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2006-07-24, 05:18 PM
Hello forum feinds I have been lurking for a while on this site hoping to pick up ideas for a story I have had brewing in my head for a few years. I wanted some criticism but that doesn't mean I'll change my world just to fit your ideas.
I supose I should start with the cosmology. The Omipotent Creator made the world and created the Elementals (Air, Earth, Water, Fire) to help shape and refine it. Then one of his top administraters who helped oversee the project (Think angelic buerocracy) Was disapointented to discover that he would not be allowed to work on this project anymore but was being moved to another world building project. Enraged that he would not taste the fruit of his work he took material form and tried to smash what he had help to create (along with some of his loyal subordinates). This would be easier than it sounds because the world is inside out with a small sun on the inside and a earthy shell surrounding. He failed of course and his ability to take a material form was removed along with that of his helpers. The world was safe for its intended inhabitants Humans. The Elementals who had helped the Creator defend the saw the humans and begged for similar bodies. Thus came about the Dwarves (Earth), Fay, including all elves (Air), Dragons(do I realy need to say fire), and my homebrewed Mindflayers
(of water) who realy need a name because the don't realy need to eat brains (shellfish will do fine) the just can
because they are still telepathic. So any critcism, questions, random epithits?

2006-07-24, 08:30 PM
I supose I should add a little more info lest my my post languish in obscurity. In my world the gods are more akin to Highlander type ascended who have through various methods achived a type of semi-immortality(semi because most of them can still be killed but it is very unlikly because most of them are more dangerous than a lich on steriods. Most of them will be obviously taken from our legends such as Anubis (a death and judgement deity who led to the downfall of a corrupt Kobold dynasty). On that note the kobolds in my world are more like dogs than minature dragons so I decided to combine kobolds and gnolls into one species and just make gnolls into the larger warriors and workers while kobolds are the schemers and traders. Goblins aso got combined with orcs so they would all be interbreedable. Anyway some other good choices for deities would be Leroy Jenkins (patron of the Paladins of Lawful Stupidity) Perhaps a Lolth look alike for the dark elves. Perhaps I should call her the Spinner and make her a manipulative weaver of fate.

2006-07-24, 08:36 PM
You don't really seem to know much abut your real world yet. That's O.K. play it by ear. Creation story is O.K. I've proabably donethe exact same story myself. But keep in mind, you need a whole lot more to work from to create something captivating.