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2005-12-22, 11:38 PM
Yes, this is anitopia. The only campaign setting I've ever actually been able to create. Of course, now comes the test of Modesty and Courage. To actually post it up for others to see. Have fun reading this strange thing.

Okay, first I think I should tell about the geography. I'm no good at map making, so this will probably be horrible but...

The world itself is split up in two fractions. The inner, and the outer world. A mountain range too high to climb that circles around the inner world is what seperates these two fractions. First the outer world.

The outer world is basically several barren wastelands, all who have harsh environments. Bare the forests. They are split up in five different regions. The northern Glacier is the home for the dwarves who live in the mountain underneath the glacier. The glacier itself is nothing but a big chunk of ice with absolutely nothing living on it.

The tundra is the cold plains of the south, inhabited by humans and orcs, and the occacionally crossbreed between these races. The tundra itself is barren, but with unnaturally high levels of plant growth, allowing the population of the tundra.

The desert is the eastern part of the world. The desert itself is the home of the gnomes. They live of the deserts sparse vegetation, moving from place to place. The desert itself is one of the few places in the outern world where magic flows freely. Water is extremely scarce, even for a desert.

The magma plains is the western part of the world. The plains are the home of the halflings. The magma plains are the most treacherous of all the outer regions. Random lava bursts and volcano eruptions make this place a lethal home indeed.

The forests are the only kind areas to live in, and home to the elves. The forest change depending on where they lie and exist as barriers between the other regions.

(Yes I know it is horrible. I haven't put much thought into this)

Next the inner world.

The inner world is a true utopia compared to the outern world. The entire province consists of green plains and forests. The temprature is modest, and the air moist is hummid, making many different plants grow and thrive in this place. The natural conditions hardly change from north to south. The inner world is commonly known by all of it's inhabitants as anitopians. Artes is the leading species of anitopia, followed by canilues, who is then followed by the humhums. These three species all live together in near perfect unity. More on that later. Far to the north west, in an enclosed valley lives the fates, also known as the tarot spinners and the mind shapers. These spirits acts as guides for the mortals who does not believe in the goods. In a secret valley to the north east lives the insiders. A special type of magical beings who gains their exterior from their soul.

(And that's about it in Geography. I told you it was bad. I'll do the better things later on.)

2005-12-23, 10:23 AM
OK, so the Anitopians are what? awakened animals? fey? Lupins, Rakashas and Tortles (the dog- cat- and turtle-headed people from the old Mystara setting)? And the common races are the fearsome barbarian Other lurking on the periphery?

An interesting inversion Maryring. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

2005-12-27, 04:19 PM
(Okay, now I'll finally write out the religion and the creation of the world.)

A long, long time ago, before the world existed, there was only the sun and the moon. Together, they had ten daughters, each with unique characteristics.

The oldest daughter was called Mirwan Sofia, for she was the wisest and smartest of them all.

The second oldest daughter was called Linka Kalmi, for she was wild and unpredictable.

The third oldest daughter was called Crinu Siru, for she was calm and collected.

The fourth oldest daughter was called Sihy Lani, for she was gentle and quick.

The fifth oldest daughter was called Awino Hatire, for she was strickt and kind.

The fifth youngest daugher was called Bino Drunea, for she was strong and passionate.

The fourth youngest daughter was called Aki Lunapis, for she was fleeting and dreaming.

The third youngest daughter was called Yani Xinor, for she was ordered and controlled.

The second youngest daughter was called Lino Saira, for she was innocent and naive.

The youngest daughter was called Saturnia Homoe, for she was virtuous beyond comparison.

Together, the ten daughters created the world. First, Mirwan, Bino, Sihy and Linka created the four elements of the world. Mirwan created the water, overflowing with wisdom. Bino created the fire, burning with her incredible passion. Sihy created the earth, such making the gentle embrace of the world. Aki created the air, as fleeting as herself. They created the four sacred springs of these elements and opened them into the world. The elements flowed over the world and created the base off all life. Afterwards Yani and Linka created the worlds of order and chaos, and brought it into the world. When this was done, Crinu and Awino created the world of souls and the world of minds and tied them to their creation. When this was done, Lino began creating life. Using the creations of her sister, she fused them together. First she created the plants of the earth. The plants were created as the source of sustenance for the world. Blessed by all the godesses, they could turn the elements to energy. Second, she created the animals who would live in the world. Finally, Saturnia set the world in motion by creating fertility, birth, time and death.

The godesses looked at the world, but saw that it still lacked. They lacked a way to keep watch over the world. They lacked a way to maintain control in the world. They lacked something to reflect them in the world. They lacked something to guide those in the world.

To keep watch over the world, and honour their parents, they created the sun to keep watch during the day, and the moon to keep watch during the night. They imbued the sun with the power to bring light, beauty and energy to the world. During the day, the world bathed in the grace of the godesses. They imbued the moon with the power to reflect the truth and give rest to the world. During the night, the godesses would watch over the world and see what needed be done.

In order to maintain control in the world, they created the half mortals. Beings more powerful than any of the other creatures, but beyond their control. Rather than destroying them, they created a valley and blocked it off from the rest of the world before they placed them in there to live their lives. Afterwards, they created the streams. Perfect in every way, the streams became the guardians of the worlds.

To reflect themselves, they created the humanoids. Bipeals designed to claim the world as their own. In hope of making them like the gods, they all recieved blessings from each of the godesses.

Mirwan gave them knowledge.
Linka gave them will.
Crinu gave them wonder.
Sihy gave them gentleness.
Awino gave them dicipline.
Bino gave them strenght.
Aki gave the dreams.
Yani gave them balance.
Lino gave thm freedom.
And finally, Saturnia gave them hope.

Finally, in order to giude their creations, they created the tarot spinners. Magical spirits capable of guiding their creations.

Finally, the godesses left to see their creation from afar. They saw that it was wonderful and found their job to be complete.

(Next time, early history)

2005-12-28, 01:12 AM
I think the thing that helps most is to just ask questions that you think would naturally arise. For example...
-What are the relationships between the various races outside? How is each organized?
-Do all the inhabitants worship the religion you mentioned, or only some of them?
-What are the different interpretations of that story?
-What do the outsiders think of Anitopia and how do they know about it?
-How big is this world (i.e. how long would it take, approximately, to trek from one end to the other)?
-Are there any significant differences between the races here and the standard D&D ones?
-How has the environment affected the culture of these races?

I'm not demanding answers to these questions, they're just things I thought of as I was reading that you might also want to consider (I realize you've probably already thought about some of these and just haven't posted yet). Either way, I'm looking forward to the early history.

2005-12-28, 01:30 AM
a few questions i thought of are:
-how do you get from inner to outer? are there passes? tunnels? is it impossible?
-is it a round world?
-if so, what stops me from walking past the defined area in the outer world? could i walk all the way to the other side? is it just dissapearing into nothing? a huge ocean?
just a suggestion, try making a map of it in paint or something, it doesn't need to be fancy but just to get a rough idea of anitopia's land, that's what i do.

2005-12-29, 08:09 PM
Maryring. Do you own a copy of "Races of the Wild"? If not, then buy it! It has background info, staging fluff, new Feats and character races that will fit your non-common races setting down to the ground.

Just *ignore* the entire chapter on Halflings as mean-minded little Gypsy manque. I think Skip Williams was bitten be a rabid Hobbit as a child and never got over his aversion to the little fuzz-footed guys. :-/

2005-12-29, 10:18 PM
This leaves me alot of questions.
Why are the dwarves in the Glacier?
How could they live in a mountain 'underneath' a glacier? Wouldn't it be really cold?
Why do (Race) live in (Place)? It may be cool and what not, but it makes no sense without racial changes.
Do the deities interact in this world?
Is the creation of the world known?
Is there any formal churchs?
What will the PCs encounter and where?
If the gods cannot control the half-mortals, why would they make the area where the half-mortals are so perfect, and where the humans (made in their own image, no less) have this 'barren wasteland'?
Who created the monsters?

Remember, first and foremost, you are building this to entertain the PCs. Having an indepth world is useless if there are no monsters to fight, no caves to raid, etc.

2005-12-30, 01:16 AM
This leaves me alot of questions.
Why are the dwarves in the Glacier?
How could they live in a mountain 'underneath' a glacier? Wouldn't it be really cold?

It's always close to 65 degrees Farenheit when you're truly underground. That's why cavemen lived in caves. Temperature control, no electricity required!

2006-01-03, 03:59 PM
(Finally early history. This should answer many of the questions asked.)

After the creation, the world enjoyed many years of peace and prosperity, but as time passed, the godesses appeared less and less in the world. Hoping that the streams would be able to protect the world from evil influence, they retreated to their heavenly realms to rest and observe. For a long time nothing happened, and the godesses decided to leave the world and it's inhabitants alone. Only Saturnia stayed in order to guide the dead ones back home to the godesses, but even she did not directly interfere in the mortals. Then, one day, evil came. No one knows how or why, it just suddenly came. To begin with, no one knew that is was there, but suddenly things started to change. Some animals grew vicious and cruel. Some animals and humanoids started to change into monsters with cruel intentions. Even saturnia noticed a change in the souls she brought home. They were tainted by a darkness she had never seen before. Saturnia gathered up as much of the darkness as she could and brought it to her sisters. None of them understood what this was and they locked themselves up, studying it, trying to understand what it was. Only Saturnia was left for she had to attend her duties. However, during the short time Saturnia had been gone, the taint had spread. Six humanoids had now disappeared from the surface of the world. For a long time Saturnia searched for them in hopes of getting them back, but she failed. After five long years, the six humanoids resurfaced,

Mirax, a young human female, was now Lin, mistress of cruelty.

Dram, a young dwarf male, was now Drun, lord of ruthlessness.

Lin, a young female elf, was now Mar, mistress of fear.

Fang, a young male orc, was now Ram, lord of hatred.

Nim, a young female halfling, was now Hxan, mistress of darkness.

Rhai, a young male gnome, was now Zra, lord of sin.

The taint had changed these six humanoids and given them power rivaling that of the godesses. They created an ambush for Saturnia and captured her, thus bringing chaos into the world. Without Saturnia to release them, no one could die any longer, and without death, the humanoids of the world became afraid. The six tainted had foreseen this, and with cunning they tricked their brethen to betray the godesses and believe in them instead. The humanoids, not knowing what else to do, believed them, rising them into godhood. After this, the six tainted destroyed the magical shield that separated the half-mortals from the rest of the world, then proceeded to control them with powerful evil magic. Afterwards they severed the threads of the tarot spinners, separating all living beings completely from the godesses... They tought. The streams were watching the events as they were unfolding in the world. Terrified of the cruelty in the tainted ones, they reported back to their godesses what they had found. The nine sisters, brokenhearted at what their creation had turned into, returned to their world to try and save the world from the taint...

The result was a terrible war. The tainted ones had allowed the taint to flow freely into the world, and now every intelligent being, with the exception of the tarot spinners, had been touched and was now under the control of the six tainted ones. They had used this control to create and unimaginable large and invincible army, and when the godesses and the streams showed themselves in the world, the army attacked. The streams tried to valiantly defend their godesses, but failed. The tainted army killed most of them and captured seven of the nine godesses. Only Mirwan, Lino and ten of the streams managed to escape. Angered, but knowing that a frontal attack would be hopeless, they devised a plan to free Saturnia and bring death back to the world.

(Well ain't I mean? Cliffhanging you like this :P I'll continue, promise, but I hope this can answer SOME questions. I do read your questions, and I have most of them answered, I just need time to write them out. Next time, the return of death.)

2006-01-05, 04:47 PM
Mirwan, together with the last of the streams, created a diversion that distraught the tainted ones long enough for Lino to free Saturnia from their grip. With Saturnia free, death once again swept the land and claimed the life of the tainted ones. However, even in death, the tainted ones were too powerful for the godesses to handle. The souls of the tainted ones created their own realm and evil and rose to godhood. As the godesses looked upon the world and saw how the humanoids had rejected them and now decided to follow the tainted ones instead banished them from the realm of anitopia and instead expanded the world they had created. Not wanting to be cruel, yet wanting to punish them, they hedged the known world inside an impassable mountain range. However, they thought of the possibility that the humanoids one day would fight off the taint and return to them and their kindness, so they made the tunnels of light. These magical tunnels could only be accessed by those with a pure heart and a kind, gentle soul. Then they created the outer world, a harsh world where the humanoids would have to strive hard in order to survive. After that, they returned the now free half-mortals to their proper place in anitopia. When that was done, the godesses returned to their realms. Only Mirwan, Lino and Saturnia stayed together with the last ten streams who had lost their stars in order to save Saturnia. Looking at the realm of anitopia, they decided that when the humanoids could not take care of it, the untainted animals should. First Mirwan took the rabbits in the world. She blessed twelve of them, six male and six female, and changed them to the Arte. The Arte would be a race with an affinity for art and beauty. They were destinied to be the new leading race of the realm of anitopia and Mirwan blessed them with a brilliant mind.
Second, Lino took the hummingbirds in the world and blessed six male and six female, like her sister before her. They changed to the Rines, a race of incredible voice and an incredible will. Saturnia took the wolves and the cats of the world. Six male wolves and six female cats and changed them to the Canilu. Though she did not remove their nature, she gave them a task that they had to live up too. Finally, they took the mice, changed them into Polars, and blessed them with incredible abilities. In return, they would have to aide the streams in protecting the world. When this was done, Lino and Mirwan returned home. Only Saturnia stayed to continue watch over the world as a bringer of death. The streams themselves spread out over the world and started to search for their stars so that they once more could return to their duties as guardians of the world.

(Well, what do you think. That is the end of old history. Next time, I will cover the Dark Tower, and maybe the hall of heroes/villians)

2006-01-05, 07:31 PM
It's always close to 65 degrees Farenheit when you're truly underground. That's why cavemen lived in caves. Temperature control, no electricity required!

Um... what?

Oh, wait... did my sarcasmometer fail to register?


2006-01-05, 07:34 PM
Have you ever played a (French) RPG called "Agone"? It sounds remarkably similar in tone to the fluff you have above. That was a *great* game, if you can get your head into a late-Renaissance quasi-allegorical "Faerie Queene" elemental humours and masques mindset. Had some of the best setting and staging info I've ever read incidentally.

Enough history/metaphysics though! Give the adoring masses what they want: playable races, things to whomp on and reasons to be fearful! ;D

2006-01-05, 10:18 PM
Um... what?

Oh, wait... did my sarcasmometer fail to register?


Yes and no. It's not to that extreme, but temperature is a bit more regulated underground. Take it from me, I've been in mines and caves quite a bit. If you're a miner or spelunker and have different opinions, let me know. Otherwise, it does stand that being underground is a good way to be sheltered and have safe temperatures, summer or winter. You'll still want a jacket if you're not from wayyyy up north though.

2006-01-05, 10:39 PM
Hey, Maryring, I love this world you've created. It's pretty cool. Actually, the first thing that came to my mind when you described its creation was the "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." Of course, don't listen to me, I'm the worst DM in history, and can't create jack.

2006-01-05, 11:40 PM
Well, I have two somments about this

1: It definitely shows that plenty of effort was put into creating a comprehensible cosmology, and one that people would like to read in a book, hear in a story, or something

2: It is pretty much railroaded for campaigns, mostly around the "tunnels of light" and getting past the mountain range, at least for the goodguys. Otherwise, it's good.

2006-01-07, 12:17 PM
(Okay, now for the Dark Tower. No cookie for guessing what's so special about this place ;) )

After the war, centuries passed with peace for the anitopians and the godesses. There was no war, no strife, the world slowly started to build itself up again to what it once had been, but the tainted ones did not want that to happen. Breaking into the planar energy that separated them from the material world, they managed to create a strong disturbance in the energy. By doing this, they gave the beings of the world the ability to master the up-till-now forbidden energy that was magic. Among the humanoids, there was one male human who was extremely gifted in the ways of this newfound art of magic. Using magic, he broke into the tunnels of light and emerged in anitopia. Looking at the world around him, and frowning in disgust at the happiness the citizens of anitopia had he started to create a plan to cause their demise. With magic, he summoned other humanoids from the outern lands before he took control of them and forced them to build a tall black tower. When the tower was complete it stood taller than 600 feet and it itself seemed to radiate darkness. This inspired curiosity in the anitopians and a delegation of three Rines to the tower in order to find out what it was. The human however, noticed them and took them prisoner in his tower. There, they had to witness him as he drained energy from anitopia and channeled it to the tainted ones. However, this of course did not go unnoticed. Sair, one of the streams, noticed the tower and all the negative energy that swirled around it. She stopped her search for her star and took the news to Saturnia. In response to this, Saturnia started channeling her own energy and the energy of her sisters into the world, creating the beginning of divine magic. Then she sent Sair back to the world so she could teach the anitopians about magic. Sair did so, but while she was teaching the anitopians, the human male reached his goal. By channeling energy to the tainted ones, he had given them enough power to cast a terrible curse on anitopia. Almost every single anitopian was petrified by the curse. Only Sair, an apprentice Arte Cleric named Liw, an apprentice Canilu Monk named Wang and a polar named Swin remained unaffected. Looking at the terror this man had done, Sair took the three youngsters and flew them to the dark tower. Even though there was little any of them could do, they would have to try to stop the energy channeling. Together, the four of them snuck into the tower and started climbing to the top. Many times they were challenged by the traps the human had created and sometimes they even had to combat the humans subject, but together they managed to overcome the resistance. Finally they got to the top of the tower and confronted the human. They knew that he would easily defeat them, but they also knew that they only had to destroy the energy channeling in order to let the godesses interfere personally. In the end, Sair volunteered to throw herself into the energy beam in order to stop it. And so, they confronted the human. Though he came very close to defeating them, Sair eventually managed to get into the energybeam. In the same instance Sair entered the energybeam, Saturnia came and claimed the life of the human. However, before she could collect his soul, the tainted ones took him to them. Saddened, Saturnia turned to the three children. With a smile, she showed them Sair's lifeless body before she took a star out from the pocket of the dead human. She gently placed the star on Sair's neck and instantly, Sair's life returned to her... Once more, the godesses had defeated the taint, but the taint itself had created a permanent mark on Anitopia. The Rines had all lost their voice and was from that day on known as the humhums. The silent race.

In rememberance of that day, Saturnia created the hall of heroes and hall of villians. Two magical halls that floated in the air. The only way to enter these halls was from magical portals hidden deep under the world.

In the hall of heroes, the statues of Sair, Liw, Wang and Swin were the first to enter.

In the hall of villians, the statue of the human, along with his elven apprentice were the first to enter.

(That's all folks. Next time, look forward to even more heroes and villians as well as their hard core stats.)

2006-01-10, 08:45 PM
Yes and no. It's not to that extreme, but temperature is a bit more regulated underground. Take it from me, I've been in mines and caves quite a bit. If you're a miner or spelunker and have different opinions, let me know. Otherwise, it does stand that being underground is a good way to be sheltered and have safe temperatures, summer or winter. You'll still want a jacket if you're not from wayyyy up north though.

I've been in a cave where it's hot all the time (due to thermal springs), and I've been in a cave where it is never above freezing (an old lava-tube cave near the eastern slopes of the Oregon Cascades, which the locals used to use to freeze and preserve food all summer long). Cave temperature DOES tend to be stable... and caves are often shelters from the wind. But a cave can be any temperature at all, depending on a host of factors, mostly related to the ambient temperature of the surrounding rock (which, due to enormous mass and high specific-heat capacity, can change only very slowly).


2006-01-11, 06:47 PM
(Hall of heroes)

The hall of heroes is a magnificent place. The hall is built like a grand palace and is made out of marble. Several stained glasswindows made to represent the godesses and the heroes of the hall adorn the walls of this grand hall. Through magical means, all creatures who enter the building appears as though medium in size. Placed in uniqe rooms resembling the place where the act of heroism was performed is the statues of the heroes. At the base of the statue is a magical plaquette that has the history of the hero magically recorded, as well as personal information about him or her. All who touch it will see the exact scenario that granted the hero his or her place in the hall of heroes. If one climbs to the top of the hall, you will exit to an open platform outside of the hall itself. Up there, chilly winds blow around, sometimes strong enough to pull one towards the edge, but a divine shield prevents anyone from being blown off. From the top, one can see wide and far, but what one see depends on the current position of the hall. No one can enter or exit the hall of heroes other than through the magical portals. Regardless of which one is used to exit, you will return to the portal you used to enter.

(the heroes of the hall)

Name: Sair
Species: Stream
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: Sair is quite short for a stream. Her eyes are black pools of darkness that differs directly from it's bright yellow and white skin. From her head, long strands of golden hair flow down to her waist. Her neckstring is also yellow, although a bit discoloured from the rest of her body because of the lack of her star.
Act of heroism: Sair sacrificed herself in order to stop the energy channeling to the tainted ones. She threw herself into the beam that took energy from the world and delivered it to the tainted ones. This act would have costed the life of her, if not for Saturnia who had found Sair's star and given it back to her.

Sair's stats:
Size/Type: Medium Outsider
Hit Dice: 14d8 (149 hp)
Initiative: +8
Speed: 30 ft., fly 40 ft. (good)
Armour Class: 19 (+8 dex, + 1 deflection)
Base Attack/Grapple: +22/+24
Attack: Unarmed strike +22 melee (2d6+5)
Full Attack: 2 Unarmed strikes +22 melee, Neckwhip +22 (2d4+5)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft
Special Attacks: Daylight at will (caster level 14)
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft. Immunities, DR 5/1 Float
Saves: Fort +14, Ref +17, Will +34
Abilities: Str 20, Dex 27, Con 21, Int 64, Wis 60, Cha 67.
Skills: Appraise +44, Balance +25, Concentration +22, Craft Glass +44, Craft Jewelery +44, Decipher script +44, Diplomacy +45, Disable Device +44, Gather Information +45, Handle Animal +45, Heal +45, Hide +25, Knowledge Arcana +44, Knowledge Dungeoneering +44, Knowledge Geography +44, Knowledge History +44, Knowledge Local +44, Knowledge Nature +44, Knowledge Nobility and royalty +44, Knowledge Religion +44, Knowledge The planes +44, Listen +42, Move Silently +25, Open Lock +25, Perform Dance +45, Perform Keyboard instruments +45, Perform Percussion instruments +45, Perform String instruments +45, Perform Wind instruments +45, Perform Sing +45, Search +44, Sense motive +42, Sleight of Hand +25, Spellcraft +44, Spot +42, Tumble +25, Use Magic Device +45, Use Rope +25
Feats: Improved unarmed strike, Skill focus heal, Weapon Finesse, Improved Grapple, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Improved Disarm,

(I'll write more later, I just don't have time right now. Sorry. But please tell me what you think about Sair. She's basically a MM verison of a starless stream. I didn't put Environment, Organization, CR, Treasure, Alignment and Advancement because, well, we're talking about one being here. Oh and before I forget.

(Float: (ex) Sair flies by repelling magnetism and can therefore fly even in antimagic fields. She also gains a +2 on reflex saves against wind effects)

2006-01-14, 01:44 AM
I hate to interrupt the flow of exposition, but I do have one basic question. The thread topic is 'a campaign setting in poor need of help.' What kind of help are you hoping for?

Oh, and here are some very basic questions that I've been asking about settings in general lately, especially ones that blow the real world cosmology out the window.

Is your sky blue in the daytime? Star-dappled black at night? Is there one sun? More? None? What is visible in the night sky? Moon? Moons? Nebulae? How goes the count of time? Year length? Are there months or weeks? Is a day split into hours? How many, and are they 3600 seconds long?

Bottom line, how many assumptions are your players going to have to question?

2006-01-14, 06:18 PM
Sorry that it takes me so long to get this done with, but writing the entire hall of heroes/villians will take some time, and I want it to be totally complete.

As for what I want help with... anything you can help with. Ideas and suggestions for improvement is greatly appreciated. If you find something that you think is just "no this won't work" tell me and I might change it. If you think "this is great" then tell me, so that I know that and don't remove it in a fit of despair or something. In short, all response is good response.

2006-01-15, 03:15 AM
All right. A few suggestions.

First: Names. I know I certainly have trouble with names (I think you've read one or two of those horror stories, Maryring). Most gamers won't mock names for the hell of it on their own, but if one or two here and there lob a few shots, the rest will join in for the volley. Therefore, it's a good idea to scan your names for "mockability". In particular, you might want to pay close attention to Saturnia Homoe, the hero Wang, and all the names that begin with Lin (which could get awfully confusing).

Also, the Giant makes a good point on being able to tell what a name sounds like. Is the 'X' in Yani Xinor's pronounced as 'z', 'ch', or 'ks'? Is it "Yayn-ee or Yay-nee or Yawn-ee or Yeh-nee or what? What about the 'w' in "Liw"? How do you pronounce "Hxan" and "Zra" anyway? Unless you want to make a point of this world using the Roman alphabet, you might change your spellings to phoenetic ones. You're not changing anything IN the setting, just how you're translating the words into English.

You might want to consider holding off on statting up all the dead heroes and villains. It's not like the party will be meeting up with them, right? For that matter, you might want to hold off on statting ANYONE, until the world's more developed. A top-down approach is the best for design; build the framework first, then fill in the details in order of minutia-ness. Full stats for NPCs should come in somewhere near last. (Again, look at what the Giant did with his articles on world-building and the various names.)

I've got a number of questions regarding geography, races, and nations(?), but I'll hold off on them on the assumption that you'll be addressing them later.

2006-01-15, 05:00 AM
All right. A few suggestions.

First: Names. I know I certainly have trouble with names (I think you've read one or two of those horror stories, Maryring). Most gamers won't mock names for the hell of it on their own, but if one or two here and there lob a few shots, the rest will join in for the volley. Therefore, it's a good idea to scan your names for "mockability". In particular, you might want to pay close attention to Saturnia Homoe, the hero Wang, and all the names that begin with Lin (which could get awfully confusing).

I did... but I don't find "mockability". Can you tell me exactly what you're refering too? Perhaps in a PM. I'd really appreciate it.

As for the hero stats... I'll continue it as I'm doing it now. First of all, not doing it would break the flow, and I resent that, a lot. It gives me headache ::) The other thing is that they do infact have a big chance of meeting them. The time flow in anitopia is very unstable so high level magics can create rifts in the time flow. And they have an even higher chance of meeting those acient heroes and villians if they (the players) start to travel between the planes.