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2009-06-23, 04:31 PM
Hey everybody. I was just wondering how the money scale worked for doing that. Such as if you wanted to make a +10 gloves of dexterity then how does the money scale for buying one turn out. And for larger than that as well. I see that the scale for stat modifying items scales up a little bit for

+4 = 16,000gp
+6 = 36,000gp
+8 = 64,000gp
+10 = ?
+12 = ?
+14 = ?
+15 = ?

Is there a formula I'm not seeing here? How would you scale up prices?

Mando Knight
2009-06-23, 04:35 PM
A +8 item is 10 times as much as you think it is, according to the SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/magicItems/wondrousItems.htm).

2009-06-23, 04:37 PM
The formula you're missing is that it's the square of the bonus, times 1000. But as Mando Knight points out, if (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/magicItems/basics.htm#marketPrice) the bonus is greater than that available pre-epic, it's multiplied by 10. So, 1,000,000gp for a +10 item.

edit: Oh wait, +8 is itself epic... so where did you get that price for it? :smallconfused:

2009-06-23, 04:45 PM
Oh well I just figured that a bracer of armor +8 would be equal to it, that is indeed my bad.

2009-06-23, 04:48 PM
Nay. It goes like this for stat-boosting items:

And so on and so forth.

2009-06-23, 04:50 PM
Quite the leap, there.

EDIT: In price, not in logic. Above poster is correct.

2009-06-23, 05:08 PM
Quite the leap, there.

EDIT: In price, not in logic. Above poster is correct.

That's what you get for items which strain the credibility of reality to its breaking point, I suppose.

2009-06-23, 08:35 PM
All the formulae for this are in the back of DMG, or in Magic Item Creation Guidelines (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/creatingMagicItems.htm). Stat boosters use the following formula:
"Bonus Squared * 1000gp"

Now, the one exception are Epic magic items: Epic Magic Item Creation Guidelines (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/magicItems/basics.htm) state that if an item exceeds the pre-epic maximum bonus (listed in the Epic Item Creation Guideline above), the item is Epic and costs 10 times its normal price. Note that this happens only if a bonus maximum is exceeded; an item that costs over 200k is also Epic, but if it's e.g. the consequence of adding too many +30000gp abilities to a single suit of armor (such as Greater Shadow, Greater Silent Moves, etc.), the cost does not increase. However, if the armor has base bonus of +6, the cost is much higher.