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2006-03-28, 09:23 PM
Ok, odd topic name, but hear me out.

We have a player joining us for a single game before returning to Singapore. Not much of a gamer, she asked for her characters to be made. As its onlyone day, she doesnt mind them getting killed, and is in fact planning on it. I ended up with the task of making the characters, and after talking and joking with the DM, we decided a type of Gundam pilot would be an amusing character. Stats are as follows:

Strength 15 +2
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 15 +2
Intelligence 18 +4
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 11 +0

The character is level 11. So here's the question: What should the "Gundam" have? Construction budget is 66,000 gold pieces. Melee attacks are Intelligence based, and ranged are Dexterity based. All and any suggestions are appreciated.

2006-03-28, 11:09 PM
Ang Stee
Lv 11 Mecha Pilot
HP 70/70
AC {Out of suit} 15 (+2 Leather armor, +3 Dexterity)
AC {In Suit} 34 (-2 Size, +2 Dex, +18 Armor, +6 Tower Shield +2)

Strength 15 +2
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 15 +2
Intelligence 18 +4
Wisdom 11 +0
Charisma 12 +1

Attacks Out of Suit
Dagger +10/+5 d4+2
Hand Crossbow +11 d4

Attacks In Suit
Greater Blade +14 2d8+10
Self Arming Ballista +11 3d6

Use Magic Device 15
Ride 17
Jump 16
Tumble 17
Knowledge (Suit) 18
Craft Armor 18

Power Attack
Great Cleave
Combat Expertise
Spring Attack
Armor Proficiency Mecha Suit
Mounted Combat
Trample 2d6

Suit Special Abilities
Jump: The suit is well equipped for jumping, adding a +32 enhancement bonus to all jump checks.
Greater Charge: The suit deals an extra 3d6 Damage when charging.
Magic Missile: With a successful Use Magic Device Check (DC 25) the pilot can activate the wand of Magic Missile on the sword arm of the suit. This attack does 4d4 +4 damage.
Charge Stone: At the core of the suit is a small Stone of Charges, which maintains a constant supply of charges for the wand of Magic Missiles attached to the suit.
Pilot Dependency: The suit requires a conscious pilot in order to operate. If the pilot is rendered unconscious as a result of the suit being attacked, then the suit stops, immobile.
Wand Rack: The wand of Magic Missiles attached the suit is detachable, allowing for different wands to replace it.
Ballista of Arming: The ballista mounted on the suit automatically rearms itself normally, and the bolt is enchanted with a Return ability.

Notes: The suit itself has 500 hit points. It can be repaired through a Craft: Armor Check (DC 30) or through the Made Whole spell, or any of the Repair class spells. Any attack made against the suit also affects the pilot, as if the suit were regular armor. Exceptions are made for spells which donít deal damage, such as Disintegration. In the case of such spells, the suit is affected first. The suit is treated as regular armor for all skill checks and feats, though a pilot must use the suits strength of 26 and itís +8 bonus instead of their own for the purpose of skill checks.

Ok, here's he rough version I have at the moment. The suit is based on the Warforged Titan from the Eberron Campaign Book, and the Pilot class is a mix of Fighter and Rogue. It uses a D8 hit die, the Fighter feat and skill progression, and the Rogue attack ratings. All comments and suggestions are welcome!