View Full Version : Critical hits and damage reduction?

2009-06-23, 06:43 PM
I don't know if this has been asked before (I didn't see it in a forum search), but in 3.5 how do criticals work with damage reduction? Does the DR apply once or twice?
Say, I critical with 3+d8 damage against something with 5 DR. Do I roll 3+d8-5 twice, and add the two together, or do I roll 6+2d8-5?

2009-06-23, 06:46 PM
You take away damage reduction from the total dealt. So 2d8+6 is the damage, then reduced by 5. (2d8+1 in total)

<EDIT> There is also a Simple Q&A by RAW for answering short questions like this, if another one crops up. :smallsmile: