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2009-06-11, 11:04 PM
Hey all, I am designing a Psionic Inquisitor class. If any of you are familiar with Warhammer 40K think Eisenhorn. Remember the =][= is watching you.

Psionic Inquisitor
d8 HD

Bluff, Concentration, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Knowledge (all, taken individually), Listen, Perform, Sense Motive, Search, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language, Spot, Psicraft, Use Psionic Device

4+Int mod skill points per level (x4 at 1st level)

Proficient with light and medium armor, simple and martial weapons.

BAB 3/4 (like Cleric)
Strong Will save, Weak Fort and Reflex saves
Manifesting as Psychic Warrior (1-6th level powers, 1 power known/level, same pp progression)

Power List
1-Burst, Call to Mind, Charm, Conceal Thoughts, Daze, Detect Psionics, Empathy, Empty Mind, Far Hand, Force Screen, Mindlink, Missive, Sense Link, Telempathic Projection
2- Brain Lock, Cloud Mind, Concussion Blast, Detect Hostile Intent, Evade Burst, Knock, Missive (Mass), Object Reading, Read Thoughts, Recall Agony, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions, Suggestion, Thought Shield
3- Danger Sense, Dispel Psionics, Escape Detection, False Sensory Input, Mental Barrier, Mind Trap, Psionic Blast, Telekinetic Thrust, Toughsight
4- Aura Sight, Control Body, Correspond, Dismissal, Dominate, Mind Wipe, Modify Memory, Remote Viewing, Telekinetic Maneuver
5- Clairtangent Hand, Mindprobe, Power Resistance, Psychic Crush, Shatter Mindblank, Tower of Iron Will, True Seeing
6- Aura Alteration, Banishment, Cloud Mind (Mass), Dispelling Buffer, Personal Mindblank

Where I feel I need the most help is ideas for and progression of class abilities. Comments are also welcome on the power list or other facets of the class.