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2009-06-23, 10:56 PM
So, I'm going to college.

And I can't effing wait. My buddy's gotta campaign running up there, and he's a great DM. Now, I'm going to be playing a Dwarf Ranger, but with one special twist, that being that there is a focus on technology in this game, which I'm going to take advantage of to use the firearms, or IronBows, in this campaign.

As it stands right now, I'm just taking the Archery Fighting Style, but I was interested in making my own Gunslinger Style, the benefit being proficiency in firearms.

As it turns out, the ones I can start with are Martial Weapons in his campaign, due to their wide use. So that idea's been shot, no pun intended, unless you guys can help me out on a different benefit, which I'm hoping you can.

Also, I want this ranger to use a wide range of explosives. Grenados, mines, remote charges, etc. Alchemy or another weapon group? What thinks ye???

Here's some of the mechanics he's giving me to work with, and the shotgun, which is probably going to be my signature weapon for heroic tier(eff, I forgot how to use spoilers...):

Clip: After making an attack with a weapon with the clip property, roll the indicated die; if you roll a 1, the weapon is out of ammo and must be reloaded. Weapons with the clip property will always also have the load property, but you do not need to reload them until you roll a 1 on your clip die after an attack. You only roll the die once per attack power, after the power is completely done.

Spread: Whenever you make a ranged attack with a spread weapon and the attack has only a single target, if the attack hits then every creature adjacent to the target takes 1[W] damage.
***Me again. Gonna couple this with powers such as split the tree and twin strike on adjacent targets a lot. That's 4d4 against two targets with an at will!!!***

Unreliable: When making an attack roll with an unreliable weapon, if your natural d20 roll (before applying modifiers) is equal to or lower than the unreliable value given for the weapon, the weapon jams. You may not make any more attacks with the weapon again until you’ve spent a standard action clearing it. A weapon jamming does not prevent any portion of a given power from working, so for example if a power has a secondary attack and you jam while rolling for the primary attack you still get to make the secondary attack. In essence, the jamming doesn’t happen until after the attack is completely done. If you roll a jam but the attack would otherwise hit, it still hits as normal.

Type - Military Ranged, Two-Handed
Group - Ironbow
Proficiency - +2
Damage - 2d4
Range - 5/10
Price - 45 gp
Weight - 7 lbs
Properties -
Clip d8
Unreliable 3
Load Move

Keep in mind I'm just a player here, and these rules aren't mine to change. But I'm looking to make this Ranger play REALLY unique, so I welcome any and all ideas and suggestions. But I really can't do anything with constructive criticism... Hahaha.

Don't let me down. :D