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2009-06-21, 03:23 AM
I'm planning to run a Resistance (http://resistance.wikia.com/wiki/Resistance_Wiki)-based campaign, but I'm not really sure about how to handle it...
Should I use Modern d20? I'm not too familiar with it, and don't like it that much anyway...

I was thinking of setting it in Italy (my homecountry, btw) so that the PCs' actions would not interfere with the events shown in the game, thus mantaining a sort of continuity w/ the series...
PCs would somehow be part of the Resistance, and I was thinking they could have a role in the Siege of Genoa and/or the rescue of the Pope (http://resistance.wikia.com/wiki/Italy)

Since I have more experience w/ DnD than w/ d20 Modern, I was thinking of using it as a starting point... obviously all spellcasting classes will be banned, and I will try and convert some d20M classes (e.g., Field Medic, Gunslinger...)

Still, there's lot of homebrewing to be done... all the Chimeras, the weapons...
but I'm not an experienced 'brewer, and I'd like to request some help from the Playground

You can find a detailed timeline of the Resistance series here (http://resistance.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline)

2009-06-21, 12:09 PM
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