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2009-06-21, 01:29 PM
Heya. So, you may be familiar with my on-going Saga to get a game of Star Wars Saga Edition going. (Aha, I'm so funny. o_o) None of us wanted to give up our PCness, and we're not sure we're going to get another DM, so we've decided to go roundrobin the DM, and we'll just have a DMPC every session.

I've never done this before, only heard about it. Anyone want to share some tips or experiences from doing this? We're looking at doing 3-4 session miniarcs with each DM, then tradeoff, maybe eventually building up to a larger narrative since it looks like it'll be two of us doing most of the work.

Kol Korran
2009-06-21, 01:34 PM
as with everything in roleplay, it comes to the quality of people you're playing with. and their skills as DM for that matter. i have never tried it, but had friends did and gave good and bad reports about the experience. i would suggest a bit longer mini arches than 3-4 meetings. 5-8 would be great. but that depends on your idea, and DM.

i think i just wanted to wish you good luck, and have fun playing. i haven't much responded to your posts so far, but you give the impression of an awesome player.