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2006-01-25, 04:26 PM
I've got a character, a cleric/barbarian (ruleswise at least... in game he's an adventuring tribal shaman) halfdragon-halforc who's primary motivation for adventuring is to eventually build a massive raiding tribe or possibly even empire. Now, he's of course going to take the leadership feat, but I got to thinking how badly he needs diplomacy and intimidation and a few other appropriate skills... yet neither barbarians nor clerics get enough skillpoints to really make that work. This got me to thinking, what if there was a Warlord prestige class that was basically all about that sort of leadership? But of course, I don't think I can create a balanced prestige class designed for myself. Thus, I was hoping for board help in creating such a class.

However it turns out, it shouldn't require too many levels to be useful, and should have the idea of a powerful leader of an army.

Here's my initial thoughts:

Since it's a combat leader, it should have BAB and save progression like a barbarian, fighter, or other non-magic battle class.

It could have a lot of skill points per level (6, perhaps?), with the class skills Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (nobility and royalty), Profession (Warfare), Sense Motive. Possibly others? Not sure.

I was thinking about a general bonus to charisma based skills, perhaps a straight +1 bonus to all charisma based checks (but not for spellcasting).

Perhaps something like a 1/day ability to intimidate everyone around him except those who don't want to be intimidated... perhaps 1/day everyone who can see and hear him within 60' must make a DC10 + intimidate skill will save or be shaken for 1d6 + his charisma modifier rounds, during which time they have a further -4 penalty to resist intimidation and fear effects (a supernatural, mind altering fear effect). He could chose not to affect allies with this.

Anyway, that's some initial thoughts. Anyone have some better or more clear ideas as to how this might work? And are there already PrCs that do this?


2006-01-25, 04:34 PM
Kenzer Co. already created the Warlord Prestige Class. It's in the Kalamar Player's Guide.

2006-01-25, 06:14 PM
And I don't think that Profession: Warlord would work. ;D

2006-01-25, 07:32 PM
Check the warpriest PrC in the CD. It has a general "rally the troops" feel to it. And I don't see a real problem with making a war planning based skill, except that it wouldn't really help in game without that being the focus, check the new book Wizards made about making a campaign a war setting- it's pretty cool. They might already have a skill like that, something like Profession: Warplanning. Which allows you to pick appropriate locations for battle and such. In game i would say that a higher roll equals easier battles, and more treasure, in a sense that you pick the right targets.

I.E. the PC's attack a hidden supply depot, gaining valuable special items (maybe a magic item or two) and stealing the supplies for their own army. So allied npc's get a morale bonus and enemies get a morale penalty, or what have you.

2006-01-25, 07:35 PM
Take a look at the Thrallherd class: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/prestigeClasses/thrallherd.htm

Remove psionishness, add divinishness, make your minions less "enthralled" and more "followers," and call it good.

2006-01-26, 10:35 PM
in races of fearun (the Fr book) there are feats that have your character use STR for leadership and an orc warlord PrC

great for your character