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2009-06-19, 04:30 AM
A while ago, you may remember me showing off the DeviantART account of a guy who was making portraits of how the Disney princesses (Belle, Snow White, Aurora, etc.) would look if they became evil or antiheroic.

Today, he's completed a new section!

So, in no particular order:

Twisted Princess 2: Shego Wishes She Was Friends With These Ladies!

Avenger Pocahontas (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Pocahontas-118583763)!

Barbarian Jane (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Jane-121567997)!

Primal Nala (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Nala-123943005) (yeah she's not human, but we don't care)!

Revenant Mulan (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Mulan-125694396)!

So...what villainess (pun quite intended) inspirations do you draw from this lot?

T.G. Oskar
2009-06-19, 04:53 AM
I dunno. Pocahontas goes the Druidic Avenger route, learning primal magic from the Granny? But instead of silly weather spells, she learns Storm of Vengeance and the like?

Though, it wouldn't cut with the metallic armor. Perhaps Spirit Shaman, then. As far as I know, the spells of the Spirit Shaman aren't blocked by oath. The beast at her back is her animal companion, of course. And sure, it's Dire as well. Flit...well, Granny gave her the power of nature if she sacrificed Flit. So down with the hummingbird; it doesn't make an animal companion.

Also, while I love the sight of the Porcelain Mask, Mulan would require to be Awakened. Afterwards, a little venture into Tattooed Monk. Kikage Zumi, full stop. Probably with the Whirling Steel Strike to use the longsword as a Monk weapon. And a dash of swordsage. For the Wu Xia.

I wonder, are you actually missing princesses to turn around? I'd have to see the first ones.

As for actual plots around, well...Pocahontas is the symbol of nature's wrath towards colonization, so she'll probably bide her time and make America the last true bastion of civilization. Her methods will probably scare what few druids may still live around, to the point that they'll ask her for aid, or subdue her. Druids are foreigners, so off with their heads. In a sense, she'll be so driven by hate that she will manipulate nature to her will just to satisfy herself; it won't even be revenge anymore.

Jane doesn't cut it as a villainess. Anti-hero, probably. If Pocahontas terrorizes North America with her lust for blood, Jane will probably remain more neutral. Go hunt the hunters, perhaps having some sadistic glee in finding them. And, as any good hunter should do, she'll play the perfect role for catching her prey unaware: she'll "return" to her civilized roots (or whatever she may remember) and lure hunters to believe she's safe, until the cold blade rips their hearts apart. But, she'll leave women and children alone. It's not her prey.

Nala is a lioness with a wounded pride. She can fit it well with Ranger (or if you're with 4E, perhaps Warden) and her favored enemy will be hyenas (or she'll remove anything dealing with hyenas from her list of Warden abilities). Bonus points if she finds Scar's hide and wears it as if a piece of hide armor. Then, she'll just look creepy and menacing whenever she hunts and kills a hyena. Soon enough, she'll even LAUGH like a hyena. But only while in the hunt, never when another lion is around.

And finally, Mulan. She'll probably remain as a legend, the Hun boogeyman, the kind of story that will be told forevermore to bad behaving children. Something like "be strong and rule over, or we throw you to the psychotic b...erm, vengeful revenant! She will rip you apart! You be strong, or she will show how she is stronger!" Beating her, or at least surviving her, is almost like a rite of passage for Huns. And every now and then, she rains down destruction upon Hun villagers. Replace Huns with Spartans, or with any group that may act in a way like them.

2009-06-19, 03:18 PM
I wonder, are you actually missing princesses to turn around? I'd have to see the first ones.

Actually, yes. I had assumed people would remember.

But if you want them...

Dominatrix Snow White (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Snow-White-103051507) (no double entendre intended..maybe)!

Sea Devil Ariel (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Ariel-103051677)!

Ghostly Belle (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Belle-103052049)!

Sorceress Jasmine (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Jasmine-105058755)!

Golem Cinderella (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Cinderella-113264295)!

Dark Aurora (http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/art/Twisted-Princess-Aurora-117711730)!

That last one has "evil druid" all over her.

2009-06-19, 03:28 PM
OK, Golem Cinderalla is definitely my favorite so far. That's just plain creepy, and frankly makes me think... first thing to come to mind is some evil sorceress is turning princesses into horrible abominations. One of the classic 'really ugly' sorceresses, "but you're all so pretty... like dolls... like dolls..." or something.

I like T.G. Oskar's idea for Mulan, barring the "Rite of Passage" part. Porcelain-visaged boogey(wo)man who may or may not stalk the night, that I can dig.

T.G. Oskar
2009-06-19, 05:56 PM
Ooo, I get more inspiration!

Snow White is no Snow White. She's the Wicked Queen, actually. The apple is actually a Magic Jar, and she's using her powers to enslave the "Dwarves", which are almost closer to Gnomes. The writer of the story couldn't handle the horrible truth, and simply invented a happy ending for her. He couldn't bear to tell the world that the Queen had actually won. That was wicked awesome, since the Queen's plot was entirely different: she placed herself in the apple, created a simulacrum of herself which she transmuted into the old woman, then used the powers of Shadow to keep the simulacrum for longer time. Snow White bit the apple, the souls exchanged, and she now controls the body permanently.

So that means Enchanter/Mindbender, barring Conjuration and Evocation. She dabbles mostly in Divination, Necromancy, and a bit of Illusion and Transmutation. The Dwarves were subject to the eeeeeeeevil Mindrape spell.

In Ariel's case, it seems someone forgot to tell her that the spell to transmutate her legs had a little catch. Eric bravely faces Ursula and kills her. Or so he thinks; Ursula can't die unless she passes her power to someone else. That someone, sadly, was Ariel. She may or may not remain as dreamy as ever, but Ursula's power is corrupting her slowly. Even sadder; the prince dies in the conflict! And the horror of having one of her daughters inherit the powers of the Sea Witch has caused the king of Atlantis such horror, that he has no other choice but to ban Ariel from his domains. The baggage of emotions is too much for her to bear. However, she's not evil; just self-loathing. She wants someone to kill her so that she can pass away.

On that one, I'm at a loss. Binder would be awesome, but she doesn't actually bind. Warlock is far much better, but the powers are limited. However, 4E Warlock with rituals DOES fit the bill a bit too good.

For Belle, it's two-fold. It all begins with "Gaston wins". Beast can't be returned to her old form, the castle is forever haunted, and Belle is burnt in the stake as a witch. However, a "mysterious benefactor" offers her a new chance in life to take revenge against Gaston and the village that hates her. Her purity at first does not allow her, but the voices of her father (an illusion, of course), and the image of Beast still alive and torn, almost on berserk fury (that one is true, and in high definition as well!!) make her accept the deal. So, she returns...as an intelligent undead, now the haunting mistress of the haunted castle, and the only one who can handle the Beast.

Now, I'm really lost on this one. I could handle Revenant race from 4E and perhaps Warlock, but Belle isn't meant to have a class. I'd say that she has the Revenant race (or equivalent 3.X race/template) and the Beast gets the class treatment. Which is, obviously, Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker. With a lycanthropy template, except no afflicting bite.

I really get inspired with Jasmine. It's almost the same, except that Aladdin dies at the end. The Genie can't get free, and he mourns Al's passing. Jasmine, obviously not knowing that Genie can't revive the dead (since he can only do Animate Dead, it seems), asks him to revive him. She insists, and Genie has no other choice but to accept. The result scars Jasmine, so she asks Genie for one other gift. First, she asks for "ultimate arcane power".

The other? She cheats the Genie. So Jasmine not only has great arcane powers, but also a Genie that is permanently forced to serve her, as she carefully worded the Wishes. However, the cosmos is fickle, and since she has now the ultimate arcane power, she can't ask in hindsight to be turned into a favored soul of Allah. Heck, Allah is asking his clerics to hunt her.

So, she's a sorceress, possibly Incantatrix, and she chose her spells carefully. Somehow, she got Rajah to be her Improved Familiar. And yeah, she's the only one of the princesses who's a frickin' optimizer. With a Genie of Infinite Wishes, Batman Wizards beware!

As for poor Cinderella, her stepmother wasn't very kind to her. She asked the Prince to stay aside, and then she killed her, stiched her back, and animated her as a zombie. The Prince kills the stepmother, and the stepsisters (because of paranoia), and finally...can't bear to kill Cinderella. The catch? Guess who's the Fairy Godmother...

So that means Cinderella is an awakened flesh golem, having not only her body parts, but the body parts of her sisters. She has to co-exist with the elemental that powers her, but she can deal with it.

As for Aurora, I definitely don't see "evil Druid" all over her. Not a bit. What I would have seen, though, is this: Maleficent does not get killed by the Prince, but by Aurora herself who suddenly "awakens" from her sleep. Viciously, if I may add. I mean, she gets psionically annihilated, even while in Dragon form.

Which is quite against how she actually looks, because that would make her an Inspired. You know, the awfully hot Quori puppets from Eberron? Yep, it would make a lot of sense. However, the design wouldn't fit then (a shame, because it is really wonderful) Perhaps you can make a second Aurora, but looking a bit as if a powerful Quori had possessed her? And she looks always asleep; because she sleepwalks. That would also make her a potent Psion.

As a final catch: I like the owl. It screams Owl Baron all the way. I think it needs a top hat, for the lulz (http://rode.doddlercon.com/db/monster/view.php?update=3&monster=1295).