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2006-07-30, 04:59 PM
Divine believer
Prereqs: Knowledge(religion) 15 ranks, Cleric, Paladin, druid, ranger, or highly devoted other.
Skill points:2+int modifier
Gains 1 Fortitude each level
Gains 3 Reflex and Will each level.

The divine believer is a truly devote believer in the word of their god. Anything that god says is the law, which can somtimes lead them to death. However, the longer they stay alive, the more the god grants them.

1st level- Extra rank in Knowledge(religion)
2nd- Divine Block
3rd- Minor godly gift
4th- Total Knowledge
5th- Divine link
6th- Holy revival
7th- Greater godly gift
8th- Holy task
9th- Place in Afterlife
10th- Divine Power

Divine block- This ability prevents the divine believer from taking another class level other than divine believer.

Minor godly gift- This is a return spell. Whenever the divine believer gives more than 3000gp (or equivilant) to his church, he will recieve half of that in some form or another in 10d20 days.

Total Knowledge- This makes the DB never fail a Knowledge(relegion) check, no matter what the circumstances.

Divine link- This links the DB to their god directly. Through the link, the DB can gain advice or ask what the deity needs doing on the prime material plane. However, if the DB badgers the god too much, they will lose a rank of DB.

Greater Godly Gift- As Minor godly gift but now they get 3 times the amout they give.

Holy task- This task is given through the divine link. If completed, the god gives a power to the DB. The task can be anything from Kill the next monster you see with your fists to Kill believers of my nemesis god. The power is a 7th or lower divine spell. This cannot be Raise dead or Ressurection. It is used 1/per day.

Place in Afterlife- This makes sure that the DB goes to the plane that their deity resides at.

Divine power- Only one person has made it this far, and he died because of it. This gives divine rank 1 IF the DB makes a Fortitude save DC 40+number of people in a 10 mile radius