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2006-01-14, 10:02 AM
Anyway, we made a PrC for our campaign but we are not sure whether it is broken or not. This is a bit Ravenloftesque class and we can't imagine any PC taknig it for it would mean just waiting.

Island Lord

Island Lords are strange wielders of magic that have so much love for their home island combined with the lack of morals that they go through a dark ritual that binds them to their island and makes them need blood, but gives them strange powers over it and lets them become the sole master of it. Those powers are so strange that they warp reality. Sometimes, casters who are magically bound to an island take this prestige class.

Can cast 5th level arcane or divine spells
Knowledge(local) at least 10 ranks
Spellcraft at least 13 ranks
Special: must live on a small island (maximum 5 square miles) and be bound to it by great magical power
Alignment: any nongood

Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Jump, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge, Listen, Spot, Search, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Survival, Swim, Use Rope

Skillpoints per level: 4+Int modifier
Good Reflex Save progression. Good Will save progression. Worst Fort save progression, Worst BaB progression
Hit Die: d6
1.level:Move silently +4; hide +4, Hiding place 1., Incarceration, calling trap, lust for blood
2.level:Witches brooms 1, Weathermaster 1
3.level: spellcaster +1 level, move silently +6, hide +6
4.level: Tied Ways, Flight 1, Hiding place 2
5.level: Bend reality 1, Witches brooms 2, suppress teleportation 1
6.level: spellcaster + 1 level, Weathermaster, sneak attack 1d6.
7.level: move silently + 8, hide +8, Teleportation 100 feet
8.level: sneak attack 2d6, Flight 2 , Witches brooms 3
9.level: spellcaster + 1 level, Bend reality 2
10.level: Weathermaster 3, Teleportation 200 feet, sneak attack 3d6, suppress teleportation 2

Class features:

Incarceration: An Island Lord is unable to leave the island by any physical means. When he tries to sail, fly or swim off to the sea, he will only return to his island, only, on the other side. This can also be used as a mean for transport from one side of the island to another Ė he only needs to move 200 feet right to the sea, when he encounters the other side of the island. All other beings on the island are also incarcerated. An Island Lord can teleport out of his island, but he loses all his special powers when he is not on his island.

Calling trap: This is a one-way-teleportative gate to the island. It is usually cleverly disguised e.g an abandoned mill which, when entered turns out to be a lighthouse. The gate sends out a subconcious call which lures creatures to the gate. This is a supernatural effect. It takes a Will Save of 8+ the Island Lordís spellcasting stat modifier + Island Lordís level not to give in to this effect. Island Lords donít want their calling traps be in a place too desolate for then they couldnít find enough victims, but also donít want to awaken the atention of any local power center. The Island Lord senses when someone is near the calling trap.

Lust for Blood: The Island Lord must consume the blood of dead humanoids once per two weeks or get a -2 to either con or str. The sum total of those penalties can never go over 10, neither can it put the Island Lordís con or str to 1 or lower. Drinking animal blood can make this once per three weeks.

Hiding place: At first level, the Island Lord gains an extradimensional place on the island where he can hide and sleep which lowers the chance that he is found out. The hiding place can be accessed by the Island Lord as a normal action. Other creatures need first to find the place (a Search check of 20 or Spot check of 30) and it can only be opened by magical means: Mordenkainenís disjunction, antimagic field, dispel magic, greater dispel magic, passwall and other opening or antimagical spells that are more powerful than that. One can try to open it with lower level magical means but then he must beat the DC of 15+ the Island Lordís spellcasting stat modifier + Island Lordís level. The hiding place is a small warm room of 1000 cubic feet.
At fourth level, the Island Lord gains a second hiding place.

Witches brooms: The Island Lord can place up to 1+ his spellcasting stat modifier per his Island Lord level witchbrooms to the island. Witches brooms function as means of spying and overlooking his island, similar to crystal balls. Their range of sight is 20 feet at second level, 40 feet at fifth level and 60 feet at eight level. If a witches broom is destroyed, the Island Lord can replace it after a month. Witches brooms react to the closeness of the Island Lord Ė they turn and twitch when he is near.

Weathermaster: At second level the Island Lord can change the weather around his calling trap and on the island twice a week. At fifth level he can do it daily. At tenth level he can do it once per hour.

Tied Ways: The Island Lord can the ways and the roads on the island up so that they are topologically impossible, and can cause others getting lost and separated.

Flight: The Island Lord gains the ability of flight at the fourth level. He can fly 200 feet at one go, needing to rest for ten minutes before he can fly again. At eight level he can fly 400 feet at one go.

Bend reality: At fifth level, the reality around the island master is so warped that it is hard to hit him. He gains a +5 bonus to his Armor Class. At ninth level this bonus increases to +10.

Suppress teleportation: At fifth level, the Island Lord gets the ability to stop anyone else leaving his island by magical means. Any teleportation spells gain +10+ the Island Lordís spellcasting stat modifier + Island Lordís level to the DC. At tenth level, this ability means that the DC is +20+ the Island Lordís spellcasting stat modifier + Island Lordís level.

Teleportation: At seventh level the Island Lord can teleport once per hour with the range of 100 feet on his island. At tenth level this increases to 200 feet.

By the way, witches brooms are in no way connected to neither the wondrous item nor witches.
It looks like thishttp://www.sfws.auburn.edu/enebak/4h/stem/dslide30.gif

2006-01-14, 11:21 AM
My opinion: switch around animal and humanoid blood. Humanoids should be the ones that make it 3 weeks instead of 2, because human blood gives more evil power if you drink it.

EDIT: oooh, so that's what you mean. Heheh. Sorry 'bout that

2006-01-14, 11:29 AM
You misunderstood us.
We meant that he cannot go for long without human blood, but animal blood can help a bit. He can't substitute it. But when he drinks animal blood, the period till he gets the penalty goes longer.
For example: X drank human blood on 1st of January. Now, on 15th of January, when he hasn't drunk any human blood during that period, he would get the penalty. If he drinks animal blood then, he doesn't get the penalty right away. But if he can't get any human blood on 21th of January, he still gets the penalty, even if he drinks the blood of several various animals during that week.

2006-01-14, 02:05 PM
you never finished what happens to hiding space 2... it just skips off it.

2006-01-14, 04:38 PM

How is the Calling Trap set up in the first place? It's set up off the island, and yet it says that he loses his powers when he goes off the island.

2006-01-14, 08:10 PM
NPC PRCs dont have to be balanced :P

really this class isnt that good, your kinda stuck in one place, that smart mages might make a barrier around, then your screwed.

2006-01-14, 09:04 PM
cover the island from divinations as an ability at approx 4th level. Nobody will ever find out about your secret little world...MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

2006-01-14, 09:06 PM
Why do i think Dr. Monreu would ahve loved this class? ;)