View Full Version : Need Help With A Campaign Setting (4th ed.)

2009-06-15, 08:50 AM
OK, I don't know much about homebrewing things; thusfar, a lot of my work in terms of this campaign setting has been a matter of refluffing. But now I'm at a point where I'm not sure if I should try and homebrew something (or ask if I could have some nice person homebrew something for me). Allow me to explain:

the campaign setting proper is strong "fairy tale world" influences with some palpable Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland influences. The fairy tale world means lots of deep forests, lots of little kingdoms and city-states (so there are princesses and princes everywhere, you see), most female arcane magic users are "witches" of some sort, ect. Very, Very high magic. The tendencies towards curses and simmilar spells hints to me a need for some homebrew rituals (and maybe some powers), but I'm not terribly worried. Neither of my groups (both of which I'm using this setting with) has quite figured out rituals.

The Little Nemo stuff is that there is no feywild, and no shadowfell -- there's a land of dreams and a land of nightmares: so eladrin (and, distantly, elves, and gnomes, and so on) are not fey creatures but dreamworld creatures, and creatures like shadar-kai and, because I like the symmetry, drow are nightmare creatures (I've also ruled that goblins and so forth are nightmare creatures). I've ruled that because of the stong connections between the three worlds, all beings on the material world are attuned, at varying strengths, to one plane or the other, sort of like an extra layer of alignment -- and that those attunements are particularly strong for spellcasters.
This is the bit that I think I may want some homebrew stuff for; but I'm not sure exactly what I should do with that, if anything at all, and would really appreciate some help.

Also, of course, any further help refining this would be nice; I have yet to consider the matter of gods (but I am planning on doing so), nor the matter of specific kingdoms/locations (and I'm not sure I'm planning on doing that.)

....goodness, this is a long post.