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2009-07-02, 11:59 AM
Madlings are planetouched with ancestors from the Outer Spheres or the Far Realm. They are constantly in motion, unable to sit still with ease. Most all examples are hetrochromats or have shimmering irredescent eyes. Madlings have been known to have small blind eyes grow on their body as birthmarks and some possess abnormaly pointed teeth.
Madings are usualy chaotic and tend to be Bards, Barbarians or Sorcerers as those classes appeal to their chaotic nature or powerfull bloodline.

Madlings have the following racial abilities and traits:
* -2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
* 40ft movement speed
* Medium size
* +2 insight bonus to Sense Motive
* True Strike 1/day as a supernatural ability
* Dancing Lights 3/day as a spell-like ability with a caster level of 1
* Racial Bonus Feat: Force of Personality
* Acid and Electricity resistance 5
* +2 on all saves vs holding, slowing, and entangling effects and +2 to all rolls to resist being pinned in a grapple
* Automatic Languages: Common Bonus Languages: Any except secret languages
* Favored Class: Bard
* Level Adjustment: +1

Feel free to comment or use.

2009-07-02, 08:43 PM
No comments eh? Well, at least that means no one hates it.

Just let me know what needs changing for balance.

PairO'Dice Lost
2009-07-03, 05:37 PM
I don't believe this merits an LA, honestly. I think dancing lights as a SLA, net negative ability modifiers, bonuses against fairly circumstantial conditions, and minor energy resistance should be well within the bounds of LA +0.

Then again, the existing planetouched barely deserve an LA either, if at all, so it's up to you if you want to keep it.

2009-07-03, 08:08 PM
Fixed it. It now has an ability bonus to Charisma to help balance it out on a LA of +1 to go with the other Planetouched.