View Full Version : 9th Level Spell Energy Field [3.5ed PEACH]

2009-06-25, 08:01 PM
Energy Field
Level: Sorcerer/wizard 9
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action or 1 immediate action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Concentration, + 1 round/level

A radiant pyramid of force and energy suddenly flares into existence, protectively encompassing your body.

You may cast Energy Field as an immediate action. If you do, it dissipates at the beginning of your next turn.

A chromatic, brightly glowing pyramid of energy fully covers your body, making you near impervious to harm. This field absorbs 20 damage (including untyped damage) per caster level. Effects that do not deal damage have no effect on you while this spell is active. Psionic powers, magic, spell-like and supernatural abilities and energy typed damage (sonic, acid, fire, cold and electricity) that would effect you are consumed by the field; this includes instances that dispel magic if they fail to dispel the field. Magic, psionic powers, and spell-like abilities consumed by the field restore damage absorption equal to their spell or power level squared. Supernatural abilities that are consumed restore damage equal to the hit dice of the creature that used them. Consumed energy typed damage restores damage absorption to the field equal to the damage it would have dealt.

While concentrating on the field, it regenerates 20 damage absorption per round, you gain a +5 bonus on opposed caster checks initiated by others to dispel or suppress it, and you may change the colour of the field at will as a free action. When concentration on the field is ceased, 20 damage absorption is lost per round as it begins to fade and weaken, flickering and changing colours with increasing frequency and randomness.

When the field can absorb no further damage or its duration ends, it immediately dissipates in a scintillating prismatic mist, abandoning the caster it formerly protected to suffer any excess damage and other effects.

Note that the energy field can never have an amount of damage absorption greater than 20 times your caster level. Any excess damage absorption is immediately shed in a burst of light that blinds all but the caster within a 50' radius on a failed Fortitude save, with a DC equal to half its amount (rounded down).

While this spell is active, you take a -40 penalty to Hide checks, as the field brightly illuminates everything, you included, within a 50' radius, and sheds dim light over an additional 50'.

Antimagic Field will suppress this spell only on a successful opposed caster level check.