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2009-06-11, 11:21 PM
I hope you like this.

Knowledge: Anatomical
This is a knowledge skill that allows you to gain information about various creatures. The skill has some special modifiers to the DC associated with it:

Creature is Aberration, Outsider, or Magical Beast: DC +2
Creature is same type as skill user: DC -4
Creature is Undead or Plant: DC +4
Creature is Incorporeal: DC +2
Creature is an Ooze or Construct: DC +8
At least 1 round spent studying before the check: DC -2
At least 1 minute spent studying: -2 (cumulative with above)
At least 1 hour of studing: -8 (as above)*

This skill is a class skill for Clerics, Rangers, Monks, Fighters, Rogues, Duelists, Fleshwarpers and Assassins

This skill has standard skill synergy with Heal.

New Feats---

Anatomical Specialization
Prereq: BaB +4, Knowledge (Anatomy) 6 ranks
Benefit: Choose a type of creature other than Undead, Ooze, or Construct (aberration, humanoid, ect). You recieve a +1 insight bonus to damage rolls against this creature type and a +2 bonus to hit when re-rolling an attack to confirm a critical.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time it applies to a different creature type.

Fatal Strike
Prereq: Anatomic Specialization
Benefit: After making a succesful Knowledge: Anatomy check against a creature you are specialized in you recieve the following bonuses to the next attack against that creature, provided you make it within 1 minute of completing the skill check.
+1 bonus to hit / every five points you exceed the check DC by
+1d4 points of damage/ every five points you exceed check DC by
Critical threat range improved by 1 for this one attack

Improved Coup De Grace
Prereq: Knowledge (Anatomy) 11 ranks
Benefit: You may coup de grace with an attack action rather than a full round one. It takes a full round to coup de grace a creature with concealment
In addition you may coup de grace with a touch attack or ranged touch attack (such as a ray spell) provided you are in a position in which could make a coup de grace with a crossbow (ie, you are adjacent to the target)
The DC to avoid being killed by your coup de grace is raised to 15+damage dealt

* The idea behind the hour option if for the patient assassin or sniper to study for a hour, then make a check with a DC 12 lower than normal (for instance 8 rather than 20), then preform a very powerful Fatal Strike due to the fact that the DC will likely be greatly suceeded by the check result.

2009-06-19, 10:20 AM
Here is my new monster/dragon feat. I got the idea from Awaken DR, Awaken SR, and Awake Fright Pressance. Comments welcome.

Awaken True Dragon Caster Level
Type: Monstrous, Dragon
True Dragon gains Caster Level ability early.
Prerequisite: Cha 13, true dragon that gains age category caster levels
Benefit: Dragon's beginning caster level is moved one age category earlier when feat is taken. The dragon gains two caster levels every age category from there after.
Note: This feat stacks with its self and sorcerer levels.
Note: This feat can not be taken if the dragon has already gained age category caster levels.

Example: Without feat
Silver Dragon, Age Catagory, Caster Lvl
Silver Dragon, Wyrmling, none
Silver Dragon, Very Young, none
Silver Dragon, Young, 1st
Silver Dragon, Juvenile, 3rd
Silver Dragon, Young Adult, 5th
Silver Dragon, Adult, 7th
Silver Dragon, Mature Adult, 9th
Silver Dragon, Old, 11th
Silver Dragon, Very Old, 13th
Silver Dragon, Ancient, 15th
Silver Dragon, Wyrm, 17th
Silver Dragon, Great Wyrm, 19th

Example: feat taken twice as wyrmling
Silver Dragon, Age Category, Cast Lvl
Silver Dragon, Wyrmling, 1st
Silver Dragon, Very Young, 3rd
Silver Dragon, Young, 5th
Silver Dragon, Juvenile, 7th
Silver Dragon, Young Adult, 9th
Silver Dragon, Adult, 11th
Silver Dragon, Mature Adult, 13th
Silver Dragon, Old, 15th
Silver Dragon, Very Old, 17th
Silver Dragon, Ancient, 19th
Silver Dragon, Wyrm, 21st
Silver Dragon, Great Wyrm, 23rd

Example: Feat taken once as wyrmling or very young.
Silver Dragon, Age Category, Cast Lvl
Silver Dragon, Wyrmling, none
Silver Dragon, Very Young, 1st
Silver Dragon, Young, 3rd
Silver Dragon, Juvenile, 5th
Silver Dragon, Young Adult, 7th
Silver Dragon, Adult, 9th
Silver Dragon, Mature Adult, 11th
Silver Dragon, Old, 13th
Silver Dragon, Very Old, 15th
Silver Dragon, Ancient, 17th
Silver Dragon, Wyrm, 19th
Silver Dragon, Great Wyrm, 21st