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2009-06-16, 11:30 AM
I'm new here, but have read plenty on this site. I just have two questions, and the first is mostly a DM ruling question.

Elemental Savant- I know this isn't the best class in the game, but I wanted to know what you all thought about some of it's class abilities. The main thing I'm concerned with is that when you become an elemental you become a medium sized version. Well what if you were large, or bigger to begin with. My concept was a half-ogre battle sorcerer (AU variant) and then would go into probably earth elemental for flavor. Can't you see it? An enlarged half-ogre earth elemental? But I guess what the book is saying is that you become the elemental and your base race doesn't matter, except for your stats and base race abilities +4 Nat Armor in this case. I just really want to wade into combat with my buffed ES and dish out some beat down, but I hate the idea of being a fighter or barbarian. Sorry if this was long and rambling. A recap.

1) Would u let a large player keep his size with this class, for stronger nat attacks
2) Would this be a dependable option, I know being ambushed wouldn't bode well for a buffer, but what about other situations?

My next question is about a completely different class. I've been looking for but am having trouble finding much information on this. I would really like to play a druid, but I wanted to be mostly an animal companion buffer who would use utility and healing spells to mold the field and keep my companion going. I didn't know if this was very viable, or if there were any postings on this. Usually I can only find the three, summoner, blaster and Wild Form druids, I think this would be really fun. I would love to ride a gargantuan dire bear into combat. It would just look hilarious.

Thanks for listening to me, I'm sorry if any thinks these are silly, and thanks even more for the help you'll provide.