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2006-03-27, 02:05 PM
Dimensional Key Rune (Arcane)

Spell level: variable (3, 5, 7)
Components: M, H, V
Saves: no.

With this spell you can create a window (lvl3), door (lvl5) or a gate (lvl7) that conects with an dimencion made of nothing. Something more "outside of all dimensions", it's somewere and nowere at same time. This place have an infinite amount of dark space. You can breath normaly (whatever you need to breath) and the floor are made all of some substance similar to blood.
The spell are prepared to store some material, using this wide space to store some important material. To know were you put anything you must make an "Index", made all of 1,000 gp worth of silver, gold and platinun or else you have a prety high chance to forgot and never see that item again.
Can be used on objects (lvl1/5) to be stored, armoires and others stuff already include in the spell. It will be in a very well conserved place, and books and other stuff will never torn or become degraded.
Can be use as an ultimate prision, sinse it's very hard to scape from that place (an extra dimencional teleport made by an 16+ lvl wizard or using some artifacts).
You must place an small rune made by the caster blood on the target, an touch atack action with -5 modifier in some uncooperative being. Don't need to comom objetc.
The window have an 0,5m x 0,4m, the door have an 1,2m x 2m, the gate will have an 10m x 15m. you cannot put something bigger than the rift you create (like trying to put an house using an window) and still hope to be intact.

Usage: Once the index are made, you input some reminder in it and in the object (books/necronomicon or weapon/bastard sword), use your flesh blood to write the rune and open by your hands (in the literal way) the dimensional rift (it's look very crepy), say the key word to storage and the object (and only it, if are some living form it will go naked) are send to some shelver or in the middle of the wide dark space and the dimensional rift are sealed, leaving no trace of it (even by detect magic spells and similars). Once you reopen and say the key word to retrieve, the object will return to you as if you put that some seconds ago, no matter what amout of time passed (with exceptions of living forms, that will age nomaly and die from lack of food and water). The object only will return to his "shelve" if you say again the key word of storage.
Each key word of storage and release are unique to every caster. To use some other storage device other than yours, you need to know the TWO keywords and the index.,

sorry, my bad. i don't know exactly the mechanics, so give me some hints ok?

Jack Mann
2006-03-27, 02:59 PM
So, what spell list would this be on?

2006-03-27, 05:37 PM
already corrected, tanks. any coments?

Jack Mann
2006-03-27, 11:07 PM
I think you mistook my meaning. Arcane isn't a spell list. It's a spell type. A spell list would be the list of spells a particular class can get. Do you mean Sorceror/Wizard? Bard? Other? I need it if I'm to put it in the spell list in the Compendium.

2006-03-28, 12:22 PM
whatever class that can cast arcane spells.

wizard like: standard lvl to cast

bard like: spell lvl +2

sorceress like: spell lvl +1

others: +3

so, an 3rd level spell are an treated as if are an 5th level spell to cast and learn by a bard like class (open to GM), but not the effect.

sorry again.