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2006-02-10, 11:50 AM
"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months Ė ahahahhaha!"

Fops are gentlemen of wit and learning, who are known to jape and jest at the expense of others. Their wear only the finest doublets and waistcoats, and their devastating bon mots are feared by ladies and gentlemen of good standing every-where.
Hit Dice: 1d4

To qualify to become a Fop, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria:
Alignment: A Fop can be any chaotic alignment.
Skills: at least five ranks in the following skills: Witty Repartee, Lead-Based Makeup Application, Veiled Insult
Feats: Compose Verse
Attributes: At least 10 cha and 10 int.
Money: At least 1,000 gp worth of extravagant and, frankly, distastefully ostentatious clothing.

Class Skills
The Fopís class skills are Repeat Gossip, Waltz, Appraise Silverware, Criticize Play, Double Entendre, Snub, Wear Tights, Musical Instrument (Harpsichord), Iambic Pentameter.
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier

Class Features
All the following are class features of the Fop prestige class.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Fop gains no additional proficiency in any weapons or armor.

Jaunty Angle: A first-level Fop can set his cap at a Jaunty Angle once per day. This adds +5 to all of the Fopís snub checks.

Spread Rumor: A second-level Fop may create scandalous rumors that established socialites will find shocking, simply shocking. A victim must save versus the Fopís Gossip DC or become scandalized as per the Playerís Handbook.

Prance Merrily: A 3rd-level Fop can Prance Merrily once per day, gadding about gaily, tossing his head to and fro and kicking up his heels. Add +5 to the Fopís reflex save for the rest of the battle.

Powder Wig: At 4th level, a Fop can powder his wig, adding +2 to his Charisma so long as he spends 15 minutes each day powdering his wig. Wig powder costs 1 gp per day of supply.

Saucy Angle: At 5th level, the Fop can tilt his cap at a downright saucy angle once per day, adding +10 to all Snub checks. However, using this ability reduces his Propriety save by Ė5.

Flout Good Taste: At 6th level, a Fop may Flout Good Taste most heinously, putting on airs and comporting himself in a boorish manner. As a result, the Fop no longer has to make Retain Dignity checks. (See Snuffbox and Monocle: The Complete Gadflyís Handbook, page 21)

Devastating Wit: At 7th level, a Fop is capable of Devastating Wit. Once per day, the Fop may make a sarcastic comment, which causes its victim to become the laughingstock of the social gathering. Victim must make a will save or Lose Temper.

Rakish Angle: At 8th level, a Fop may turn his cap upon his brow at an angle that is, simply put, rakish. The Fopís snubs become almost unstoppable, adding +15 to his check.

Raise Eyebrow: At 9th level, the Fop can raise his eyebrow meaningfully, at just the
right moment, implying disbelief and amusement. The Fop can add a +5 bonus to any Fop class skill once per day.

Satirical Quatrain: At 10th level, the Fop can compose and recite Satirical Quatrains at will. Writing down these cutting pieces of verse allow the Fop to transcribe any of his Fop abilities as though it were a spell, as per the Scribe Scroll feat in the Playerís Handbook.

2006-02-10, 11:54 AM
I love it! Though I would argue (having tried it myself any number of times) that Iambic Pentameter is more of a feat than a skill--in that it's a feat to pull it off and not sound like a complete wanker, as I learned to my detriment.

Once, long ago in days of yore (about six months ago, translated into Internet Time) I posted on this very board a PrC of my own design called Overweening Pedant. The idea behind it was much the same, though with the distinction that Pedant was actually a playable class with the standard D&D rules, given that a player would actually be so arrogant as to actually take the class. And I have players who would be, have no doubt. I also have no doubt that they'd jump all over this class if I offered it in-game. I may have to consider it...

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-02-10, 12:12 PM

Ooooh man... love it... or actually I love the humor in it, I detest fops. My sisters seem to love movies in that time period with folks like this, but I want to gouge out my eyes and eardrums.

2006-02-10, 01:22 PM

Brilliant class. It'd be great to have one of these as the BBEG and he'd just tear the party of adventurers apart in town. After doing something amazing for the king, they'd be telling the story at the banquet, and the Fop would completely destroy all their credibility and make them seem pathetic and all the ladies would laugh at them. Then the party'd get pissed and want to be all "Draw steel, boys!" but of course they couldn't.

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-02-10, 01:30 PM
This gives me a 'great' idea for a character. Probably a swashbuckler with feats like Goad.

He'd be from a wealthy family, and for hardly more reason than to cause a scandal, has gone off to adventure on his own.

2006-02-10, 02:14 PM
Gentlemen? I submit Dorothy Parker was every inch a level ten Fop with an alternate base class of Character Assassin.

2006-02-10, 02:50 PM
That's fabulous :)

I totally agree with having a Fop as a BBEG (or maybe just a MBEG?)

Am sending this to my DM :)