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The Professor
2009-06-17, 11:38 PM
In a group I play in amongst close friends, it's my turn to bat at DM (we rotate DMing this particular campaign), and while I'm picking up where the last person left off, I have a few ideas of my own that I want to use, it's just... getting there is the issue for me. I can plan the finale, but I can't create the journey there.

We're playing in the Forgotten Realms, in the year 1372 DR. This is a gestalt game, and the characters are (who have not cheesily bought off easy Level Adjustments) currently level five.

Disclaimer: If you see discrepancies in Levels, LA and races, pay no heed. House rules.

The team make-up.
CN Draconic (Half-Dragon Template; Silver) Human Beguiler//Sorcerer 4 - (Beguiler was allowed to cast off of Charisma in exchange for Trapfinding. This is my character.)

NG Shield Dwarf Cleric//Warblade 5 of Moradin - He does very little with his cleric half with the exception of RP. Mostly wades into a fight and starts letting off maneuvers. Traded Iron Heart for access to Devoted Spirit. Should note, he is decked out in all kinds of crazy gear from previous adventures. +1 Adamantine Full Plate, and a hammer that's basically a +3 Holy Warhammer in his hands. We're all totally fine with this as well.

LN Half-Cornugon Fighter//Barbarian 3 - Does not optimize in the slightest. Very straightforward character. Likes duels and direct battles, but is quite intelligent and cunning.

LG Human Favored Soul//Sorcerer of Illmater 5 - The player is only interested in RP and storytelling, so optimization is out the window for her. She has Vow of Peace and what-not as well. Prefers to to keep fighting to a minimum through acts of mercy and diplomacy.

NG Elan Egoist//Rogue of Illmater 5 - He just joined, and so I have no idea on his tactics yet. He's a very inquisitive fellow, and is rather interested in abberations, especially Mindflayers, and how some Mindflayers (Illithid Savants), are able to steal away a person's abilities by eating their brains.

The party is currently in Chessenta, in a tomb just outside of Luthcheq that houses T'chazzar's remains. They've been sent by some folks in Cimbar to explore the tomb, and recover T'chazzar's spear and armor for a ritual that may bring that great leader back to life to unite the very separate cities of Chessenta once again. They're also doing errands for a very pretty young woman that they guess is a sorceress of some sort, which currently entailed getting some strange red fungus/moss off of the tomb walls.

They noticed the tomb seems to have developed a slight Sahuagin (sp?) infestation (it's in a marsh somewhat close to the sea), and have rid themselves of one of them. Currently, I'm unsure of how to progess now that they've unlocked a secret passage into the darker, deeper places of the tomb.

Thoughts so far that I haven't piled into coherent thought for the tomb: T'chazzar was actually a dragon according to the books, and during the Time of Troubles was taken by Tiamat as an avatar, so I thought the final chamber down there should be unlocked after solving/fighting their way through five sub-chambers first, all fluffed and outfitted with a theme of one of Tiamat's dragon heads. That's all I have for that so far. Yay? Nay? How should the sub-chambers be outfitted if this plan should go through? Was thinking of a kobold lich as caretaker down there (not an encounter unless the players act stupid).

I have no idea what sort of challenges to pit this group against, really. Input on proper encounters for them would be great. Thanks in advance for any help, and for reading that monster!

Edit: There's more I'll put up, but I'll wait and see how much of a response this gets.

2009-06-18, 12:36 AM
Have your players walk through the dungeon and talk their way out when faced with the Kobold (which of course knows more :smallamused: )

When the ritual takes place in the presence of Cimbar Nobles and Church have the head-cleric corrupt it and summon some Avatars of Tiamat (as in RHoD) toned down a bit.

There you have it! A heavy-rp session with a bit of trapfinding and a unexpected battle in a heavily crowded place (where the anonymous die and the eponymous scream before they do too :smallbiggrin:)