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2006-02-16, 05:25 AM
Sentinels are elite guardsmen, best of the mercenaries, noble protectors, and lackeys of villains. They usually serve the rich, and can do everything... for a pay.

Alignment: Any nonchaotic. Sentinel who becomes chaotic may gain levels in sentinel class, but loses all fanaticism abilities.

Hit Dice: d10

The sentinel’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Listen (Wis), Profession(Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Int) Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), and Swim (Str).
Sentinel gains 4+Int modifier skill points/level.

BAB of a fighter, Good Saving throw: Fort.

1. AC bonus +1, fanaticism 1/day, pay, master.
2. Improved Aid another
3. Shield use.
4. AC bonus +2, Phalanx
5. fanaticism 2/day
6. Combat Reflexes.
7. AC bonus +3
8. Phalanx commander
9. Expert Aid another
10. +4 AC, fanaticism 3/day
11. Phalanx master
12. greater fanaticism
13. +1 Natural Armor
14. devotion
15. fanaticism 4/day
16 +2 Natural Armor
17 mighty fanaticism
19. +3 natural arrmor
20. fanaticism 5/day

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the sentinel:

Sentinel is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, medium, and light) and shields (including tower shields).

Sentinel's pay: Sentinel must be paid for his service. If he isn't currently employed, he may not use his fanaticism ability, nor can he gain levels as sentinel. In adventuring groups, the leader of the group usually pays him. Pay of the sentinel is usually 10/character level (not sentinel level) gold pieces pre day.
Sentinel's master: The person who currently pays the sentinel is considered his master. She can designate another person as master, and pay for her. In case of master's death, sentinel may not use his abilities (except weapon and armor proficiencies, and phalanx) for a month. Sentinel may change master on his own only in exceptional circumstances (change of alignment would be a good example). If he isn't paid for a month he may voluntarily leave. If sentinel ever turns against his master, he permamently loses fanaticism ability, as if he turned chaotic.

AC bonus: Sentinels are experts in withstanding and dodging blows. They receive a dodge bonus to armor class, as given. At 13 level, the bonuses are natural armor bonuses, increasing also any natural armor sentinel might already own (but not stacking with magical natural armor).

Fanaticism: Sentinel may, only in situation where his boss' life is in danger, fall into fanatical rage of devotion. In this state, he gains +2 morale bonus to attack, Armor Class, and all saving throws. He may use or cast any spell that has casting time shorter then 1 action. He may use all his skills and abilities, provided that that will not distract him from aiding his master.
Greater fanaticism increases the bonuses to +3, and mighty fanaticism to +4, and allows sentinel to use it once per day when his master is not present at all, or is not endangered.

Improved aid another: Sentinel may cover any creature allied with his master. He may take 10 on any Aid Another combat checks, and the creatures he covers gain extra +1 bonus to attack or AC. Expert Aid another gives stacking +2 bonus.

Shield Use: Improved Shield Bash as a bonus feat.
Combat reflexes: bonus feat.

Phalanx: Up to four sentinels of the Small, Medium, or two Large sentinels can stack at the same 5x5 ft. field, all of them may use the highest shield bonus of one of them. They may freely for instance cast touch spells on each other. Phalanx Commander may, after a succesfull Cha roll (DC 10+highest level) use this ability on his master allies provided that they have at least +4 attack bonus.
Phalanx master gives all sentinels (at least 4 level) +4 cover bonus to AC.

Devotion: Sentinel may once per day transfer damage from his master to himself, at 1/1 rate. Master does not gain AC or save bonuses. This is spellike ability working in every other aspect as Shield Other spell, cast by priest of sentinel's level.

2006-02-17, 12:30 AM
Not bad. If anyone chose it would just force them to play the oddly loyal merc. That sort of lowers roleplaying options so i probably wouldn't take it.

2006-02-17, 12:55 AM
Rename it Myrmidon.