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2009-06-22, 02:01 PM
Hey guys, it is me again.

Combat Ref - 1 attack of opportunity per round plus your dex mod

Improve Trip - You are trained not only in tripping opponents but in following through with an attack.

Hold the Line (Comp War) - Gain an AoO against charging opponent

If and Opponent charged me and "Hold the Line" activates and I perform an "Improved Trip" and win does that mean the opponents charge automatically fails and that basically ends its turn and moves me straight into my attacks?

Also if the same thing occurs and I use my "Combat Ref" to strike him that many times, can I use the last AoO to trip?

2009-06-22, 02:09 PM
Being prone doesn't preclude attacking, it just means you get a -4 penalty.

Combat Reflexes doesn't grant you multiple attacks of opportunity per provoke, it grants you multiple per round. Usually, you can only ever take one AoO per round. With Combat Reflexes, you can take one each time someone provokes them, up to (1 + Dex mod) per round.

2009-06-22, 02:10 PM
1. Yes
2. You can only attack an opponent once per time they provoke an AoO, even if you have Combat Reflexes. Now, if 3 different opponents provoked AoO's, you'd be able to hit them all, but in this case you can't hit the opponent repeatedly.

Duke of URL
2009-06-22, 02:12 PM
You may use an AoO to make a trip attempt, yes. If you succeed in your trip attempt, your opponent's movement is ended. From the wording of Improved Trip, you would be able to follow up a successful trip attempt with another melee attack, without consuming an additional attack of opportunity.

Note that despite some of the crazy AoO builds out there, a single provoking act does not allow you to take multiple AoOs; you need to force multiple provoking conditions to take advantage of the number of AoOs you can use.

2009-06-22, 02:26 PM
Wow. I so didn't know that about Combat Reflexes. My DM has been letting me use it like a Flurry :P Interesting. At least I know better now.

Keld Denar
2009-06-22, 03:34 PM
If you trip your opponent outside of his ability to reach you, it would break the charge.

Say, you are medium, and you have a spiked chain (common tripping reach weapon). You have a 10' reach.

Bad guy charges you. He is also medium, but he doesn't have reach. Neglecting Hold the Line a moment, and just looking at his motion. When he is 15' away from you, you do NOT threaten him. When he is 10' away from you, you DO threaten him. When he is 5' away from you, he has left the threatened square 10' away from you. Since an AoO triggers BEFORE the action that causes it, you would attack him at exactly 10' away. If you tripped him at that point, he would NOT be able to reach you, and his charge would be broken since he violated one of the terms of the charge (move to nearest space you can reach your opponent). You would also then get your followup attack from Improved Trip, provided you have that feat.

The funny thing about this is that in the above case, you don't get your AoO from Hold the Line, since he never finished charging you. If you made the first attack as a regular attack, and then tripped him on the AoO you make from Hold the Line, he would then be in the square 5' away from you, and could still finish his charge and attack you since he satisfied all of the requirements of charge. His attack would suffer a -4 penalty from attacking from prone, though. You would get 2 AoOs against him for this, though, since he provokes twice (once from movement, once from charging a person with Hold the Line), but you would also risk an attack from the charger.

So, you would either get 2 AoOs and suck up 1 attack, or get 1 AoO and get attacked 0 times. Make sense? The wierd thing is that there really is no momentum in D&D, so getting tripped at the end of a charge makes almost no difference in how you swing even though in reality the whole reason to charge is to add momentum to your swing.