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2006-01-10, 08:09 AM
I am working on my own D20 system for a campaign I am going to run for some friends. The setting will be a bit darker and a lot lower in magic power than regulad D&D. I was considering Iron Heroes, but I think the power level of that game is a bit high for what I have in mind.

I've gathered the rules & such off-site since it would take quite a number of long posts to cover it. I hope this will not discourage reading. The system isn't fully finished yet, but I hope my introduction page can show you where I want this to go. As of now, I am mostly interested in responses to the thoughts I have outlined, and the classes I have put forth so far. I have also written the rules for generating ability scores.

The rules can be found at http://www.sciurusaurus.com/dalen/rules.htm

The description of the setting is still in Norwegian, but will be translated (and possibly expanded to include a few things that should be kept away from players until they discover them on their own) in time.

Thanks in advance to anyone who would give me some feedback.

Edit :

Guardsman and Thug classes changed based on Hoosierdaddy's input

Don Beegles
2006-01-10, 08:43 AM
The progressions, IMO, are very slow. And there are too few really good unique abilities. For instance, the Guardsman's Steadfast ability, at level 10, is +2. This is barely a scratch in a level 10 Thug's influence. As for the Thug, their cheapshot rating is so low that it's almost inconsequential to anyone at level 10. And I'd probably make all of the skill bonuses be equal to your class level, rather than a numbered bonus.

Don't get me wrong, it seems like a great system. The whole concept of influence is very interesting. THe numbers just need some work.

2006-01-10, 09:12 AM
Thanks for the input.

The Steadfast ability may need to be upped a bit, yes. But for the 10th level Guardsman, the Brute would have a DC Increase of 5, and the cost is for the attempt regardless of success. I think I may perhaps add one or two more increases though.

The Cheap Shot isn't meant to overpower anyone of equal strength. It's an ability that emphasizes the Brute's knack for beating up weaker people. However, combined with Power Attack, Cheap shot WILL make a difference, as the to-hit bonus will allow the Brute to move points over to damage. Keep in mind that a 10th level character at the most has 30 + con bonus Vitality (and needs to spend these to get powerful combat effects). An attack doing 1d8+3 damage (+Strength and power attacking) is going to be noticed, even by strong warriors. But I think I'll lower the appearance of the first Cheap Shot, this will give one higher Cheap shot at 10th level.

As for the skill bonuses being equal to level, I would disagree. These bonuses are intended to stack with any skill bonus feat (although if I later decide to remove these, I might go with your suggestion) and are usually (over the span of the levels) equal to an additional Skill Focus in the relevant skills.