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2009-06-28, 12:14 AM
I was wondering, how neat would it be to make a weapon enchantment that allows it to bypass all magical effects - period. Walls of Force, Mage Armor, Shield, Regeneration, Vestments of Faith, Iron Body, all of it.

My idea is basically an enchantment, that with a command word allows the blade to 'sheath' itself in a anti-magic field along the outside of the weapon until turned off. This 'aura' is like, half an inch outside the surface of the weapon, and does not negate the enchantment/etc bonuses of the weapon, but it allows it to pierce any form of magic it comes into contact with.

Possible a +5 enchantment special, this is end-game for any spell caster like an abjurer or conjurer. Gotta admit, its a decent idea, people have been trying (unsuccessfully) to give fighters anti-magic stuff for years now. x.x

2009-06-29, 02:22 AM
OK, so how does that affect the game?
Does it ignore magic weapons and armor? If so, how does that work when sundering?

Would this also involve magic/ summoned creatures? (automatic crit threat or something like that)

2009-06-29, 02:46 AM
"Keler's Folly or The Unsilent Blade"
For Centuries the lands of the Sword Coast have produced adventurers with cunning, boundless common sense, and a fierceness of heart difficult to find anywhere else in Faerun. Keller Of Beregoast was not one of these.

To His Credit, Keller was without equal in terms of shear ferocity of fighting, a veritable engine of destruction upon the battlefield. Unfortunately, his slow wittedness made him almost as much a threat to his allies as to his enemies. Complicating all of this was the simple fact that Keller couldn't understand that there were things his sword simply wasn't able to hurt.

A notable argument with his then ally, the Sorceress Jelila of Evereska, occurred over the matter of how to properly dispose of a troll. Keller's refusal to allow her to cast aganazar's scorcher on the puried remains allowed the creature to regenerate and eat several of the companions before Jelila finally destroyed it with a well placed fireball. This led to Keller's separation from Jelila's trackers along with his being ostracized by all other chartered groups and/or bands of brigands in the region.

Despondent over this turn of events and grieving over recent news of his half brother Lilacor's disappearance, Keller decided he needed to do something drastic. Get an enchanted blade.

The problem Keller then ran into was that no witch, wizard, priest or sorcerer seemed either willing or able to provide the kind of magic sword he wanted.

It seemed like a simple enough request to him: "I wants a sword whut can hurt anything. Even kill it if'n yas hit it enough times." he'd tell them, and sooner or later, some way or another they all would tell him the same thing, yes you could make a blade that could pierce this kind of monster, or slice that one, on a certain day under the right circumstances, but a weapon that could literally hurt anything? Impossible! Sheer Madness!

So, frustrated beyond belief with these "id'ut spell slingers" Keller had the wonderful idea that he'd simply make a magic blade himself.

Thus began a rather long crime wave that hit the wizards along the sword coast as a crazed fighter dashed into their sanctums, grabbed everything he could carry that looked remotely magical, and bashed anyone that tried to stop him.
This insane quest culminated in Keller gathering all these "ingredients" together in one massive pot over a fire in a farmers shack in Shadowdale. The resultant explosion destroyed the shack, most of the farm land surrounding it and (Unfortunately) only "most" of Keller. Whether it was Tymora's toss, or Mystra's humor, to some degree Keller actually succeeded in making the blade he desired so much.

Description and Powers
At first glance one would dismiss this half melted object as a piece of scrap metal. Further inspection reveals it to be in a shape vaguely resembling a longsword that's blade is twisted and seemingly poorly balanced. Careful scrutiny shows that there is a form of handle carved from burnt bone.
Damage:1d8(Special-See Below)
Melee/Ranged: Melee
Size: Medium
Market Price: Priceless (literally-See Below)
Weight: 10lbs
Treat Keller's Folly as as +5 to Hit in all attack rolls, (No damage bonus, just to Hit, No Matter the creature the blade will only do 1d8 damage per hit plus wielder's strength bonus) Unique ability: Do to the generally messed up accident that created this bizarre weapon Keller's Folly can do damage to any form of creature, living or dead, ethereal or solid, inanimate or animate. Regardless of said creatures regenerative abilities this does not count as subdual damage.

Semi-Sentient(Curse): Although there is some remainder of Keller about the weapon, "intelligence" would be a stretch. The sword talks. And Talks. It never actually stops talking. It's annoying. Very Annoying. If the sword talks continuously in the presence of the current wielder for 2d10 days, wielder must make a will save (21) or go insane as per the insanity spell.

I ran across this a while back...

2009-06-29, 12:36 PM
Thats just it - I have no idea how I would label this in game effects. ; ; I got the idea in my head... but the best idea i can come up with is -

As a standard action, a blade with this enchantment can strike a magical object or effect and it makes a targeted greater dispel action with a set caster level of like 20th, infinite use per day.

Or every time you strike an enemy, it has a targeted dispel action on any spell or magical item on their person and it will attempt to subdue any protective magic for those strikes.

Or maybe it just creates a 10 foot (Centered on wielder) anti-magic field at will, preventing ALL magic items other then the sword (or another weapon with the anti-magic quality) from working...

Also, lol at the sword. :P Good idea, but im not looking for a regeneration/etc bane weapon, im looking for an enchantment that will bypass stuff like Walls of Force, Summoned Enemys, etc.