View Full Version : Need some help building an interesting character

2009-06-12, 12:05 PM
Hello all,

Well we are beginning a new adventure and I could use a little help with a character. The DM wants to try out the Quicksilver Hourglass. As some of you may know that is an epic adventure with 4 30th level characters. We are using an initial 28 point buy with a max race adjustment of +4. So I was kind of planning on playing as a pixie because I've never had a chance to do this. The problem comes in that I have never played with a character that high of a level and I have absolutely no clue what the adventure entails. The books we are allowed to use are core+SC+completes+epic level handbook.

Unfortunately I am at work so I don't have access to the pixie thread on the CharOP boards to help me out. I'm thinking being highly mobile and sneaky will be a good route to take at these levels, but am a little uncertain.