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2006-02-27, 01:27 AM
In Unearthed Arcana there are several variant classes. One of them, the Variant Illusionist, I use. One ability, Shadow Shaper, states that a wizard using it 'does not gain bonus feats for advancing as a wizard'. I assumed, seeing as Shadow Shaper grants an ability at first level, that this included Scribe Scroll.

However, another Wizard variant also loses the wizard bonus feats, and Scribe Scroll, suggesting that Scribe Scroll isn't counted for these purposes as a bonus feat.

I'd like to know your opinions as to whether my wizard has Scribe Scroll.

Shadow Shaper:

Other Variant (nameless, I call it War Wizard):

2006-02-27, 01:29 AM
He does, because the ability is not called "Bonus Feat" in the table. He auto-gains a feat, he doesn't get a choice, and it's not a "bonus". It is an innate class ability.

2006-02-27, 06:02 AM
Good to hear. Maybe she will make a Red Wizard, after all.