View Full Version : Heroic Fantasy RPG Pre-Release Draft 2

2009-06-17, 12:11 AM
I have released the second incomplete draft of my d20-based RPG system. The major changes have been the broad expansion of spells, upgrades to some of the prestige classes, further development of some combat mechanics and detailing some of the future magic items. A major change to spells has Divination spells countering other Divinations (unlike D&D3.5 where Abj counters Div). Spell list currently at around 230 spells and likely to continue expanding.


Send any of your thoughts to the email listed on the download page linked above. I'm looking for feedback and for areas where I may have missed something that should be obvious. I understand that it will feel similar to D&D3.5 but also have a lot of "changed name" type feelings about it... that "changed feel" is deliberate.