and are generally distrustful of them. They disgust dwarves for their tendency to live in the earth rather than above it, and the subterranian races are even more loathed for living under the earth instead.
Spyrian prefer those people and races that share their desire to seek the clouds and heavens, and are usually happy to assist those who are 'enlightened' in overcoming their shortcomings. This has led them to a preference with gnomes, for their inspiring innovation in becoming airborne.

A Spyrian is not often anything other than chaotic, given to no particular organization unless it is for the good of the community. They always do their own thing for themselves first. Good Spyrian are more common than evil Spyrian. The most typical alignment for Spyrian is Chaotic Neutral.

Spyrian have great respect for the deities that created them, since they claim to be the closest to the gods. The Majority of Spyrian worship the demi-deity that brought them into life, Siminya.
The Birdwatcher, She with the Golden Wings
Demigod (Chaotic Neutral)

Siminya started out life in the Elemental Plane of Air, as an exceptionally powerful outsider with wings of pure gold, somehow lighter than one of her own feathers. After she set the Spyrian upon the new world, the overdeities cast her back to the Elemental Plane of Air, to suffer from her fatal error. She is now not content to sit in one place like regular birds and Spyrian, but she soars through the highest winds of the plane, where nobody else dares to go. Siminya is a contradictory figure, teaching of the joy of abiding by one's own sense of morals and ethics, free from other laws. In a sense Siminya is Chaotic Neutral. Her favored weapon is the longspear.
Portfolio: Birds, Freedom
Domains: Air, Chaos, Liberation
Some Spyrian have also taken up Bahamut's teachings of discipline, some more worship Obad-Hai for his neutrality and affinity for nature.

Spyrian language consists of chirps and calls, either at a rate impossible for human ears to follow, or just one long call, there's little forms of communication in between the two. Spyrian, due to their beak structure, find it rather difficult to speak any ground language, although they can easily understand and write it.

There are very few Spyrian who adventure, those who do are either on recon missions for the guard, traders with gnomes, or migrants, who do not inherit the Spyrian trait to stay at the nest, but go places and see new things. These migrants are either hated or admired, depending on how much they can accomplish. Spyrian migrants are mostly scouts, fighters, rangers or sometimes paladins, but they could train to be anything, even wizards as well, though being a wizard is unlikely among migrant Spyrian, considering that one won't stay at one place for years to study then take off adventuring. It's either stay at one place or go adventuring for Spyrian, the number that do both can be counted on one hand.

Racial Traits
- +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha. A Spyrian possesses the agility and grace of their own bird-kin, and have developed an extraordinarily keen connection with their senses and environment, but their arrogance to non-flying creatures breeds a certain coldness to their personality at times.
- Medium Size.
- Spyrians have a base land speed of 30 feet.
-Glide (Ex): A Spyrian can use his wings to glide, negating damage from a fall of any height and allowing 20 feet of forward travel for every 5 feet of descent. Spyrian glide at a speed of 40 feet (average maneuverability). Even if a Spyrian's maneuverability increases, he can't hover while gliding. A Spyrian can't glide while carrrying a medium or heavy load.
- Flight (Ex): A Spyrian is able to fly using his wings, that become fully developed at adventuring age. Spyrian can fly at a speed of 40 feet, (average maneuverability) but can't fly while carrying a medium or heavy load, or while fatigued or exhausted. They can fly for up to 2 hours total per day, and no longer than; any longer and they become fatigued.
When a Spyrian reaches 4 Hit Dice, they can fly for an extended period of time; flying requires no more effort to them than walking or running.
A Spyrian with flight can make a dive attack. A dive attack works like a charge, but the raptoran must move a minimum of 30 feet and descend at least 10 feet. A raptoran can make a dive attack only when wielding a piercing weapon; if the attack hits, it deals double damage.
-Low-Light Vision: A Spyrian can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. A Spyrian retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions
-Chirp: The Spyrian language, consisting of bird-like chirps and calls, can be understood somewhat by birds. A Spyrian gains a +2 racial bonus to Handle Animal checks when dealing with birds. This does not allow the birds to communicate with Spyrian to much extent, or vice versa.
- Spyrian have a +2 racial bonus to Spot checks, due to their eagle-like eyes.
- Automatic Languages: Auran, Spyrian. Bonus Languages: Common, Draconic, Gnome, Sylvan.
- Favored Class: Scout.
- LA +1.

Vital Characteristics:
Maturity at age 26
+1d6 (Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer)
+1d10 (Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger)
+2d8 (Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard)

Middle Age- 30 years
Old- 45 years
Venerable- 60 years
Max- +2d10 years

Male: Height- 5'8 +2d6; Weight- 50lb _2d4
Female: Height- 5'6 +2d6; Weight- 40lb _2d4

2006-02-01, 02:55 PM
I've been playing with the idea of making various Warhammer races for D&D...

- Size/Type: Medium Humanoid
- Racial Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Saurus are built for close combat, but lack the intellectual or social refinement of other races, and are slow to react.
- Base Land Speed: 30 ft.
- Special Attacks: Bite Attack (As medium sized creature)
- Special Qualities:
- Cold Blooded Resistance: Saurus are extreamly resistant to mental attacks. Any time they are forced to make a will save, they may roll twice and chose the better of the two rolls.
- Scaley Skin: A saurus has a +4 natural armour save, due to its scaley skin.
- Reptilian lungs: As cold blooded creatures, saurus can hold their breath far longer than most creatures. A saurus can hold his breath for ten times as long as a human.
- Automatic Languages: Common, Lizardmen
- Bonus Languages: Slaan, Elven
- Favored Class: Warrior.
- LA: +1.

- Size/Type: Small Humanoid
- Racial Modifiers: +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength, -2 Constitution
- Small: Skinks are small creatures, and thus have a +1 size bonus to AC, +1 size bonus to attack rolls, and a +4 bonus to hide checks, but use smaller weapons than humans use, and their lifting and carrying limits are three quarters those of a medium creature.
- Base Land Speed: 40 ft.
- Base swim speed: 40ft
- Racial Skills: Skinks are naturally adept with poison, giving them a +2 bonus on all Craft (Poison) tests and Survival tests to forage for poison ingredients. They are also naturally very stealthy, giving them a +2 bonus to Move Silently. As aquatic creatures, they have a +8 racial bonus to all swim checks.
- Special Attacks: None
- Special Qualities:
- Aquatic: Has the (aquatic) subtype. Can "run" when swiming in a straight line. Can always Take 10 on swim checks, even when threatened or otherwise distracted.
- Reptilian lungs: As cold blooded creatures, skinks can hold their breath far longer than most creatures. A skink can hold his breath for ten times as long as a human.
- Automatic Languages: Common, Lizardman. Bonus Languages: Slaan, Elf
- Favored Class: Ranger

Not sure how balanced they are, but it was more of a mental excercise anyway.


2006-02-01, 09:15 PM
I made this really weird and abnormal race for my campain, and was wondering if there is anything I should do to them to change them. They don't have a complete entry, but this is them:

"The Ancestors"
Legend tells of the great gods of old, and how their power spread throughout the land. It is believed by all the mortal races that the gods passed on their linage through these creatures, known only to them as "The Ancestors". The gods were indeed of this race, although this race was not the only one that brought about gods. Many of the gods were of this race, but it is not completely true that the gods passed on their power to these beings.

In the beginning, these creatures ruled all the lands, but it was not meant to last. Soon after they came to rule, the mortal races began pouring out of their caves, and in an attempt to control the world, the mortal races knocked down the Ancestral Empire, leaving it in ruins. Left with no choice, the Ancestors were forced to become just like the mortal races had once been: savages living off the rocks.

Physical description

The Ancestors look exactly like a human of their build and base, and actually end up exactly like a human in most circumstances. Many Ancestors actually live in the human society, as they are very hard to pick away from the humans as different. There is one tell-tail feature that can be seen, although it is nearly impossible to notice: the faint aura that surrounds them.


Most Ancestors of the purely Ancestral tribes are reclusive, staying away from the mortal races (the PC races) usually at whatever cost they can. Many Ancestors, however, live among the mortal races and thus usually act just as humans. Ancestors usually believe that they are above the mortal races, more powerful in every way. They do, however, except the fact that the mortal races exist and do try to act in co-operation with them, whenever there is the need.


Ancestors have alignments that differ between tribes, but most that interact with the mortal races are of either neutral or good varieties: those who are evil are kept hidden from the world. Most tend to be lawful, following ancient tradition, but some are against the ways of their old traditions, believing that they are the poison that ended the great empires of the Ancestors.


Most ancestors worship the gods of the aspects the believe greatly in, which depends mainly on tribe.

The Ancestors:
- Subracial Ability Bonus: Depending on the type of Ancestor, it gains different racial score changes:
- The Warriors: +2 Strength, -2 Intelligence
- The Tricksters: +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma
- The Sages: +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity
- The Mages: +2 Charisma/Intelligence (Help deciding is needed), -2 Strength
- Aura: The Ancestors give off a different Aura depending on alignment. For example, a Chaotic Good Ancestor would have an Aura of Chaos and Good, while a Lawful Neutral Ancestor would have a Aura of Law.
- Guise of the Mortal: Ancestors get a +20 bonus to Disguse checks to look like a human when looked on by Non-Ancestors (but only to look like a human and not an ancestor, not to look like any human).
- Believable Tounges: The Ancestors usually convince those of similar alignment to go through with plans. They get a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks against creatures of the same alignment (exactly, like Chaotic Good to Chaotic Good)
- +2 Dodge racial dodge bonus against creatures of an opposing alignments (for example, Neutral Evil to Chaotic Good or Lawful Good, but not any Evil)
- The Ancestors cannot be Neutral on the Law-Chaos axis.
- Favored Class: Cleric

They age just like humans. What do you all think?

2006-02-01, 09:32 PM
sounds good but you should pick one set of ability ajustment, also the Champion class (http://www.giantitp.com/Func0007.html) that rich made would be better as a favored class and cooler

2006-02-01, 09:37 PM
The thing is, they are supposed to be like the gods, and there are different types of gods, Warrior Gods, Trickster Gods, Mage Gods, Wise Gods, etc. so the Ancestors, I thought at least, needed all of these bonuses. Otherwise, they would not have any bonuses. I would use the Champion as a favored class, except that although it would be cooler and fit much better, Clerics are easier for my friends to use, and for me to deal with (that is, until I decide that Champions are just too awesome not to use in my campaign, because The Champion is one of the coolest classes ever).

I don't want to change the racial mods on stats because it makes sense that there's multiple types of "gods". Although it is possible, I think to Hercules when I think of this. He was super strong. Godly strong. He must not have started his adventuring carrier with only 18 strength. He must have had more! But, if he was a human, he would not have more. He needs bonuses. The Warrior Ancestors could have given him that (although technically he is a demi-Ancestor: a topic for another thread).

2006-02-01, 11:37 PM
A few days ago I designed a race I call the pseudo illithid. Theres a link in my sig to the thread. They're like half illithids, but weaker. A good comparison to another race is like how a Half-Celestial stems froma direct union between mortal and celestial, but an Aasimar just ahs distant relatives. Except Mind flayers are a-sexual and this race stems from flukes in ceremorphosis (IE, adventurors).
Hmmm, interesting. You might want to look at the Illithid bloodline feats in a #32X issue of Dragon. I'm sure one of the nice Playgrounders will fill in the missing digit. They had some fun ideas on a "Great-gramps had a squid for a head" character.

Ive created some other races over the years. There was one race I called the dra who were an ancient race that looked like centaurs but lizardlike. None of my players understood how I described them, even after I drew a picture. They worshipped the 10 colors of dragons in seperate sects of their religion. But the Monster Manual 3 totally ripped them off with dracotaurs! RAWR!
The Dracotaurs are descended from the Dracon (lizardman-centaurs) from 1989's "Spelljammer" setting. There is nothing new under the sun it seems. :-/

EDIT: Gyah Simu-post! Moreaus are one of the biggest reasons Im even slightly interested in d20 modern. The Island of Dr. Morea was such an excellent movie.

2006-02-02, 03:34 AM
Its #325. I have the dragon compendium, which has one illithid bloodline feat, which I kind of ignored because its for *blech* sorcerors. But Ill be picking up #325 if I can :D. I like mind flayers!

Despite the fact that spelljammer came out a year before I was born, I still say they ripped it off me. They obviously borrowed the DeLorien from Doc Brown and went to 2001 to steal my brain. Yes, that has to be it! ;)

And I cant beleive I forgot. I created an entire setting for a futuristic d20 game, with about 10 new races. If I can find my papers I might post some of them...

EDIT: Spelling. Im typing in the dark!

2006-02-02, 04:15 PM
what would rock races be?

2006-02-03, 12:36 AM
Okay, here's my race.


The mephian are bipedal, humanoid striped skunks. As a race, they are long lived like the elves. However, their bodies are large, strong, and stocky, usually standing six to seven feet tall. The biggest difference between skunk and demihuman are their legs. The mephian have digitigrade legs where they stand on the ball of the foot. This has given them much more muscular legs and the foot itself is extremely wide to carry the weight. The other differences are their distinctive tails, which range from four to five feet long and are always extremely fluffy. Their heads also sport a short muzzle.

The skunk's pelt can be any shade and pattern their animal cousins have. While a black and white striped pattern is most common, other colors like grey, tan, red, white, and even purple have shown up.

Mephian are usually peaceful and friendly in temperment. When evolving they always had their scent weapon as a trusty standby, and therefore never needed the aggression, intimidation, and brutality other races used to hold their territory. They did begin banding together for defense against enemy tribes, something their animal cousins didn't do. Modern skunks retain their tribal lifestyle despite settling down into perminent cities.


Usually Good
Favored Class: cleric
-2 dexterity, +2 constitution
Defense against orcs (+1 AC)
Defense against goblinoids (+1 AC)
Low light vision
Scent weapon (see below)

Scent Weapon: No. Skunks don't smell all the time. They have excellent control of their scent weapon and only stink when they want to. Each mephian has a scent gland located near their rectum. Once per day a skunk can cast stinking cloud up sixy feet away. If the target is within thirty feet, the skunk can attempt a ranged touch attack against the target. On a hit, the target must make a reflex save or go blind. If the skunk fails the touch attack, the stinking cloud still works.

In order to use his scent weapon, a skunk must not have any clothing or armor interfering with the discharge. In other words, his rear end must be exposed to the air. This fact is taken into account in all mephian armor designs. Platemail always leaves the wearer's cheeks exposed while breastplates and vests are also common armor types.

Since mephians never know when they need to call on their scent weapon, their societies never developed a stigma of going around naked. Unless they are wearing armor or dealing with outlanders, few wear any pants at all.

Society: Mephians form cities of similar size to other humanoid races. Since they perfer to live in dens, their building tend to have several stories underground in which to live. Large cities even have underground levels which are just as busy as the above ground markets. Usually they break down with above ground being for business and below ground being for entertainment and leisure activities.

The mephian family unit is called a tribe. Each tribe has four to six members, each of the same gender. Tribes tend to form around the work they do and they always live in their work site. For example, the tribe that maintains the windmill would live in it's basement.

Skunks have a love of machines as a way to make life better. They tend to form a lot of useful infrastructure anywhere they settle. They use dams and windmills to run various machines and pump water to needed areas. They will also attempt to introduce beneficial plants into the wilds outside of their crops.

Biology and Reproduction: Mephians are very long lived, so they could not procreate fast or they would risk overpopulation. Fortunately, it is actually rather hard for them to reproduce. Skunks have a cycle of heats, one per year during their prime and one every few years when young or aging. Only during a heat can a female get pregnant. Skunks will usually leave for another tribe if they intend to get pregnant and stay out home if they don't. Each litter will have six to eight cubs. A pregnant female will trigger lactation in her entire tribe, so there is always enough milk to go around. After the cubs are weaned, male cubs are sent to the male tribe that fathered them. A heat takes about a month total although the most intense part is only a week long. A skunk in heat is too preoccupied to be of any use for a non-procreative task.

Male and female skunks that are not in heat will never sexually attract each other. Close proximity shared for more than twenty four hours will cause a complete loss of sexual interest. Close proximity for more than seventy two hours will cause mild revulsion to the opposite gender. Close proximity with the opposite gender for a week or more will prevent the mephian from entering heat until they distance themselves for a week. That completely shuts down a skunk's ability to produce offspring. This is an effect of the pheremones that their bodies put out while not in heat, so only when a skunk is in heat will this be avoided. It should be noted that a male and female living together would never be able to have children. This fact is the reason their family unit contains members of the same gender.

A skunk's sexual orientation is dependant on his life cycle. When a cub begins sexual maturing, he will be exclusively homosexual (too young to risk leaving the safty of the tribe in the wild). As they reach their prime, the skunk will become more and more heterosexual (this is when they make their cubs). As they grow old, a skunk will start becoming homosexual again (the old soldiers stay home to protect the tribe in the wild). When they grow old enough to stop having heats, all interest is lost in the opposite gender (regardless of species). Note that orientation only applies when in heat. Outside of heat all relationships will be homosexual.

Mephians can not interbreed with humans and demi-humans. They also don't suffer the revulsion effect from the opposite gender since humans don't have the same pheremones. This means that non-skunks are often viewed with great curiousity. Since most skunk adventurers are of prime age, most traveling skunks tend to go for the opposite gender of other species (it's their only opportunity really).

Humans invited to stay with a mephian tribe should only do so if they are secure with their (wo)manhood.

2006-02-03, 12:41 AM
Okay folks DnD 30th anniversary book.

Tibbit a catwere.
Dvati brand new twin as one character.

The book is awesome out now currently on sale.

2006-04-01, 09:02 PM
I think i'ts awesome, and I like sorcerers. To be fair, I think that the Mages should have 1+ cha, 1+ int. :)

2006-04-01, 10:25 PM
I made this one race of uber powerful lycanthropes. It had a awesome bonus to every ability score, all good saves, Bab as a fighter, d12 HD, fast healing, scent, resistance to everything, damage reduction, spell resistance and kept increasing in size up to colassal (at 20th level). But no one played it. Why? Because every time you gained a level or had your health reduced to half, you needed to make a Will save. If you failed that save, you went insane and began to attack the nearest living thing. You were not allowed to make another Will save to return to sanity until AFTER you KILLED something, and each thing you killed raised the DC to return to normal. Also, every few levels you began to take a penalty on that particular Will save.
You would wind up killing some of your party after you were back in town and got some story completion XP.

2006-04-02, 01:11 AM

The Zach!

Heres a race I've developed for a campaign I'm designing. They're sort of replacing gnomes, because i truly hate that particular race. Heh, I've also included a painting sorta thing ,its not finished, but yeah, thats just to get an idea of what they look like. They're all natural sailors, comes with the territory of being a penguin-beast : )


Size Small stature.
Stats -2 strength, +2 int
Speed 20
Pref al. Lawful neutral
Pref class Wizard

Arctic species
not effected by cold weather environments, takes a +2 saving roll vs all ice oriented spells and
effects. - 2 penalty to environment saves in heat/desert environments as with all arctic subtypes.

Desert species
The warm weather zach harbours no resistance to cold weather, and is treated as having
no spesific subtype or energy resistance. The warm weather zach still takes regular
penalties from swimming in icey water, but can swim in quicksand.

Racial Abilities
aquatic nature
Swim speed is 2 x movement +20, with precice control.
Can hold breath 4 minutes + 1 extra minute per every extra 2 points of con after 10.
When starting to drown, a zach will not pass out after failing con check but will
still follow the regular progression. (reduced to -1, then death)

+4 to all attack rolls made against aquatic natured targets.

The zach can communicate to all avians in their native tounge. This is an extrodinary ability for
purposes of spell negation.

On icy surfaces, the zach may increase his run speed by 30 feet, but requires at least 10 feet
to stop suddenly and needs a balance check of dc (15) to do so, otherwise it takes 20 feet
to stop.

All zach may add knowledge>sailing and Swim to their class skills.