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2009-06-22, 11:25 AM
My attempt to recreate a staple of fantasy:

Confidant Mirror

A Confidant Mirror is a 3x2 foot mirror that is incapable of showing a reflection. Instead it shows a floating disembodied head, which looks out and converses with the viewer. The head possesses 18 INT, 18 WIS, and 10 CHA, and has 10 ranks in every knowledge skill, other than local knowledge. It will give good advice to the best of its ability to anyone that talks to it. Once per day it can cast scry on command and show what it sees in the mirror.

The mirror has a distinct personality, perfect memory of every conversation it has and all it sees, and its alignment when created is entirely random. A mirror will try to dissuade a user from actions against the head's alignment or express its dissatisfaction, but will never interfere by refusing to help or being misleading.

A mirror may come to consider a person as a friend or foe, but it is compelled to obey any that speak to it. It is entirely immune to mind-controlling spells. If broken it becomes ordinary shattered glass.