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2009-06-24, 03:46 AM
So, I'm working on Statistics for Monster Manual 2, similar to the ones for Monster Manual 1 (http://www.enworld.org/forum/d-d-4th-edition-rules/229092-lots-statistics-monster-manual.html). The only problem is, I can only do about 75 of them a day before I have something else to work on, and so at this rate it will take me 4 more days to finish.

So here comes the alternative: I can get it done a lot faster if people do the Data conversion for me.

Basically, If you respond and would like to help, I'd give you a certain amount of monsters to run the numbers for (You can ask for as many as you want, as long as its no more then 75 a day, and more then 10). Then Within 1 day if possible You'd PM a return of the Data.

After the amount I plan on doing when I wake up, there are currently 224 Monsters to do.

If you can return the data in a way similar to below, it would be much appreciated. (The Sample Return also indicates all data you'd need to send).

<size> <tier> <role>
Res: <Resistances>; Vul: <Vulnerabilities>; Immune: < Immunities >
Def-AC: <Fort - AC>, <Ref - AC>, <Will - AC>
Def-Level: <AC - Level>, <Fort - Level>, <Ref - Level>, <Will - Level>

For each power:
Atk <defense> (<Atk bonus - Level>)

So if there was a creature called Tyrant, it might look like:

Large Paragon Controller
Res: 10 Psychic; Vul: 5 Acid; Immune Disease
Def-AC: -3, -2, -1
Def-Level: 12, 10, 10, 10
Atk AC (16)
Atk AC (14)
Atk Ref (14)
Atk Will (13)

So anyone want to help?

Gralamin|Beholder - Dijin|Yes
Gralamin|Dragon - Ghost Legionnaire|No[/table]

Edit: Note that "Minion Brute" Is a separate role from "Minion" or "Brute", and if your assigned a minion, you will have to state it as such.