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2005-12-24, 05:26 PM
I'm trying to make an Abhorsen character (from Garth Nix's series). I've got some ideas already, but I wanted to see if anyone had others. Currently, I'm looking at a cleric base, with the undeath domain and either Sun or Glory for the other, and then the radiant servant of pelor class from complete divine (ignoring the deity and alignment requirements due to the unique nature of the Abhorsen). I had considered the sacred exorcist as well, but the consecrate ability makes using undead completely impossible, though keeping full spellcasting ability is very nice...what do you think would work better?

2005-12-24, 06:45 PM
Oooo, what a concept!

I'm not up enough on the variant rules to judge between the options you've posted, but I love the concept. I think, however, that your best shot would be to create seven base spell effects for the effects of the bells, then make it so that whistling them gets you one level of effect, using the panpipes a slightly higher, using the bells themselves the highest. (Or having the Disreputable Dog bark at them; do I want to know how she'd stat?) That or stat the bells as a magical item of their own, eliminating the problem of specialization in what to do with the undead. The Book of the Dead poses its own problems, I think...

Charter Magic--if that isn't Intelligence-based casting on the fly, I don't know what is. It'd be a pain to stat, I think, since there don't seem to be daily limits, just how badly it affects you if you use a more powerful mark...

How Old-Kingdomy is the setting? Are you completely trying to cross-world the concept, or is your DM actually using the Ancelstierre-Old Kingdom locale? (And if he/she is doing the latter--is there an open slot in the group?)

I'll get back to you with further detail once I've gone through the books again.

Good luck, and don't forget to post on how it goes!

2005-12-24, 07:07 PM
It's cross-world. An Ancelstierran setting would be awesome, I might have to do that at some point. I was trying to design the bells, but the effects are tricky. I was figuring that I'd account for bells and both types of magic through my regular spell choice, but I'm not sure...I had originally considered a necromancer/cleric/mystic theurge, but wanted the greater turning power that this set-up gives me (and most of the important wizard spells, I gain access to from domains). I do like your idea for levels on the bells, though it would have to be some sort of inherent ability then...it almost wants it's own prestige class, but the DM is a bit strict about that sort of thing.

The Demented One
2005-12-24, 09:23 PM
Statting up the bells, I think, would be impossible to do without statting up death. At least 3 of the bells--Mosrael, Kibeth, and Astareal, I think--send people into death. Can't do anything with those before you get death done.

The other 4 should be fairly easy. Ranna duplicates the Deep Slumber spell, Dyrim could have some sort of cause/dispel silence effect, Belgaer could mimic awaken undead, or cause mental stat damage, while Saraneth mimics command undead.

2005-12-24, 10:34 PM
Don't forget adding a challenge to using the bells - the books are explicit about that. Screwing up usually sends you into death, or backfires in another way.

Another idea - most of the bell's effects are easily duplicated with spells. Why not just treat the bells as holy symbols of the god? Give the cleric spells to equivalize the effects. That's the way I would do it, if I were to do so without actually making stats for the magical item.

2005-12-24, 11:08 PM
That's one of my ideas. I might have to make it a domain, to grant access to some wizard/sorcerer spells. I think some of the effects (the more challenging bells, and maybe some other things) would require will saves to prevent life drain (prob. negative levels). Astarael is basically wail of the banshee that effects the ringer as well, though it probably wouldn't get much use, especially in an ongoing campaign, unless I had a successor ready.

So, I've got spell-like effects for Ranna, Saraneth, and Astarael. A few ideas for the others, mostly dependent on whether I design the actual realm of death (which I doubt the DM would be very happy with, cause it means more work for him...). I might do it anyway, in case I ever use it again. I'm going to be on vacay without a computer for the next week, I'll see what I can come up with in the meantime.

EDIT: On Charter Magic--it could be set up to be a spell points caster (like psionics) with the option to use less points or empower your spells by taking subdual damage? Or maybe causing fatigue/exhaustion...there're a few options.

2005-12-31, 07:42 PM
After some thought, I've decided not to use this in this campaign, since it won't work well without different classes and rules on planes. However, I am probably going to write those rules and use them someday...any further ideas would be helpful, not just on an abhorsen, but anything involving ancelstierre/old kingdom. Especially if anyone can figure out how to represent the wall. I'd think sort of like a wild magic zone but for tech., but I'm not sure.