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2009-06-21, 11:13 PM
I'm writing up an Eberron campaign in which the PC's will be debt collectors for House Kundarak, ignoring that they usually only loan to other house members or other exceptions, functioning more like a normal bank.

So far for scenarios, I kind of stole the scenario from the "Ballroom Blitz" thread in which the PC's are to collect a debt from a wealthy nobleman who lives in the country outside of Sharn who took out a loan for some expensive spell components. The components were to summon a creature that promised him all sorts of power and wealth, and it eventually devoured him. The PC's show up to his manor and there is a ball in session. The servants tell them to partake in the activities while they wait for the master of the house. Eventually the illusion wears off and everyone they've been interacting with are actually corpses and all of the food is rotten and maggot-ridden.

Also, there's an Innsmouth-style scenario in which the PC's are to collect a debt from a hotel owner in a middle-of-nowhere fishing town. The locals are pretty much all rednecks who worship The Dragon Below. The owner tells them he almost has all of the money, but needs one more day to get the last bit. Naturally, he's trying to hold the PC's over night so he can rally the locals to capture them as sacrifices for Khyber.

Finally, I have a scenario that isn't completely fleshed out, but they are to collect from an elderly woman who lives in New Cyre whose husband is dead, she is terribly sick and has to provide for 3 children.

Pretty much, just looking for some input and adventure hooks for some debt-collection adventures.

2009-06-21, 11:16 PM
Don't forget to have them going after Artificers who took out loans to fund magic item creation/research and who now have gone powermad ala Girl Genius with their little mechas/swarm of self-replicating insect bots/Borgforged.

...hehe.... Borgforged...

2009-06-21, 11:42 PM
...hehe.... Borgforged...

I almost read that as Bongforged. :smalleek:

Anyway, Eberron has a pretty diverse set of people living in a civilized setting. Off the top of my head:
-A family of goblinoid refugees without a permanent address. Finding them involves chasing them across Sharn, because they're running away not only from you, but from something else. (Probably a Mind Flayer minion of some Daelkyr their ancestors pissed off.)
-An eccentric artificer (that was redundant) who lives in a refurbished warforged titan that wanders all over Breland.
-A disguised dragon who is borrowing from Kundarak as part of his studies of the Draconic Prophecy and the involvement of the Dragonmarked Houses. He's willing to add a little extra if you're willing to leak some classified information to him.
-An Emerald Claw cell that is using the funds to ship Huge-sized corpses of giants from Xendrix to Karrnath.
-A Reforged cult that spends its time in high society Sharn.
-Changelings. Good luck.
-A rakshasa posing as a member of the Brelish parliament.
-A high-level Cannith artificer doesn't want to pay. He does something to the Slaughterstone Behemoth that guards Kundarak Bank in Sharn, causing the giant construct to go berserk. It's a tourist attraction, so House Kundarak wants the behemoth unharmed.

2009-06-21, 11:53 PM
I almost read that as Bongforged. :smalleek:

That could also work, but I think would be more along the lines of something hippy druids would do...

2009-06-22, 12:02 AM
BorgforgedAssimilate. Assimilate. Resistance is futile. House Cannith will consume you and your uniqueness will be added to our own.

2009-06-22, 12:59 AM
Assimilate. Assimilate. Resistance is futile. House Cannith will consume you and your uniqueness will be added to our own.

I was thinking more along the lines of a renegade mastermaker taking leadership over a number of warforged and going into the mournland, taking control of the abandoned magical might and forges there, and emerging with the ultimate goal the total control of your soul. By turning all organics into warforged. Cuz, hey, if you can do it once... You can research a way to do it to multiple people against their will, or even some kind of homebrew equivalent of epic-level spellcasting for epic artificers designing borg-implantation devices which start to turn people into warforged, priming them to be completely assimilated back at the processing facilities...

Hmm...That sounds like a campaign idea. and it just sorta struck me there a bit ago.