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Raenir Salazar
2009-06-23, 12:32 PM
Basically for a homebrew world I'm making there's a race of Dragon humanoids inspired from Dragonlance's Draconians.

fan made racial stats here:


Here's an outline:

They are an adaptable and innovative race magically created several millennium ago by semi Divine Dragons, they have a high regard for Order and the community thus they tend to be Lawful more often then not. They're individual strengths and abilities however grow as they become older and more wise and experianced in the world. They have in their home nation of the Republic of Tyrranum a republican parliamentary democracy but highly militerized society. They succeed at anything they put effort towards succeeding to, lazy individuals exist but their society lacking any form of "social" safetynet forces even the most apathetic of Draconians into a minimum of contribution, usually in the form of military service which is compulsory for all Draconians to become Citizens.

They have a strong sense of nationalism that has turned into a strong determination towards their so called "Manifest Destiny" believing themselves the only ones who truly deserve to inherit the world as all other races were BROUGHT to the world not born on it while they and only they the Tyrrians were born and created here.

They on average stand around 6 feet tall though more then a few can reach 7 feet, the stunning majority are born with batlike wings that provide the ability to glide a short distances and survive high falls without injury and have a tail for balance and for a skilled few as an additional weapon to supplement their natural claw and bite attacks, though being civilized they have long since preferred the Sword and shield as their armament and rely only on their natural weapons when the need arises.

A few are capable of using a breath weapon based on the Dragon they are descended of. Nearly all Tyrrians can become capable spellcasters but only a few desire arcane power.

The color of a Tyrrians' scales can be any one of 10 pigments, Chromatic (Blue, Red, White, Black, Green) or Metallic (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, Copper) but confer no advantages or bonuses or minuses aside from the breath weapon(s) they can use. All Tyrrians possess as Dominant/Recessive genes of all pigments so theoretically any mating of 2 Tyrrians can spawn any one color within reason. Tyrrians can breed with any other Humanoid or Demihuman race but the chances of success even with a "fertile" demihuman are slim. The person born is always a Tyrrian if the mother is one, and vice versa (always a Human if the mother is Human) though the Demi-Human has a percent chance of gaining the half dragon or similar template.

As of DL Draconians to make them a PC race I want to introduce Racial levels that allow a player to "level up" and have their character become a stronger one.

The ones that Interest me is Sivak

1 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 (6 + Int) x 5 1 Feat, +2 natural armor, death throes, draconian bonuses
2 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 - 1 +2 Con, bonus feat (Run)
3 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 2 Blend (females), shapeshift (males), Armor Proficiency (medium)
4 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 - 2 +2 Str, tail attack
5 3d12 +3 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 3 +2 Wis, feat, +4 natural armor
6 3d12 +3 +3/+3/+3 - 3 Large size, glide (wings)
7 4d12 +4 +4/+4/+4 6 + Int 4 Spell resistance
8 4d12 +4 +4/+4/+4 - 4 +2 Str, trip attack (tail)
9 5d12 +5 +4/+4/+4 6 + Int 5 Fly (wings), Armor Proficiency (heavy)
10 6d12 +6/+1 +5/+5/+5 6 + Int 6 Feat


1 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 (6 + Int) x 5 1 Feat, +2 natural armor, death throes, draconian bonuses
2 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 - 1 Bonus feat (Run), spells
3 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 2 +4 natural armor
4 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 - 2 +2 Str, glide (wings)
5 3d12 +3 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 3 Feat, +6 natural armor
6 3d12 +3 +4/+4/+4 - 4 +2 Wis, spell resistance
7 4d12 +4 +4/+4/+4 6 + Int 5 +8 natural armor


1 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 (6 + Int) x 5 1 Feat, +2 natural armor, death throes, draconian bonuses
2 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 - 2 +2 Dex, disguise self 1/day, spells
3 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 3 +2 Cha, +4 natural armor
4 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 - 3 +2 Wis, disguise self 3/day
5 3d12 +3 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 4 Feat, alternate form 1/day
6 4d12 +4 +4/+4/+4 6 + Int 5 Breath weapon 1/day
7 4d12 +4 +4/+4/+4 - 6 Spell resistance
8 5d12 +5 +4/+4/+4 6 + Int 6 Breath weapon 3/day, suggestion 1/day
9 6d12 +6/+1 +5/+5/+5 6 + Int 7 Feat, alternate form 3/day, energy rays 6/day
10 6d12 +7/+2 +5/+5/+5 - 7 Dimensional step 1/day, greater invisibility 3/day
11 7d12 +7/+2 +5/+5/+5 6 + Int 8 +6 natural armor, energy rays at will, suggestion at will
12 8d12 +8/+3 +6/+6/+6 6 + Int 9 Dimensional step 3/day, dominate person 1/day, greater invisibility at will

Rather then just use these what I want to do is having something more customizable as there's no subraces of Tyrrians, there's only one race of them BUT I want the PC's to have some options if they wish to continue with racial levels first.

So I am thinking of splitting a Tyrrian's racial level into 3 aspects.

"Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities"

As shown here.

1 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 (6 + Int) x 5 1 Feat, Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities
2 1d12 +1 +2/+2/+2 - 2 Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities, (Bonus Racial Feat)
3 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 3 Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities
4 2d12 +2 +3/+3/+3 - 3 Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities
5 3d12 +3 +3/+3/+3 6 + Int 4 Feat, Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities, (Bonus Racial Feat)
6 4d12 +4 +4/+4/+4 6 + Int 5 Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities, (Bonus Racial Feat)
7 4d12 +4 +4/+4/+4 - 6 Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities
8 5d12 +5 +4/+4/+4 6 + Int 6 Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities, (Bonus Racial Feat)
9 6d12 +6/+1 +5/+5/+5 6 + Int 7 Feat, Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities, (Bonus Racial Feat)
10 6d12 +7/+2 +5/+5/+5 - 7 Racial Feat, Racial Trait, Racial abilities

Basically at each level I am thinking you can have a choice of a Racial Feat or a Racial Trait, or a Racial Ability to be picked from a list some of ehich can stack.

From there I would need to make a list, three of which which become the categories.

A "ability" could be say gaining Blend (Su) which gives +10 to hide checks and disguise self at will.

A "trait" could be an ability score increase of +2.

A racial "feat" would be say gaining the ability to Fly, gaining breath weapon, etc etc.

Spells: At 2nd level, the Tyrrian gains the spellcasting ability of a 1st level sorcerer or wizard. He gains an additional spellcasting level for each Tyrrian Hit Die gained thereafter. If an Tyrrian later takes levels in sorcerer/wizard, those levels stack with its 8 existing spellcasting levels. Familiars, familiar abilities, skill points, etc., rely on the new sorcerer/wizard levels only. The aurak's Charisma/Intelligence must be high enough to accommodate its spellcasting abilities (i.e. an Tyrrian with 12 Charisma is limited to 2nd-level spells).

However the above only applies if at second level "Innate Spellcasting" is chosen as the Bonus Racial Feat, if something else is taken instead then no spellcasting levels are gained until it is taken or the suitable spellcasting class level is taken.

Racial Traits (not to be confused with the "Racial Trait Feats" mentioned above).

* Starting Ability Score Adjustments: Tyrrians are similar to Humans when young.
* Speed: Aurak land speed is 30 feet.
* Dragon: Auraks are immune to sleep and paralysis effects. They have low-light vision, as well as darkvision to 60ft. Draconians may take the Scent special quality as a feat at any time as one of their normal or bonus feat choices.
* Tyrrian Traits: Tyrrian are immune to all diseases, have a low metabolism (they need only 1/10th the food and water humans need to sustain themselves), and are Inspired by Dragons and receive a +1 morale bonus on all attack rolls and saving throws.
* Automatic Languages: Common, Latin, Draconic.
* Favored Class: Tyrrian first, then Sorcerer or Wizard.