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2006-03-22, 03:32 PM
how about creating a subschool of spells that affect creatures that have a memory that they've put away in a deep portion of the mind so they'll never think of it again. (probably enchantment(hidden memory)) of course there must be a feat so you won't have that kind of memory.

okay i'll create the feat and one spell (might create more later)

Clear memory
prerequisites: 1st level only
benefit: you're immune to spells of the hidden memory subschool.

Curse of the hidden memory
enchantment(hidden memory, mind affecting)
Level: Clr 3, Sor/Wiz 4
Duration: Permanent or until a succesfull heal check has bean made.
Saving throw: Will save partially (see text)
As bestow curse except as noted here: a succesfull heal save (DC as spell save + 10) which takes an hour of time and can be retried removes the effect, as does the psychic surgery power and everything that can remove bestow curse. A succesfull will save halves the healing DC

any ideas?

2006-03-22, 03:35 PM
What exactly do the spells do? the curse effect just seems to be a curse which can for some reason be treated with mundane medicine. how does it operate?

2006-03-22, 03:38 PM
it reminds you of an event in the past you don't want to think about, the heal check is a psychological talk to put that kind of memory back were they belong: deep inside your mind.

2006-03-22, 03:44 PM
okay, one thing then it needs to be mind-affecting.

And I think it should ever not be second level or allow a will save to negate, otherwise it allows a cleric to automatically hit an opponent with a -6 penalty to a stat, a 50% not to take an action each round, or any of the other bestow curse effects. Hell it would be the ultimate high level spell, since in the short-run field of battle there's no way to make the heal check you need in order to fix it. just prepare it quickened and right at the start of the fight you hideously cripple your opponent's effectiveness without allowing a save and with a duration that is effectively 'the rest of the battle'

2006-03-22, 03:46 PM
okay, changed it. have you got any idea's yourself 'cause a feat so your immune for on spell would be pretty useless.

2006-03-22, 03:49 PM
This spell has a major flaw, and that is that not everyone has deep hidden memories. The spell school itself seems to be useless because there are enough of them already. Creating a school that may or may not work on people is pretty useless.

2006-03-22, 03:50 PM
ummm what level is bestow curse? Why would I cast this instead of Bestow curse? It is bestow curse, but with a heal check to get out of it.

2006-03-22, 03:53 PM
Maryring: that's why i created the feat, bu i think a lot of people have that kind of memory, they just have hidden it were they can't find it.

Xanosect: it's the same level but bestow curse allows a will negate.

2006-03-22, 04:01 PM
Well one thing to consider is that not every target of the spell necessarly will (and the feat is so specific that unless every spellcaster in your campaign uses this spell it's basically worthless). For instance if you hit a demon with it. What about an animal or a celestial? a magical beast?

I still reccomend removing the Will (partial) effect just becasue it does become so powerful whatever the level of the effect.

As far as the 'hidden memory' mechanic goes it either invites the DM to take control of a character's background "when you were a baby you killed your best friend you just don't remember it." "what I wouldn't do that?!" "Well you did"

Or it invites them to completely dismiss the flavor portion. "some horrible secret memory invades your conciousness, you're at -6 to strength" "what? what memory? why does it affect my strength?" "it's horrible, it just does"

First and foremost I reccomend you not emulate an existing spell with it. As it goes against everyone but undead and those immune to mind effecting spells it's far too powerful compared to bestow curse. I think it would be better to come up with some new effect for the spell .

2006-03-22, 05:21 PM
I just don't imagine this working well with Canadian clerics of good.

DM: You are having a horrifying memory from your childhood

PC: My childhood was fine

DM: One day at school

PC: I was home schooled

DM: Your father..

PC: I was raised by my grandparents on a farm. Those were some of the best memories of my life.

DM: What did you raise?

PC: Sheep

DM: An aggressive bull sheep attacked you while in heat when you were little.

PC: ...

DM: what?

PC: I hate you

2006-03-22, 06:52 PM
Yeah inflicting psychological trauma on a character should be a little bit more complex in-game than simply a penalty to a stat or rolls, cured by a DC X heal check.

I villian Psion or mentalist wizard might have some custom spell releasing repressed trauma from a PC but that should be something the DM does to expand the story not simply a generic attack spell.

2006-03-22, 09:30 PM
I'd stay away from rules for this altogether. If the player believes that his character had a perfect childhood, then he did. It's part of who the character is.

If the DM wants to inflict psychological trauma for a character, he should do it in the character's present, not by making up a new past.

The only exception I can see here is when a player tells the DM that his character is really messed up, and why, and if the other players agree that this is a good idea. After all, I know many players who'd rather not have a party member be crazy.