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2009-06-21, 08:59 PM
Greeting fellow playgrounders,

I come for you help in the challanges that come from making eight powerful(Level 20) wizards in a week. I only have the frame for each of these wizards. his includes what each do, and the group they are involved with, along with one PRC.

The wizards are each specialists in the eight diffrent schools of magic, and they are gray elves. They will each also take ten levels of master specialist. They will each have seven levels to take another class, or simply finish with wizards. They will be leveled into epic as the PC's gain levels, I want to keep them a level ahead. Gender, name and looks aside(these will come later if anyone whats to give a good discription I may hve to barrow it) I need some help on what schools to shove to the side and feats they should take..(Each will take Spell focus (Their Specialist school) at first level, and work to PRC classes.

This is what I have so far.

Abjurer: He/She will be anti magic, growing up in a place where mages kill each other for their spell books she's/he's taken any spell she can to conter, dispel, and over al shut down any other mage. (This will be a pain for any caster) Recently he/she has taken to defence (Most likly taking the Initiate of the sevenfold veil PRC) raising walls around herself. He/she is parinoid about others braking in and taking his/her spellbook.

Conjurer:(This one I'm taking from a player character I've made so I don't need as much help with him.) He is the conjurer of demons, binder of souls, and bringer of pain. Any who stand against him will have to face powerful demons indeed. Just as he bargens with demons he taks their essence to be his, useing it to make items of great power. Within his sick castle home he holds a device and extractor of pain, giving him the vary thing he needs, and extra to enduldge on himself. he is a liquid pain addict. I'm not sure what other classes would be good for a conjurer, but I have most of the books for 3.5 and plenty from 3.0. I'm thinking envocation as one of the Banned schools.

Diviner:I have no clue with this one...Maybe some leader of a regue's guild, knower of secrets, or maybe some seer.

Enchanter: He'she is the power behind the throne, holding power over he kings word, and the hammer's blow(Jury...>.>) She/he is a cruel menical sceamer who has bewitched most of the people in the kingdom center. thats about all I have...

Evoker:nothing...something like a metamagic user but thats about it, I have no ideal.. Maybe something like the ruleing archmage of wizards guild....

Illusionist: THis one I had the mst fun with. He has gone crazy after a magical expriment locked him away in a tower for ten years, he had no need for food or water under this time, nor could he move, but he could still see the world drift by, second by second. When he finaly got out he stayed in his keep, making illusionary people through his spells, even his tower was changed and fixed with permant images. (I'm also thinking of taking nightmare spinner so he can spread his nightmares to others. but to anyone who visits him they find a city has grown around the tower, people go about their way, yet it is all fake, people he made and programmed to do the same thing over and over again. He changes it from day to day to mix it up slightly. His banned schools are necromancy, and evocation.

Necromancer:Basic necromancer, plenty of corpse crafter feats. He also has a Archvist with him, who basicly does the same thing, a raise dead here, necrotic cyste for those who need on. other then that nothing.

Transmuter: Once again..nothing..I'm allowing polymorph, with some change, instead of healing completly you still have the same percentage of you health gone, so if you have 1 HP out of 100 left you will only have 1% of the new creatures health, rounded up.... I don't have any ideal what to do for this class, maybe some rich wizard who has found the secret to turning lead into gold.....

Well now onto the reason behind these wizards. A powerfull deity of magic(Who is to be unnamed for his own protection :smalltongue:) Has practicly raised these wizards, throwing events into motions so they would become who they are, for example he made the spell of the Illusionest backfire as to lock him away and drive him mad. He holds power of vary little, not even his clerics know what he is planning. His domains are madness, dream, and evil.
He is NE, and his clerics share in any of the evil axes.

He wants to clensethe world of all the unneeded pawns(Everyone but gray elf) The eight are what stand against the player charcters, even if at the start they are over powering and don't even bother with them, as they satrt to over come their plans, each one has it's own way of getting rid of them.

So now I just need some help. I need to get all eight done, with spells, items, and minons in a week... gah, any help is welcomed, it would make my second DMing campaign easier....

If you have any ideals on some of their plans that would be nice too.

Each build uses a 44 point buy, or for simply 18,18,14,12,10,8

2009-06-21, 09:48 PM
My take on each would be:

Abjurer: Wizard 3/Master Specialist 10/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 7, going into Archmage on Epic (with Mastery of Shaping and Arcane Reach as the two first abilities). Seems pretty obvious, really. Since he's going to Epic, make sure he picks up Epic Counterspell ASAP [Player's Guide to Faerun] - that means he's got all his Counterspell-needs covered without having to spend levels. Master Abjurer level 10 ability + Arcane Reach is brutal, btw (lodge no-save AMFs on opponent!).

You definitely need to pick up Inquisition-domain for him (there's a feat named "Planar Touchstone" in Planar Handbook that can do it, for example - bind with Catalogues of Enlightement (Magical Location in the same book), which grants you a Domain Granted Power, pick Inquisition), as it gives +4 untyped bonus on all Dispel-checks that stacks with pretty much everything (and bypasses any caster level limits)

Conjurer: You already have an idea here. But how about Malconvoker [Complete Scoundrel]? It's hinted in the fluff that the class is designed to lure a good spellcaster into evil. Maybe make this type a realization of that? Because the class buffs just what you're describing; summons, binding demons, the kind of thing. Wizard 3/Master Conjurer 10/Malconvoker 7, going Malconvoker 9 in epic.

Diviner: This one is obvious; an oracle who knows everything. Someone who can easily screw faith and is always prepared. Casts Contact Other Plane daily (he can use Moment of Prescience to automake the roll; he IS a diviner, after all) and overall just is superparanoid about staying on top of things fearing the world will slip into oblivion if he ceases his vigil. Good classes for this include:
Fatespinner [Complete Arcane]
Divine Oracle [Complete Divine]
Loremaster [Dungeon Master's Guide]
Unseen Seer [Complete Mage] (this one is more of a Rogue/Wizard-type class)

I'd probably also take the "Spontaneous Divination" ACF [Complete Champion] and hell, I'd probably skip Master Specialist entirely, not only because Master Diviner-abilities are sorta meh, but because the above classes capture Diviner so much better. Level 10 Divine Oracle gains immunity to surprise, Fatespinner forces rerolls, etc. I'd suggest Wizard 5/Divine Oracle 10/Fatespinner 4 (5th level loses a caster level for no reason)/Loremaster 1, going for Archmage or epic Divine Oracle in Epic.

Enchanter: 1 level of Mindbender [CArcane] is a must here, for Telepathy. Too bad that class sucks, otherwise it'd be perfect here. Frankly, you could just consider making this one a Beguiler [Player's Handbook II] instead of a specialist Wizard, because that'd be more special and probably fit better. That said, Wizard 5/Master Specialist 10/Mindbender 1/Archmage 4 is fair. Too bad Master Specialist: Enchanter has weak abilities you could easily acquire with few castings of spells too :(

You'll probably want to give her Leadership and some such abilities; seems pretty appropriate. Also, her Cha should be her secondary stat right after Int.

Evoker: This one is easy: Make her an Incantatrix [Player's Guide to Faerun]. Pull the plug on Persisting stuff a bit and just focus on überpumping that metamagic. Frankly, Master Specialist: Evoker gets nothing worthwhile so I suggest skipping it entirely and finishing off with Archmage or something, then going epic Incantatrix.

But really, Incantatrix for Improved Metamagic is the only way to go here. Then Arcane Thesis Scorching Ray or something and pimp it out. Of course, don't forget the more useful Evocations in Contingency, Instant Refuge [Spell Compendium], Defenestrating Sphere [Spell Compendium], Wall of Force, etc. Just 'cause she can blow things up doesn't mean she should leave the handy abilities unused. Basic idea though, some girl who really likes grilling things and testing her arcane prowess against any takers, and seeing if anyone can make hotter fire than she can.

Illusionist: Mechanically I'd make this one Illusionist 5/Shadowcrafter 9/Shadowcraft Mage 5. Unfortunately, Shadowcraft Mage is a Gnome-only PRC, but the Adaptation-section of the class suggests non-racist prerequisites allowing your Gray Elf to enter. The basic idea would of course be to be able to create real Illusions allowing him to bring his own madness to life (they can imitate any Evocation and most Conjuration-spells).

Shadowcraft Mage is in Races of Stone, Shadowcrafter is in Underdark. Again, screw the Master Specialist; it doesn't give much (when you remember that the level 10 ability is only usable 3 times per day).

Necromancer: This would again be better off as an alternative class; Dread Necromancer [Heroes of Horror] seems absolutely perfect for this. Failing that, you don't have too much to work with.

There aren't too many Necromancy-focused arcane-only classes outside Dread Necromancer in print, and the ones that exist (Palemaster, for example) just don't give you anything to match the awesome of Necromancers. Really, it's best to just go something basic and bland unless you wanna homebrew something up. Enhanced Undead (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/specialistWizardVariants.htm#necromancerVariants) may be good tho.

Transmuter: Master Transmogrifist [Complete Arcane] is the only class around this, but it unfortunately focuses on changing you. A nice shtick for this character would be to e.g. shape the world around him to his liking (all Move Earth - Disintegrate line spells are Transmutation), or maybe to turn all creatures into his idea of perfection (with Polymorph Any Object, this is certainly within his power) or some such.

There's terribly little as far as classes go here. I suppose you should just take straight Transmuter Wizard; Master Specialist is pretty unremarkable for Transmuters too. Transmuter Variants (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/specialistWizardVariants.htm#transmuterVariants) are pretty decent too, and the Transmutation-spells certainly pack a wallop, so it's not a bad baseline. Picking Archmage wouldn't probably be a bad idea (at least Mastery of Shaping, probably Arcane Reach). You could get him a bunch of underlings that are constantly Polymorphed into some form or some such.

I'd also like to point out that in 3.5, Polymorph doesn't allow the Polymorphed creature to use the new creature's Con to determine its HP. Therefore the houserule is unnecessary; you use your old form's Con for that (new form's Con for everything else though) and thus your HP remains stagnant pre- and post-Polymorph.

2009-06-22, 12:59 AM
Thanks for the help, I'll be spending most of my time on these eight, I'd like to stick to just wizards on these, they all still have minions...cults....fodder....how ever you want to put it, to through against my PC's. I cut the MS for afew of the classes (Right now I have the Necromancer (Just straght wizard with mother cyst, and corpsecrafter feats, along with the three varients in Unearthed Arcana, and the Conjurer build you proposed with item creation feats, and of the extract demonic essence from FCI, I also had to change Malconvoker somewhat, seeing as part of the entry Pre. was Non-evil)

Something about the Conjurer did come up(Role play wise) For a guy who can craft just about anything for 1 gp, and 1 xp (Sacrificing, demon essence, and liquid pain,souls and so on) how does he not have everythng he could ever need -personal problem- gah, I'll just geep it somewhat fair...

Sigh, back to work on the others...